Soham Bagchi

Drama Crime Thriller


Soham Bagchi

Drama Crime Thriller

The Trial Of The Dickchopper

The Trial Of The Dickchopper

29 mins

When super-powered beings finally started to appear on the face of Earth, it was nothing like what the countless American comics or big-budget Hollywood productions had prepared us for. And naturally, humanity didn't have any answers. The universe didn't cherry-pick white American boys (preferably orphans who were picked on as kids in school) who dare to face threats way beyond their capabilities and come out victorious by virtue of their good-hearted optimism. Instead, like always, the Universe made its choices randomly, without any plan or inherent purpose. The extraordinary abilities were bestowed upon people you would least expect to be called superheroes, and the powers weren't always pretty or useful like in the movies. The powers were mostly inconvenient at their best, but some just defied any logic, while others were just downright ugly. Needless to say, we didn't get any "superheroes," just regular people with more issues added to their already complicated lives, now alienated by the rest of society and all the nuisance that came along with it.

This story, however, follows one of the few individuals who weirdly got the superhero status in pop culture, well, at least for a while. Dickchopper - that's what the Internet called him, which is a very apt name if you'd ask me. With his particularly fascinating set of powers, the mononymous superhero was an Internet sensation as soon as stories about his heroics started to emerge. At first, it was just stories of a mysterious figure who came to the aid of women in danger, and naturally, most people immediately dismissed it as some new urban legend. Later, as more stories started to come in from all around, we began to see the pieces fit together. Dickchopper, from what people collectively put together, was a superhero who came to the rescue of women who were about to be raped or were under some kind of sexual attack. He would always magically appear in the scene before the crime was committed, chop the penises of the perpetrators, ensure the women's safety and then just leave as quietly as he came. 

Soon the media began to cover the issue, and police investigations were launched all around the country. But while the news channels debated his methods' ethics, Dickchopper quickly developed a group of loyal supporters. He was the new poster boy for feminist and "Hang the Rapists" Movements, and the lib kids loved him. No one exactly knew what he looked like, but there was a litany of fan art floating around in the world wide web. They saw him as the lone warrior, finally taking matters into his own hands and doing what it took to exterminate rape once and for all from this planet. And they weren't wrong; in the subsequent months that followed, cases of rape and other violent crimes against women reached an all-time low, with some districts even reporting zero cases in a month. Men didn't fear the law, but they did fear losing their masculinity. Dickchopper did in a few months what the government never could - instill fear in the minds of men who ever had an inappropriate thought about any woman. And it made the government very angry.

Questions were raised on the morality of Dickchopper's actions. The loopholes in his justice methods were discussed at length in the papers, media, press conferences, and even the parliament. And as you'd expect, after a lot of victim-blaming and slut-shaming, the argument eventually boiled down to how Dickchopper was acting as all Judge, Jury, and executioner by himself. So, the parliament decided to put Dickchopper on trial to face the consequences of his action. The Government needed to show people who were in charge, and they wanted to put a check on Dickchopper - kind of like a fight our way or die deal.

But here was the problem, to get Dickchopper to the court, they first needed to find a way to make contact with him since nobody knew his true identity. They ran an extensive ad campaign on TV and newspapers, asking Dickchopper to come out and disclose his identity, but even after a month of campaigning, nobody came forward. Actually, that's incorrect, a lot of pretenders did come out to get the clout, but anybody could tell they were lying just by looking at them. So the police had to come up with a better plan to catch the culprit. And the plan they came up with was indeed genius, as it helped them in two ways. At first, the scientists designed a prototype device that created an electromagnetic field around a room, which they hypothesized could stop Dickchopper from teleporting. Then the police set up a trap for him. They hired a stripper and paid her to seduce one of their own officers into sleeping with her. And once they were in the middle of the act, she was asked to start screaming and pretend she was being raped. The officer they chose for the operation also had a bad reputation, so they knew he wouldn't immediately stop once she resisted. So, then once Dickchopper arrived at the scene, they planned to catch him before he could cause any damage. And they were right, the officer didn't stop, and Dickchopper did arrive to stop the crime. But they did make some misjudgments in their plan of catching him before he caused any damage because from what I hear, that officer did lose a big piece of his junk that day. Luckily for them, the prototype device did its job, and Dickchopper couldn't escape. But like I said, this plan did two things - not only was Dickchopper now in police custody, but this trap also proved that you could set up someone, and Dickchopper wouldn't be able to tell the difference between what's real and what's fake. And it was just what they needed.

