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K Vadlamani

Drama Crime Inspirational


K Vadlamani

Drama Crime Inspirational

The Police Officer's Choice

The Police Officer's Choice

23 mins 12.1K 23 mins 12.1K


Love or Duty

Family or Country

ACP Neil has to choose one among them

What will he choose?

How his decision will impact the life of his wife Avni and his family?

Will he able to succeed?

What will happen?

A short story in the view of an honest police officer.

Chapter 1: The choice

I felt the warmth of her body when she wrapped her hands around me from my back. I swiftly dragged her to my front and brought her closer by caging her between my arms.

"Are you fine? Had you got fever? How did you change from tube light to romantic wifey? Lemme check you" I asked her dramatically by placing my hand on her forehead to check the temperature

"Neil you are a drama king. No one can beat you. " says Avni by hitting him on the shoulder

"I love you so much"

"I love someone more than you" she replied 

Her reply startled me.

"Wait what are you saying? who is it? No one can enter between us. I will kill whoever it is. Who is it? "I retorted back by holding her possessively.

She placed my hand over her stomach and says"She is here"

Realization hit me hard. I lifted her above with happiness.

If I could stop the time,then I would have definitely stop at that moment

But I can't.

I still remember that day when she revealed to me that she was 3 months pregnant.

I could not believe the sight infront of my eyes now.

She is lying on the hospital bed with bandages over her body. She doesn't even know that our child is no more.

It was my mistake. I shouldn't have left her with the lady constable on that night. I left for solving the woman trafficking case that was assigned to me. I had successfully stopped a truck which was carrying girls to sell them in another country from India. They targeted my family. When I reached my house, I spotted Ananya unconscious. She made my sister Kareena escape with the lady constable. she saved my sister.

I rushed her to the hospital. I felt that the ground beneath me is slipping when I listened to the words of the doctor

"Sorry, Acp sir your wife had lost the baby. She is in coma. We can't figure out when she will gain consciousness. It may take 4 days, weeks, months or years or more"

I stumbled on the floor.

Soon the news went viral

Commissioner came to meet me.

"Neil we will close this case. There is no need for going to another country to bring back the girls who were stuck there. It is very dangerous. You had already experienced the consequences of stopping them yesterday" he says to me with a stern expression on his face.

Those words enraged me further.

"I want this case to continue" I shouted

All people present there became silent

"Are you mad? Didn't you see what had happened? Don't make a decision in anger. It will affect not only yours but also your family's lives. "commissioner retorted back.

"I know and I had thought about all the consequences I have to face before taking the oath that I will fulfill my duty towards my country. The families of those girls who are suffering in another country had kept their faith n hopes on us. What about those girls? Their lives are not less than hell. If I continue this case now, then only my family will suffer. If I back out now, then the families of those girls will suffer along with the girls. I can't let that happen"

All the people present there was not able to speak for a few minutes. My family and the comissioner are still trying to figure out what they had heard.

"You have to choose any one between your family and your duty. " 

Those words from the commissioner fell like a bomb on me

"What did you mean sir? " I asked him

"You have to stay away from your family until you solve this case. You can't contact anyone of them till the case is completed. I know Neil it is difficult for you. Don't take me wrong. I am putting this condition for the sake of your family only"

Neil lowers his head for sometime. His family members are staring at him . Everyone wants to know his answer.

"I agree sir" were the words he was able to mutter at that moment

Unknown to his senses,tears started to flow from his eyes

"I want to see Avni once before leaving "I said running to the ICU

Chapter 2: The Failure

I ran into the ICU for a glimpse of Avni before leaving. I sit beside her.

"Avni whatever you will think of me

Whatever the society will think of me

I will always love you till my last breath 

I don't know whether I can come back alive or not

Promise me that you will smile whenever you think of me"

I started sobbing. When I was about to leave I saw that Avni's eyes are welled up. A tiny ray of hope arised in me. Then Doctor informed us that though Avni is in coma, she can hear what's happening around her after examining her. An idea popped out in my mind.

I immediately went to my home leaving all with a puzzled look on their faces.

I made video recordings as much as I can. In each video, I had narrated about the moments I had spent with Avni, those memories which gives more happiness to her. I came back to hospital and handed them to Neela maa. I asked her to play one video per a day for Avni.

Neela maa's eyes welled up with fresh tears. She promised me that she will do as I said .

