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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Siddhant Prashar



Siddhant Prashar


The Soulmate

The Soulmate

8 mins 501 8 mins 501

Not every love stories need a villain. Sometimes love itself is the villain and sometimes are the lovers themselves. This love story is just like that. It is the story of Anjali and Shwetabh.

 Anjali was not a girl who dreamt of getting married and settle down. She was a passionate girl. She loved challenges and wanted to create a unique identity. she had secured a good rank in her entrance exam to get admitted to this prestige management college. There she met Shwetabh for the first time. Shwetabh Bhargava was a rich kid. He was a carefree guy, fun-loving. A guy who loves to seize the moment.  

Anjali and Shwetabh fell in for each other and got married. They were looking forward to a happy married life but only time knew what was in store for them. 


After college, shwetabh took over his father's business and Anjali started working in a firm.

Everything was going well. Shwetabh was running business successfully and Anjali was promoted.

Life was perfect. 

One day Trilok Nath Bhargava asked his son Shwetabh to attend a party. Shwetabh was excited as many big tycoons were going to be in party little did he knew that party was going to change his life for good.

It was grand party and Shwetabh was enjoying himself. Just then Angad saxena came towards him

Angad saxena was his rival. Angad bragged that Anjali was working in his firm and he promoted her as she was Shwetabh's wife. “ you have 13000 employees under you and your wife is working somewhere else, I was surprised when Anjali came seeking a job, she literally implored for the job” Angad taunted Shwetabh.

Shwetabh felt humiliated and came home enraged. He confronted Anjali and told

her that she should have asked him before joining Angad's firm. He also told that Angad offered her the job and promotion only to humiliate Shwetabh. Next day Anjali resigned and told Shwetabh “you won't be humiliated because of me anymore”. Shwetabh was more enraged. Anjali was now seeking another job. 

“why don’t you join our own company?” Shwetabh asked Anjali.

“Shwetabh you know, I want to get the job on my ability.”

“I am not offering you job because you are my wife. I know how much capable you are. You have been in the top 3 in college.” 

“Whatever Shwetabh I can’t.”

Shwetabh said nothing after that but now he would spend most of his time in office even at night

Anjali got another job she was at the top of the world Shwetabh pretended to be happy but deep inside he did not want her to work anymore.


“ you know what I think you should plan a baby,” Vipul said.

“ C’ on! Baby at this time would be suicidal for Anjali’s career.” Shwetabh said frustrated.

“ Exactly!” Vipul exclaimed. “Look, buddy, You don’t want Anjali to work anymore.”


“If you guys have a baby. Anjali will get busy with the baby and are you getting the point?”

Shwetabh liked the idea and soon Shwetabh and Anjali were blessed with a daughter. Everything was back to normal for the couple, Shwetabh had thought that now Anjali was not going to work anymore for the sake of baby but he was proved wrong, once Anjali gained her health she returned back to her work. Once again Shwetabh began distancing himself from Anjali.

Anjali got promoted but she was supposed to re-locate to Bangalore.

“ I don’t think you are going to Bangalore,” Shwetabh said.

“Shwetabh this is a big opportunity, I can’t miss it.”

“Are you crazy? What about the baby?” Shwetabh had lost his temper, He had had enough.

“what should I do then, you tell me”

“Leave the job. I am offering you a better opportunity here in my company, stay with your family to stay with your baby.”

“You are sick Shwetabh. You want me to quit my job and baby-sit.” Anjali said in disgust. “I want to achieve something in my life, to make my own identity.”

“Dear Anjali whatever you may do, your identity will always be Mrs. Shwetabh Bhargava. Anjali wife of Shwetabh.” 

“Shwetabh you disgust me. Can you leave your dream project for your baby, tell me.”

Shwetabh had nothing to say. 

  Next morning Shwetabh woke up to find Anjali missing and a note “I AM ANJALI NOT Mrs. Shwetabh Bhargava.”


Five years had passed. Anjali was successful in her life, she had achieved everything she had dreamt of, her life was going well in every possible way and then Vipul joined Anjali's company for a project, she was shocked to see Vipul. One day during lunch Vipul joined Anjali and told her " your baby has started speaking now and the first word she spoke was mummy." and leaves.

Anjali smiled and cried at the same time. Her baby had called her the first time she uttered a word. Suddenly she began feeling some emptiness inside her. Her baby! She broke down and cried for hours that day. In the last 5 years, she had wanted to see her baby many times but she somehow had stopped herself, she knew if she would see her baby she wouldn’t be able to leave her. 

Next day Anjali met Vipul and asked about her baby. 

“Her name is Ananya, She is very cute, loving child,” Vipul told.

“Have Shwetabh told Ananya anything about me?” She was sure Shwetabh would have not told anything about her. 