So the stage was set, and the date of the trial had been announced. The first hearing was to be held on the fourth of May. Both parties were ready with their lawyers, all the necessary evidence, and witnesses to support their claims. Defending Dickchopper was a lawyer named Sushmita Mukherjee - a high-demand advocate from Kolkata High Court with severe ties with the left. She made a name for herself early on in her career by representing political prisoners, unprivileged women, and convicts who didn't have the means to defend themselves in court. She was the ideal lawyer for protesters and revolutionaries, and keep in mind, despite his methods, Dickchopper was indeed considered a revolutionary by many.


So, the fateful day had arrived. Every eye and ear in the country was hooked to the screens, for they all wanted to witness this historic moment - The first-ever trial of a superhero in a court. The media coverage was relentless, with every significant network setting up their camp outside the court. The kids took it to streets, with colorful posters and celebratory chants - they were dumb enough to believe they would have any sort of effect on the outcome. Yet it was a scene to behold, thousands of people coming to the support of their superhero. #JusticeforDickchopper trended all day on Twitter, so much so that #Maythe4thbewithyou couldn't even crack the top ten in America that day. The police van arrived at around ten in the morning, and out came of it the man of the hour. 

The world had its first proper look at Dickchopper. It is weird how so many people were fighting for someone they hadn't even seen once before, but then again, we are a species who collectively pray to deities no one has ever seen. But it was crazy to me how so much of the fan-art actually resembled his actual appearance. The super-tight red vest with a yellow penis spray-painted on the center, and his glittery blue spandex pants looked like they were ripped right out of a 70's comic book. Along with other accessories like belts and shoes, he also wore a big, almost comically oversized, shiny dick-shaped helmet covering half of his face - a literal dickhead, if you will. And obviously, there were some over-the-top blades attached to his wrists like wolverine, you know, for chopping the said dicks. The only things that were a complete departure from the fan-art were his small stature and a paunchy belly, compared to the herculean figure the artists portrayed.

The judge arrived last in the courtroom, and everybody stood up to greet him and then sat back down in their respective seats. The procedural was ready to begin. Dickchopper sat beside Miss Sushmita, looking not even mildly bothered by all the talks surrounding him. 

Now, I must declare that everything beyond this point in the story is based on anecdotal evidence. I claim no factual accuracy to the actual proceedings since official transcripts were never released. Still, I have tried my best to do the necessary research and represent it to the best of my abilities. 

The judge was an older man with a bald head and white hair on the sides. He wore giant glasses on his nose, whose presence was only comparable to Dickchopper's helmet. His name was Dr. Samikaran Basu, which in the Bengali meant 'equation,' so they called him The Equalizer in the law circle. All the defendant lawyers feared him, for he was particularly ruthless in his decisions and had an old-fashioned 'no tolerance for crime' policy and particular hate towards the individuals with enhanced abilities. He took the center stage and sat on the High chair as he shared pleasantries with the people around him. There was no sign of pressure on the man's face; he looked as though he had come to watch a movie.

"Good morning, everyone," Dr. Basu spoke finally, and the courtroom went hush. "Today, we are all gathered here for the trial of Mr…Mr…", he stammered with an evident hesitation to pronounce Dickchopper's name.

"Mr. Bidyut Chakraborty," Dickchopper helped out the judge from the crowd. The police verifications later confirmed that it was indeed his real name.

"Ah, Mr. Chakraborty," he said with a smile on his face. "Let the proceedings begin. I will hear from the defense lawyer now."

Sushmita got up from the seat with her notes and greeted the judge with a smile on her face. "Do you have any daughters, Your Honor?" she asked.