I bid farewell to everyone and left from there.

I started my journey to other country with the other members in my team.

We are courteously received by the police force there.

I stated all the facts, evidences about the woman trafficking case infront of them.

A search warrant is issued to me so that I can investigate at all the places I want to.

I exactly know a building where the girls are held captive. I had beaten the truck driver who was driving the truck I had stopped from crossing the border

the previous day. He split out about the place.

I am very confident that I will find the girls.

But I have no idea that I won't find anything.

When I went to that place, there were no traces of any building or house there. I couldn't able to understand anything for a few seconds. The search warrant issued to me has been cancelled.

If the people who taunt you more on your failure are present more in your own country, then how will others stay calm?

Taunts are showering on me and my team that we are useless and can't able to do anything.

Some are saying me to go back leaving the case. Some are saying that I won't find anything because many famous people are being involved in this trafficking racket and they won't let me solve this case.

We had to go back to india because as I could not able to prove anything, they told me that I am putting false allegations on their country.

We came back immediately. I am living in another city far away from Avni and my family.

At evening , commissioner came to my house

C:-Neil you better drop this case and go back to your family

My blood is boiling on listening commissioner's words.

I said nothing.


On that night, I contacted CBI.

Due to the acquaintances I had, I got a call from the head to meet him in the early morning at 4 am. I go to his cabin.

After formal greetings, he initiated the conversation.

(C-CBI head, N-Neil)

N:-sir I had taken up the charges of woman trafficking case.

(I narrated the whole story)

C:-see Mr.Khanna I know what you have been going through now. Many big people are involved in this case. Even if I support you now, they will kill me and they won't let you go further.

N:-Sir I had left the fear of my death when I had decided to join the police force.

C:-What do you mean Acp Neil?

N:-You exactly know what I want to convey sir.

C:-I fear for my life more than people's life.

N:-I am not asking you to help me infront of all. You can help me from behind if you really want to.

C:-You are crossing your limits Neil

N:-Truth is bitter sir. Sorry to say but how do you feel if this happens with your daughter?

C:-Neil Get out from here. Otherwise I will call security

N:-If thinking about your daughter in that place bothers you to this extent, then think once how the girls present there feel

My wife had lost our baby due to this case. How do you think that I will let go of this easily

C:-I am sorry Neil. I can help you but only from behind. You have to promise me that my name won't cone into light

N:-I promise you that

C:-Vidyut R, he is the one behind this woman trafficking. He won't stay in India. He lives in other country to which these girls are transferred.

N:-How can I collect evidence against him?

C:-He will come to India once in a year along with his right hand Ballu. If you are able to trap Ballu, you can find evidence against Vidyut.

N:-Thank you for your help sir

I left from there

Exactly after 2 months I appealed the supreme court to reopen this case

I hadn't seen Avni or any other family members. I don't know whether Avni is out of coma or not. I want to see her.

But I can't.

I am waiting for the judgement which is after 2 hours.

I see Ballu for the first time. Probably he comes here to bribe the judge. I can't let that happen. This is my last chance. I can't lose this

Chapter 3: The plan

I guessed it right. Ballu tried to bribe the judge. But he rejected the money .

I felt very happy on knowing that honest persons who work only for giving justice to the people are still present in this world.

The case is REOPENED again.

I don't want to hurry things this time after experiencing the earlier consequences. I can't trust anyone.

I selected some of the members whom I felt eligible for this case.

Dhakal Dayal, fondly called as DD is one of the best police officers whom I can trust.

I split the team into two.

I made DD head of one team.

A plan was made.

To the world, there are only 5 members in our team but in reality we are 10 members.

We are waiting patiently for vidyutR to show up in india from 6 months.

In 2 days Vidyut will come to India.

I make my team assemble and discussed how to trap Vidyut 

While I am entering in my house, I see a young couple playing with their new born baby in the park infront of my house.

The sight of them brought me back to the day when. . .

Neil:-Omg Avni you made our room a toy house.

Avni:-Neil I had brought these toys for our baby girl. When she will step into this room in my hands,she will jump in happiness on seeing these. I will keep her happy always.

N:-Avni not only our baby but also our grand children will play with these toys


N:-I was just kidding Avni.

A:-You know what when our baby will come, I will spend all the time with our baby if you irritate me like this from next time.

