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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

aliyasmin rahman



aliyasmin rahman


The Tale Of The Wall

The Tale Of The Wall

4 mins 26.4K 4 mins 26.4K

A giant building… The white walls and the blue boundaries form its skeleton. Trees full of ripe fruits, innocent marigolds, and aristocratic roses are its flesh. A big play-ground in the front is its bulging belly. A colorful fountain, muscular parking area are its ornaments!

This establishment behaves in a strange manner. As time flies, it becomes more valuable! It becomes the archive of bountiful memories.

Little Lily is only familiar with A B Cs. Although she has heard a lot about this school from her parents. Studying in this school makes future secured! The little girl is not familiar with ‘secured future’. But she desires to study in that ‘best school’. Little small hands which can’t even hold things properly start for the admission test.

As the D-day knocks at the door, she reaches the premise. Touching the uneven texture of the wall, she requests, “Please, let me be a part of yours!”

The dormant sad wall gets stimulated! She sees a beautiful kid wondering to be a part of hers. She feels happy!

“But where would I place the memory of hers? Mmm..Okay I can place hers along with the ones of Ritu.”

Lily sincerely writes the exam and the results come out in the favor of hers. She has got selected! Wearing those most coveted uniform she steps into her dream school!

She becomes engulfed in the life inside the walls. She makes friends, she plays with them, and she falls on the field! The tensed wall questions, “Are you okay?” As she stands up and resumes playing, the wall laughs out loud! “My child! You are so naughty!”

When she shares her tiffin with friends, sitting on the field, the wall taunts, “You eat this less!”

When she stands first in debate competitions, the wall feels proud! “I knew you could do this! I know all your potential! “

As she grows up, the wall becomes more caring about her. As she accepts the first love proposal, the wall warns, “Take it easy! You have held a rose! It has thorns as well!”

When she hideously reads her first love letter, the wall peeps, “Tilt it a little! Let me see it!”

As she targets her board exam, the wall wishes, “Give your best shot dear!”

When the result comes out, the wall feels proud of Lily’s achievements! And silently wishes, “Come back to me dear! Don’t go anywhere! Please let me be a part of yours! Please study in my adjacency.”

She returns to that familiar building for her +2 as well. The wall elatedly says, “I knew you would come back to me. I promise to provide you with the best of resources I have.”

When Lily prepares for her board exam, she complains “You promised me a bright future studying with you. But where am I in this crowd? How would I secure my future?”

The wall stands by her side. “I am always with you. Just don’t worry about future! Just give your best shot right now”

When she steps into the building for the Farewell Party, the wall asks, “So? Would you be able to live without me?”

She appears for her final board exam. Unsatisfied with a paper, she weeps. The wall tries to soothe her, “My child! Life is all about exams! It is okay if you can’t do well in some of them! Don’t belittle your soul dear!”

As she tends to leave the school collecting the mark sheet, the wall shouts, “Farewell dear! Always live up to my expectations! Never forget whatever I have taught you. And, please, visit me whenever you are free!”

She goes away, the wall follows her dwindled image with squinted eyes. The wall fades due to sadness. “All of them come and leave! I am all alone”

Only then she finds a small hand over her body!

“Please let me be a part of you!” prays the kid!

“Oh my dear!” The wall gleams like gold, “Of course dear! I am always there for you!”

“Mmm…But where would I place the memory of hers???”

“Okay! I can place hers along with the same of Lily’s and Ritu’s” she smiles!

She thinks, “Really, I behave in a strange manner.”

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