"Yes, I do, Miss. Mukherjee," the Equalizer replied with a straight face, completely unimpressed, "And yes, I do worry about their safety, but it would be better if you don't try to make any sentimental play right now. Keep it brief and to the point. I don't want any melodrama in my court; we are pretty low on time as it is."

The smile disappeared from Sushmita's face, and at that moment, she realized that it was not going to be as easy to win the judge over like she expected. Fortunately, she knew how to deal with the case from a situation like this and thus gave a rundown of events like a presentation and explained everything in clear bulletin points, showing why Dickchopper was pleading not guilty.

She had all statistics on how Dickchopper's actions had brought the crime rate against women to a staggering low, previously unimaginable to the government officials or law enforcement. She argued that even though Dickchopper's methods were harsh and borderline against the law, they saved a lot of women's lives, saved them from being brutally raped, and in cases where the incidents would have been wholly shut otherwise or never reported, Dickchopper shed light on the evil lurking in our society and became a means for those marginalized women to stand up. There was no more room for any mercy for the rapists; it could be the Chief Minister's son, your boss, your husband, relatives, or even your own dad - it didn't matter. Everyone received the same punishment under Dickchopper's justice.

"Your Honour, over the last couple of years, we have had a lot of these special individuals showing up all around the globe. Among the ones whose abilities didn't give them terminal illnesses… at their best, they have just been selfish megalomaniacs, and at their worst, pure psychotic evil. My client here is probably the first to use his powers for the betterment of society, and in doing so, he has saved countless individuals and become an example for specially-abled people around the globe. To condemn his actions now and punish him for stepping up will set the wrong example for people everywhere."

The judge looked barely moved by Sushmita's opening argument, but it served its purpose, so she was not worried at all. She then brought in her witnesses - three women who were saved by Dickchopper's heroics. They all came into the witness box and gave their testimonies one by one.

First came Seema, a 23-year-old Medical student living alone in Delhi for her studies, and she shared her story. She was out one night drinking with her friends, and it got really late. She was high and alone in a bus on her way back home. A group of boys in the bus, taking advantage of her intoxication, abducted her and took her to some shady place where they began torturing her. They made her dance and stripped her clothes, groped her, and spit on her face. She was helpless and screamed in fear of losing her life, but no one could hear her screams. She was about to be raped by four guys, and it was not even the worst possibility in her mind. They could keep her in there and torture her for months or just kill her after gang-raping her. But then, just as one of the guys was about to rape her, she heard something - a scream. And then the cries grew louder and louder. It took her some time to realize what was happening, and when she finally witnessed the scene in front of her eyes, she was filled with equal amounts of horror and pleasure. Her perpetrators laid down in front of her with their hands tightly wrapped around their crotch, screaming like animals about to be slaughtered. There was blood all over the floor, along with chopped dicks. And amidst the horrific scene stood a mysterious lone figure in his silly costume. But before she could say anything, the ghostly figure had disappeared.

"I saw the opportunity and ran for my life," Seema said, "Your Honor if I'm alive today, it's because of Dickchopper. I don't know if he did the lawful thing that day; that's for you to decide. But he did the right thing, and for that, he will always be a hero to me."

The Equalizer thanked her for being brave and deciding to share her story and then called for the second witness, Gauhar - a middle-aged housewife from a rural village in Bihar. She didn't like talking much, so she just explained the details in brief. She was working in the field like every day when she was attacked by the local landlord's son. The landlord owned the land where her husband did his farming and where she was currently working. She belonged to a poor lower caste family, and it was evident that it was a hate crime. The landlord's son pinned her to the ground and was about to rape her in the field, but Dickchopper came in the last second and saved the day again.