N:-Noo you have to give 50-50 pyaar to both of us I said pouting

A:-Is it so?


She giggled and hugged me tightly

That day flashed in my mind when she promised me that she will give equal love and time to both of us 

I had dreamt of a happy family with Avni and our baby. But unfortunately, it remained as a dream only. I don't know whether I will able to fulfill my dream ever or not.

A lone tear escaped from my eyes.

Life is like a roller coaster ride

Everything in life doesn't turn out as expected or planned

Who knows what's in store for us?

The girls who are held captive also have dreams. They also wanted to spend their life as per their wish. Their condition is more miserable than me.

I make up my mind and heart everytime when I feel that I am shattering inside

Today is the day for which I had been waiting from the past 6 months.

Today Vidyut will land in Mumbai.

Flash back:-

Exactly before 6 months, the members in my team who are under Dd had been sent to Ballu in disguise to work under him. we made a plan in such a way that Ballu won't be able to reject them. I sent them one after another. So there is no chance for any doubt of them being together. Ballu had crosschecked their backgrounds.

It was not a tough task for me to manipulate Ballu.

My team members used to give info about the happenings there.

I planned an attack on Ballu. As per my instructions, my team members saved him. With that incident, Ballu's trust had increased on my men in his team

With passing time,his trust on my men increased gradually.


Vidyut will take some men with him whenever he comes to India. Ballu will choose the men who has to go along with Vidyut

I am sure that Ballu will choose my men in his team.

The problem is vidyut will cross-check background of them if he has to take them with him.

It is difficult to manipulate Vidyut.

We can't underestimate our enemy's capability.

My one wrong step will destroy what we had gained till now

I have to be careful.

I have to make sure that vidyut won't be able to find that my men are coming with him

But HOW?

Suddenly an idea popped out in my mind. . . . . . .

Chapter 4: Success?

According to the information I had got Vidyut will check the previous working records of the men whom he will be taking with him to the place where the girls are held captive. Obviously my men don't have such records. They work for their country not for an individual.

Then an idea popped out in my mind that why can't I use technology?

I hacked the server of Vidyut's place in which he will be checking working status of my team members who are working under him in disguise.

I created fake profiles of all my men who are working under Vidyut.

I know Vidyut will not be satisfied on seeing these profiles. He will try to gain some information about them.

I tampered all the phones of Vidyut and his men. As per the phone number given in the profile, Vidyut called. To Vidyut it was a number of a military army head but in reality it was the phone number of DD. Like this I gave wrong phone numbers in the profiles.

My plan was successful. Vidyut was convinced on seeing the details.

He had decided to take my men along with him.

I had to go with Vidyut . But how?

It's not easy to get a visa . What reason I  will give to the authorities behind my visit? I don't know what will happen.

Suddenly CBI head came to my rescue.

He had manipulated things in such a way so that I can get a visa.

I disguised myself and sat behind Vidyut in the aeroplane. As we landed, I saw him going towards his private jet.

With the help of my men, I somehow managed to enter into the plane without the notice of anyone.

There were 10 members in the plane.

Me, my 5 men, Vidyut and his 2 bodyguards and the pilot. But I was wrong.

I tiptoed behind Vidyut when he was going into a room in that plane at midnight.

I peeped in through the window.

I was shocked at the sight I had witnessed.

I saw the dead body of a girl. Beside her, another girl was sobbing.

Vidyut lifted up the girl who was sobbing by clutching her hair.

He was shouting at her.

"How dare you to think about escaping from me? I loved you. I had asked you to marry me but you rejected me. You rejected the famous Vidyut R . On that day I decided to make your life a hell. You will have to regret your decision everyday nah every second . That's why I kept you alive " he says sadistically.

I felt disgusted at him. He is a beast. How can he able to think of making the life of that girl whom he had loved once a hell that too by involving her in woman trafficking?

The plane entered into an isolated island. I entered into the island along with others. On my way I saw a number of girls who had been tied up with chains. They were too weak to respond.

My blood boiled seeing Vidyut.

I want to beat him black and blue right there on the spot.

I can't lose my cool now. If I lose, then all efforts will be vain.

Thankfully I message Dd before exiting the plane. There was no signal in that island.

