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The Sultan Of Agrabah Part- 3

The Sultan Of Agrabah Part- 3

2 mins

"Princess happy birthday. May your all wishes come true dear " said mala to the princess. Princess was very happy but she was missing her father, as her father used to be always with her for each and every birthday. Jafar and all the servants decorated the whole palace with lights, banners, balloons, centerpieces, party hats. The wall decoration was so mesmerizing. Princess was very happy about seeing such a wonderful decoration.  

While the princess was looking at the decoration, Jafar came and he said, "Your father had asked me to give you this letter on your 27th birthday. "

"Father's letter !" exclaimed the princess with joy. 

"I am so happy to please give it to me " 

Jafar said " sorry princess but I can give it to you only in this evening ."

"Okay! I will wait for it "

At the party, Jafar invited many friends from Sofia. Sofia and her friends enjoyed it a lot. 

Sofia was given a letter. She read it out loud in front of everyone.  

" Dear Sofia, I am sad that I cannot be there with you to celebrate your 27th birthday but I will be glad if you follow four steps. If you follow these steps then my soul would finally rest in peace. Firstly, promise me that you will face each and every problem strongly and try to find ways intellectually. Secondly, never let the kingdom down and fight with Arrendelle as because of him I am not here with you. Thirdly, enjoy your birthday and don't miss me. Marry a man who is actually capable of taking care of you and the kingdom. 

With love



Sofia broke in front of everyone and mala consoled her. "Yes, you are right mala. As he wished, I have fulfilled all his wishes except for the fourth one. I don't wish to marry so early. I will marry as soon as I turn 30 years old ." said the princess. 

Jafar said," As you say my majesty. You should enjoy your birthday party now ". The princess cut her cake and enjoyed the day. 

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