The prosecutors had their notes ready - they knew how to find the fault in these women's stories - somehow try to put the blame on the women's character, or find some logic to justify how the men hadn't committed any major crime yet, before receiving such a harsh punishment. But Sushmita was prepared for this; she was yet to present her trump card. She called into the witness box a six-year-old girl next. Her name was Shafiya. The whole court went silent in shock and disbelief as she walked up to the witness box and gave her testimony with her mother's help. It was Diwali, and Shafiya's whole family had gathered to celebrate the festival of lights together. Among them was Bilal, Shafiya's uncle from her mother's side. Bilal was one of them, the ones with abilities. He could multiply his body into other copies of himself, but his original body aged up by a year each time he made a new copy. The bodies shared the same consciousness, and both felt each other's senses. But any damage to the copy or even its death didn't affect the original at all. So that night, the horny bastard planned to use one of his copies to fuck his 5-year-old niece in her sleep. He knew Dickchopper would come for him, but he still couldn't resist the urge, which is why he sent one of his copies for the job - he planned to kill the copy and erase all evidence once Dickchopper chopped its penis and was gone. It was a neat plan, except it didn't work. Dickchopper just chopped both their dicks off in the end.

Nobody in the court knew how to react to the story. Even the prosecutors didn't know how to find holes in it. Everyone just quietly sat there and stared at the young girl with a general sense of disappointment in the human species. The Equalizer was not a stranger to criminals and the cruelties of this rotten world, but even he was in shock. Despite him trying his best to stay impartial, he was grateful that Dickchopper was there to save the day that night. 

"Your Honor," Sushmita speaks up, "we are here today deciding whether the actions of this man (pointing at Dickchopper) are justifiable. I just want you to look at the face of this little girl and tell me that you'd rather have her die or live a life in trauma than that animal be made impotent?"

"If you put a stop to Dickchopper's actions today," Sushmita continued, "you inadvertently risk thousands of women like these to go through what they did, with no one to protect them, while giving a chance to the perpetrators to walk away freely." 

Dr. Samikaran didn't answer her question, but she knew her job was done and was pretty happy with the results. It was time for the prosecutors to cross-examine the witnesses, but a lot of what they had to say was tremendously undercut by Shafiya's story, and Sushmita countered their points masterfully - she was on a roll. So, the prosecutors quickly brought in their witnesses. 

Rajarshi Dasgupta walked into the witness box. He represented the ridiculously titled organization '#MenToo,' which started as an organization seeking justice for men wrongly accused of rape. But now, they worked to fight for the men who were apparently framed and lost their manhood to Dickchopper's slaughter and made sure their voices were heard. He opened his testimony by introducing himself and his organization along with a bunch of logistics.

"I have been fighting this fight for a long time," he said, "ever since the rise of these fake feminists in this world, our words have lost their meaning. No matter what, in the court, a woman's word has always been given more weight than whatever a man has to say for himself. Who knows how many of my brothers are serving time in jail right now for crimes they didn't commit. And let's not even talk about how every man is considered a criminal in the court of public opinion once accused of such a crime, even before he is found guilty. But at least earlier, a man had a chance to defend himself lawfully in front of the court; it was his right - he still had hope. But now, that right has been thrown out of the window. Dickchopper decides who is guilty and who is not. I want to ask Dickchopper, how do you make the choice? Is it because they are men? Because honestly, we all know women abuse men too, but I haven't heard of any Pussysmasher? What gives you the right to decide who's guilty?"

Dickchopper sat there in silence without batting an eyelid, not showing even an ounce of interest in his own trial.

"Your Honor, I have met so many men who this mad man has attacked. They are sweet and polite men, framed into situations by women who tried to paint them as rapists. Instead of giving them a fair chance to prove their innocence, this man took away their manhood forever, and they were instantly declared criminals. I would like to ask, how does Dickchopper identify whether a distress call is real or fake? Because, from what I have read about his capture, didn't he try to attack an innocent police officer who was set up in a trap by a prostitute?"

"Your Honor, I would like to answer that question," Sushmita asks, and the Equalizer gives her permission.

"I have read all police records of the night Dickchopper was captured, and I think there's one detail there everyone seems to forget. While the woman did set up a trap at the request of the police and seduced the policeman into having sex with her, once she started to scream and tried to push him off, it is worth noting that the policeman didn't stop and forced himself onto her, until Dickchopper finally arrived at the scene. So, technically he did try to rape her."

"So, you are basing your argument on a technicality?" The prosecutor jumped in.

"No, I am just pointing out that Dickchopper did sense some threat there, and maybe if he hadn't come in, the policeman would have raped her."