After a week, Vidyut will leave for India again. I feel that will be the right time to plan a attack . Not that I am afraid of Vidyut, but I want these girls to be free from here first. Once I proved to my department that vidyut was involved in woman trafficking, it won't be difficult for me to catch him.

One week has passed.

Ballu came there. I mentally make sure that I will arrest Ballu first.

Vidyut was all set for his return to India while DD and my team was all set to enter the island.

Eventually they entered.

Vidyut has left.

As planned,we attacked.

Ballu was shocked at the sudden turn of events.

I made all the girls entered into the plane which Dd had brought.  

I am happy

Suddenly I heard a gunshot. . . . .

Chapter 5: I won

Suddenly I heard a gun shot

I turned towards the side from where the sound came and saw Vidyut holding his gun towards us.

VIDYUT:-Acp Neil Khanna what do you think of yourself ? You entered into my private plane and roam in it and I could not able to find out. Do you think that I am dumb?

Let me tell you one thing ,I know that you were travelling in my plane along with us all these days. You are able to do so because i let you to do .

Wait story is not over now.

I bribed your men whom you send to spy on me and they worked for me to spy on you. Your game is over MR. ACP NEIL KHANNA.

My men who were in his team surrounded me by aiming their guns at me.

Vidyut let out an Evil laugh which was echoing through all sides in that isolated island.

Seeing vidyut laughing , I pretended that I was shocked for some time.

Vidyut was laughing like a maniac.

I smirked and started smiling sheepishly.

Seeing the change in my expressions,vidyut frowned

Vidyut:-Acp are you mad? Why are you smiling? Let me guess due to the sudden shock acp has gone mad

Vidyut starts laughing again

"Vidyut do you really think that I am so dumb that I could not able to figure out that you know about my presence in your private plane? Obviously, if a black sheep is found among 10 white sheep, anyone can find out which is the black sheep.

The game is not over yet.

Let me tell you another thing,do you think that only you are smart in this whole world?

All the guns which were aiming towards me turned towards Vidyut and vidyut stood there in the middle shocked.

It was my plan that my department men will act like they had fallen for your money. I made this plan to make you think that you had won. "

All the men around him started laughing by seeing Vidyut.

The atmosphere around us get heated and we ended up in a fight.

Vidyut pushed me on to the ground.

He took his gun and was about to shoot me.

But his hand stopped in mid air.

He fell on the ground.

I was surprised to see the girl who had rejected Vidyut's proposal holding gun towards Vidyut

"You bastard! you deserve hell 

I rejected you . So you planned to sell me. What about your sister? You killed her Just because she helped me to escape. You are worse than a beast. I never ever regret that I killed you. "she yelled on top of her voice and shot 3 more bullets into Vidyut's body.

Vidyut died on the spot.

That girl came to me.

"Sir my name is Anjali. I am also a victim of Vidyut's misdeeds. You can arrest me. I am ready to surrender"

She said to me sternly.

"No miss . You have done a good deed by killing Vidyut. Come as a witness to Vidyut's crime and I will let you go out of this fuss" I replied to her.

We started our journey back to India with all the girls who are held captive by vidyut.

It's almost night. And we will reach India by next morning.

All were sleeping in the plane.

But my thoughts were running around MY AVNI.

It had been a long time.

Will she accept me again?

Did she come out of coma?

I can't able to wait for the next morning.

Chapter 6: A proud Family

Finally the wait is over. I landed in India. All the girls are safe.

All the members of my police department are waiting there with boquets to congratulate me on my success. Those are the same people who didn't leave a stone unturned in throwing tantrums on me over my failure in my first attempt of rescuing those girls. I smiled a little on them.

Do you know why?

"Smile infront of people who doesn't like you. It KILLS them"

That quote which I read in some book comes into my mind.

Commissioner came forward and patted my back and said "I was saying you to leave the case because so much of personal loss happened to you. I never had a doubt on your capability Neil. ".

"Its okay sir I understand " I said with a smile.

CBI head comes forward.

We handshakes each other

(C-CBI head, N-neil)

C:-neil congratulations man !I know you will definitely win. I hesitated initially to help you. But you are the one who made me realize that how wrong I was. Well done!

N:-Thank you sir

C:-Thanks to you officer because of you I got satisfaction while doing my work which I had never got until you meet me to reopen the woman trafficking case.

By the way,I have a good news for you.

(I got confused. )

N:-Good news for me? What is it sir?  