“He often says Ananya that she is spitting image of her mother," Vipul said, “ you know Anjali you should go back to Shwetabh he needs you.”

Anjali said nothing and leave.

Vipul’s project was completed. He was leaving for Delhi. Anjali went to meet him for the last time. 

She wanted to know more about her baby. 

“Don’t you want to know anything about Shwetabh?”

One part of Anjali wanted to know about Shwetabh’s well being but a voice inside taunted her

“Have he ever tried to contact you?” 

“No, I don’t.” She said firmly. “He still must be an arrogant businessman who can’t see his wife’s growth.” She added bitterly.

“I wish he was.” Said Vipul sadly, “Shwetabh is not Shwetabh anymore.”

“What? What happened to him? Is.. is Shwetabh alright?” her heart was beating fast. “Tell me Vipul, What happened!”

“Do you want to see Ananya?”

“What? Yes I..I”

“Check your WhatsApp, I have sent you a video.”

Anjali’s moblie beeped. She desperately opened the video Vipul had sent her. Her heart stopped for a while, she could not breathe. There was a 5 years old girl who had braces in her legs. Shwetabh was playing with her. Anjali looked at Vipul.

“Ananya had a polio attack, She can’t walk.” Anjali could not believe it Vipul must be kidding and it was a very bad joke but Vipul looked into Anjali’s eyes and kept on saying.

“Shwetabh has not met anyone in the last 3 years, he rarely attends any meetings, he would always be around Ananya. Uncle’s health is also deteorating day by day.  Due to the absence of Shwetabh many investors have pulled out their investments and Shwetabh had to stop his dream project.”

Anjali's company was expanding its business. Anjali tried to convince her boss to invest in Shwetabh company but he refused as Shwetabh's company was almost bankrupt. Later her boss told Anjali that he was ready to give one chance. Anjali returned to Delhi. She tried to contact Shwetabh but failed later Anjali's in-laws came to her and convinced her to come home. 

Anjali met Ananya and she was overwhelmed. 

“Do you know who I am, baby.” 

Ananya was looking at Anjali and tears rolled down her eyes.


Anjali and Ananya hugged each other and cried. Shwetabh did not react on seeing her. He just kissed Ananya on the forehead and left.

Ananya was fast asleep in her bed and shwetabh was stroking her head. 

“Don’t you want to ask anything?” Anjali trued to meet Shwetabh’s eyes

 "No, nothing I just want to sleep, I have not slept for last 5 years." and Shwetabh fell asleep in no time.

Shwetabh does not pay attention to Anjali even in the morning. He ignored her even on the dining table. Shwetabh was acting as if Anjali was not there as if he was not able to see or hear her.

However, with Vipul’s help, Anjali convinced Shwetabh to have a meeting with her boss and to focus on his business. Shwetabh agreed but he was so nervous in meeting that he could not present himself properly. Anjali's boss asked Anjali to come back to the office and that Shwetabh had lost his ground and he could not handle the project.


Ananya was fast asleep in her bed and Shwetabh was stroking her head. 

“I need to talk to you Shwetabh.” Anjali said.

Shwetabh did not pay attention. He picked up a magazine and started turning the pages.

“Shwetabh are you listening” Shwetabh was acting as if he was not able to listen to or see Anjali. Anjali could not have contained herself anymore.

“Shwetabh!” she shouted. “What the hell are you ignoring me for!”

“You can’t hold me responsible for your damn failure. I came here for you, I did all I could have done for you and you ignoring me!” Shwetabh merely looked at Anjali. Anjali could not have told what was going inside him. 

“ You should be thankful for whatever I did for you man!” 

Shwetabh smiled sadly.

“Yeah I know you are not responsible for my failures, in fact nobody is, I am!” he said firmly.

“umm... I am thankful to you, I always have been. When you fell in for me, When you came to our home for the first time, I was thankful to you. I.. I was thankful when you gave me Ananya.” Shwetabh’s voice shivered “ I was, really.”

“You know” Shwetabh turned his face away from Anjali. Anjali noticed tears in his eyes, for the first time she had seen Shwetabh showing weakness. “I am not ignoring you, I..I’m ignoring myself I don’t wanna get dependent, I know you are going to leave me once again soon.”

Anjali stood still, She felt like Shwetabh had just slapped her hard. She did not know what to say and what to do.


Anjali decided to stay with Shwetabh and help him handle his business. Shwetabh had now also begun to go to the office and meet his clients. With the help of Vipul and Anjali, he very soon established himself. Ananya was also happy to have her parents.

Shwetabh held a party for his company’s exceptional growth and gave Anjali and Vipul all due credits. He also declared Anajali the new CEO of Bhargava Enterprises as it was because of her he was able to achieve this growth.

So at last Anjali achieves her dream, Shwetabh gets his love and Ananya her parents.

                      ...........   The end.

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