"But the policeman didn't do it yet, did he?"

"Yeah, that's my point. The policeman didn't do it yet, but Dickchopper arriving there means he would have most probably gone through with it. Dickchopper doesn't catch criminals once the crime is committed, like the police, he catches them before they commit the crime, so that the poor victims do not have to suffer."

"Who are you calling a poor victim? That prostitute was the one who asked for it," Rajarshi remarked.

"Mr. Dasgupta, I think you have forgotten that a woman has the right to ask a man to stop if she feels uncomfortable, even if she's the one who initiated the proceedings," Sushmita reminded Rajarshi and he went silent as he couldn't think of how to reply to her comeback. 

Then, Sushmita and the prosecution lawyer both went into detailed arguments over the morality of Dickchopper's methods - declaring people guilty without trial and punishing them even before they commit the crime. While they both made compelling arguments, none of them could prove each other wrong in any way ultimately. If you have ever read sci-fi stories, it's a question a lot of writers have pondered over in the past, going back to Philip K Dick's The Minority Report - but I don't think any of them deciphered the correct answer to the question, so I wasn't expecting two lawyers to figure it out in a courtroom either. Still, they both tried their best to downplay each other. Dr. Samikaran Basu sat through the entirety of the argument, thinking to himself whether there was a philosophically correct answer. As someone who studied Law extensively, he truly believed in Law to be the final answer to everything, but he did wonder whether sometimes Law wasn't enough. When super-powered beings first arrived at the scene, Samikaran had put his support towards the Metahuman Rehabilitation Bill, or the MRB, a Bill that once passed, would allow the police to capture any human with enhanced abilities on sight, and then experiment on them to find a cure for their illness. And in case such a cure was never found, they were to be imprisoned for life or terminated. He believed it was the only way to restore balance in this chaotic world, but now looking at Dickchopper sitting peacefully in his chair, he wondered whether he was too quick to jump to conclusions. "Maybe I misunderstood them. Maybe they could help us achieve things that we could never imagine alone," he thought to himself.

After that, the court took a thirty-minute break for lunch, and when they returned, it was finally Dickchopper's turn to get into the witness box. He slowly walked into the box and rested his ass on the chair without making any noise.

"So, Mr. Bidyut Chatterjee," The Equalizer began his questions, "You appear to be a Brahmin by name, is that correct?"

"Yes," Dickchopper answered in a calm and poised voice, "I used to be a priest."

"Oh, is that so? Where may I ask?"

"Here in Kolkata, in a Kali Temple near Dharmatala."

"Oh nice," Samikaran said and wrote something down in his notepad. "Well, then how you get to this condition?"

Dickchopper sat there in silence for a while, refusing to answer. Sushmita had come to his cell last night and discussed with him exactly how to reply to every question. He was told to briefly answer all of the Judge's questions and never speak more than he needed. They had gone through his story several times, and she made him promise to not say anything more than what she had approved.

"She cursed me…" he spoke, his voice beginning to crack, "That bitch put a curse on me and turned me into this. I prayed to her every day, didn't make any compromises in her service, and this is how she repays me - by turning me into a monster."

Sushmita rose from her seat in shock, trying to send a signal to Dickchopper, telling him to stop. Dickchopper hadn't told this part of the story to her, for she would have never approved of anyone to say anything like that in the court.

Judge Samikaran was as surprised as anyone in the court. He took off his glasses and asked Dickchopper, "So you think you are a monster?"

"Look at me? What else do you think I am?" There's a sad undertone in his voice like he could break any moment now. "I can't smell, I can't touch, I can't taste… I have no one or nowhere to go. I exist in a limbo, a dead man walking, but she won't even let me die. Just because your officers captured me, I finally got a chance to interact with humans since she turned me into this. Or else, the only time I get to see humans is when I am randomly teleported somewhere to attack men."

Sushmita just stood perplexed in her place, for she had never heard any part of this story before in any of her visits to Dickchopper in preparation for this case. The prosecution lawyer panicked too and quickly started preparing his notes, finding ways of using the details from this story against Dickchopper. Dr. Samikaran Basu gave it some thought and then said, "I can't bear to imagine how much pain you have had to suffer, it seems with every power there comes a curse, and I'm truly sorry that you have to deal with it. But could you please, for the clarification of the court, explain how exactly your powers work?"