C:-Well your wife Avni is waiting for you in your home. Do I need to tell you anything?

N:-That means Avni is out of coma. When? How did she contacted you. What happened?

CBI Officer laughed and said "neil,have some patience. Go and meet her. She will answer your questions. You did your duty as a police officer. Now it's time to do your duty as a son and husband for your parents and wife. Your family is waiting for you. Go and meet them neil. "

I didn't listened anything. I immediately leaves for my home to meet mom,dad, bebe a nd Avni.

I reached home. I hold the gate for sometime trying to believe that I am really standing infront of my home. I slowly proceed forward.

Mom and bebe are standing at door step with aartii plate to welcome me. Dad is standing behind them.

I was about to move down to take blessings from bebe but she stopped me in mid way. I looked at her Her eyes were full of tears. She hugged me and sobbed.

My mom caressed my hair. She examined me and says "You had became thin Neil. From now I will feed you in such a way that you will become like a pumpkin. "

All laughed.

My dad hugged me and said "We missed you a lot Neil. We all are proud of you . You chose your duty over us . Do you know what does it mean to us? That means that the ethics, the moral values we taught you from childhood aren't just a joke for you . You value our sayings a lot. Remember bebe used to say so many stories to you . That stories were to inspire you so that you can become a good human in future. And you exactly chose what I wished you to chose when commissioner was asking you about your decision. I know how much you had gone through all this time.

Circumstances were not on your side.

But still you chose your duty. People believe that police officer will help them when they are in danger. You didn't let their belief broken. I am proud of you Neil. Avni is waiting for you in your room. Go and meet her. "

I hugged him and ran upstairs.

But my steps stopped when I came infront of my room. . . . .

Chapter 7: The Awaited meet

I saw my Avni standing in front of window with her back facing me.

I immediately went inside and caged her in my arms from behind.

I could feel her tears that had fallen on my fingers . Tears were brimming through my eyes. She neither turned back to face me nor I turned her.

We both stayed like that for some time.

Avni slowly turned to face me.

This made my grip loosen on her.

She touched my face to confirm that whether I am really present or not.

I slightly nodded my head indicating her that I was really present there.

She smiled but the tears refused to stop. This made me guilty.

"Avni I may be a good police officer, but I am not a good husband.

I may be a good citizen, but I am not a good son.

I left you at that time when you need me the most. We lost our baby.

I didn't look back.

You are in coma.

I didn't look back .

Numerous thoughts were running in my mind like when will you become normal again? ,How will you feel when you came to know that our baby is. . .

I sighed and continues .

On the top of all, how will you feel when you came to know that I chose my mission instead of you despite of the worst circumstances.

I didn't look back.

I didn't dare to do so because if I had turned back , then I would not definitely able to move forward .

That's why I chose not to contact you till my mission got completed.

I failed to fulfill my duty as a husband.

I failed to keep my promise to be on your side always and to share your sorrows .

I am sorry 

If you can,then please forgive me. " I said crying.

After a long pause, Avni finally spoke,

"Neil ,When I opened my eyes after a month, hard reality struck me. I came to know that our baby is no more. I came to know that you went to solve a mission and no one knows where are you and when you will come back. I felt very sad at first.

I badly wanted someone to wake me up and tell that I had a bad dream because I wasn't able to digest the truth despite of so many attempts.

Whenever any parents of those girls who went missing knocks our door with a hope in their eyes ,I feel proud of you. They don't know where their daughters are.

They don't know whether they are alive or not.

Atleast I know your whereabouts through CBI officer.

Whenever I saw those girls who came to thank you for saving them , I could see our lost baby girl in them.

Who said she is no more?

I can see them in those girls.

I had our family by my side to take care of me .  

But those girls had no one, no hope .

If you had chosen me over your duty,then I would have lived in guilt that I am the reason behind your failure in fulfilling the promise made when you were joining IPS.

You may not be a good husband or good son as you think so but I can proudly shout and tell the world that YOU ARE A GOOD HUMAN BEING.

Now a days people became so selfish that they betray their own blood and loved ones.

I am so lucky to find a man like you.

I love you Neil, more than myself til my last breath. "

I immediately engulfed her into a tight hug.

After what felt like ages, we parted and joined our family for dinner .

Finally,I slept peacefully with no guilt beside my love .


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