Dickchopper took a deep breath and explained, "I don't know how it works, but I can constantly hear cries of women in my head. It's maddening, but I can't keep it out. It only intensifies with time. Sometimes the cries get louder, and I am teleported against my wish to some unknown location. In the beginning, it was mind-numbing - I was being teleported to a new place almost every other second. But over time, the frequency decreased, and I had to teleport less, but the pain just continues to grow anyhow. And as soon as I was teleported somewhere, it was like I was in some sort of trance. Blades would involuntarily come out of my hands, and I had to do what I had to do. And each time I chopped their private parts, I would feel the same pain they did, only theirs would stop someday, while mine lasted forever... I really can't take it anymore." He completely lost it at this point and started sobbing in front of everybody.

The Equalizer didn't know how to react or what to ask next, as he was just completely overwhelmed by what he just heard. As a matter of fact, nobody knew how to respond; thus, they remained stationary in their positions.

"I don't want to do this anymore. I'm sick of myself," Dickchopper continued by himself, despite tears rolling down his eyes, "You are here discussing how I know whether a man is guilty before attacking him. The truth is, I don't know. I just follow her orders. I don't know if the men I have hurt are innocent, the same way I don't if the women present there were innocent. What I do know is that it is never a one-sided affair; it takes both of them, so why should it always be only one side's fault? When I am there at a scene, and I look into the eyes of the women I save, I can tell they want it too, but she won't see that. She only sees the fault in men. I can't take it anymore. Please kill me, or imprison me… do whatever you want. I just don't want to do this anymore."

Sushmita sank in the chair with her hands covering her mouth in disbelief. She just couldn't believe what she was hearing. The man she considered a hero, for whom she was ready to fight any battle, was a scumbag who was against everything she stood for. All this time, she had been defending a sexist piece of shit, portraying him as the Savior of humanity and women around the world. She suddenly went back, reconsidering all her choices leading up to this point, to reconsider whether she was doing the right thing. She wondered if she could hate a man yet still be a fan of his work. "Separate the art of the artist," they say, but Sushmita knew it wasn't that easy.

On the other hand, the prosecutors were the happiest people in the world at the moment. Everything they wanted to charge Dickchopper with, the man had practically said it all himself. 

But The Equalizer was disappointed. For a brief moment, he had come to see Dickchopper as a hero. But his words reduced his reputation to back the dirt. "Maybe I was right; these meta freaks can never be good." 

"Well, I don't know what to say. I will need time to decide what you are guilty of or about your sentence. But before that, I need to ask, who is the woman you refer to as 'she'?"

"Maa Shakti," Dickchopper replied with hesitation.

"Another act of God…" Samikaran wondered - out of all the ways humans inherited power, he found it particularly irresponsible when it was due to some God's meddling. "Why did she curse you particularly? After all, she was the goddess you prayed to."

"As I said, she only cares for the women. She has no mercy for us men in her heart," Dickchopper replied, anger fuming in his voice.

"Okay, that will be sufficient, I believe," Samikaran replied with a sigh, "just one last thing, did you ever think you were doing the right thing?"

"I never did anything; my actions were never mine..."

The Equalizer nodded with a frustrated smile on his face, and Dickchopper was escorted back to his seat. He sat beside Sushmita, but she avoided any eye contact with him altogether. The court was adjourned for the day, with the next session scheduled a month later. Everything Dickchopper confessed to in the witness box was immediately made public to the media, so the government could show its people that they were right all along. It created chaos all over the media. Those who were against Dickchopper had found their weapon, while even some of his most ardent supporters couldn't stand behind him anymore. He was more controversial than he ever was and the diversity of opinions on his actions increased drastically. Some people hated him for what he did, some hated him for what he said, but some still believed he shouldn't be imprisoned. They thought his actions brought a significant change in the world, and his personality or intentions didn't matter. "Separate the art from the artist," they said.

Meanwhile, the police launched an investigation to do a background check on Dickchopper, aka Bidyut Chatterjee, to verify if he was telling the truth about himself. It turns out he was, but only partially. His name was indeed Bidyut Chatterjee, and he was a priest in a Kali temple in Dharmatala. He was unmarried, and his parents had both passed away long ago. But the part he forgot to mention was about how or why the Goddess of Power had cursed him. By tracking down some old police records and investigating their leads, the investigators were able to uncover the true story. They found the girl, who Bidyut had violated in the temple. She had put up a complaint in the police station, but nobody ever looked into it. 

Her parents couldn't get her married, so they went to the temple for Devi's blessings. Bidyut told them she would find a suitable groom within a month, only if she did this puja with him as an offering to Maa Shakti. Her parents agreed happily, and the next day sent her to the temple in the afternoon for the puja. But once she was alone with Bidyut in the temple, he touched her inappropriately. She fought back and somehow managed to escape that day. She went directly to the police and put up a complaint, but they didn't care to investigate further. She even told her parents, but instead of believing her, they forced her to go to the temple again the next day. This time, Bidyut didn't just let her run away. He locked the temple from inside, undressed her himself, and then forced her into submission as he violated her right in front of the goddess' statue. But then suddenly, a bright light lit up the room, and out of nowhere, Maa Shakti appeared in front of her. Before she could comprehend the situation, both Maa Shakti and Bidyut had vanished. She laid on the floor out of shock for a while, then she slowly got dressed and left. She tried to tell people what had happened, but obviously, no one believed her until now when the police finally conducted their investigation and did their job. So there you go, that's Dickchopper's origin story.

The trial went as expected after that. Sushmita tried her best to fight the case since she had already taken it, but her heart was not in it, and it was a lost cause anyway. Pretty much everyone knew Dickchopper would be found guilty at the end of the trial; all that was left to be seen was what punishment The Equalizer deemed worthy of his crimes. But Samikaran was still stuck in his philosophical dilemma. He knew the statistics showed that Dickchopper's existence decreased the crime rate against women by a staggering number. To eliminate him would mean losing all that progress and putting the lives of all women back in danger. And although Dr. Samikaran didn't practice any religion, he realized that it was God's will to create Dickchopper, so who was he to decide if Dickchopper should be allowed to exist in the world? Wasn't his mere existence a punishment from the Goddess for his actions? On the other hand, he truly believed no innocent man should ever be punished for crimes he didn't commit, and there was no way to know for sure whether Dickchopper could authentically identify an actual crime before it happening. The judge inside him knew that he couldn't just let the man walk away freely.

After a lot of thinking, The Equalizer finally decided not to make any judgments based on Dickchopper's actions, for it was out of his domain. Instead, he established his assessment purely on the actions of Bidyut Chatterjee. Thus based on article 375, Bidyut was sentenced to twenty years in prison on the charges of raping a woman. A fitting yet ironic end to the story of the man who almost put an end to rape.

But unfortunately, the story doesn't end there because, after the imprisonment of Dickchopper, crime against women and rape cases in the country skyrocketed to an all-time high. The world started feeling the absence of Dickchopper, as the government institutions were simply insufficient to stop these crimes. So, finding themselves in a vulnerable position and amidst a tremendous amount of backlash, the government was forced to release Dickchopper from prison within a year of his sentence. They decided that the fate given to him by the Gods was a much better punishment for him than anything the prison had to offer. Soon, things went back to the way they were, with Dickchopper back there to protect women and chop every dick that tried to violate them. 

I don't know why I decided to tell this story since, in the end, the trial didn't even matter. But maybe it did. You see, after seeing how letting Dickchopper do his thing helped the society function better, the world slowly began to realize that perhaps it wasn't necessary to alienate the people with special abilities. They saw the potential in what they could achieve by putting use to their abilities. So, they slowly began to accept the differences in nature and help each other build a better society. We are still not a perfect society by any means, it's still a freak-show out here, but we are at a much better place than when humans tried to suppress the emerging meta-human species. Maybe that's why I decided to tell this story because sometimes it takes some absurd people and absurd ideas to make sense of this absurd universe.

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