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Rajiv Garg



Rajiv Garg


The Most Wonderful Woman In My Life

The Most Wonderful Woman In My Life

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Rinku was restless tonight not being tired but under a strange spell of the feeling of the presence of an intruder within her. She never allowed strangers ever to interact or accost her in her privacy and thus was upset with this unclear nagging voice in her heart. The only person who she exclusively had allowed to know and play with her emotions was Rocky in absentia.

Rocky is 20 years younger than her and was her student in her French teaching class in Goa. He was tall and handsome from all established norms but the most striking feature of his personality was his dry humor and crackling laughter. He was mostly withdrawn and rarely participated socially with his batch mates. However, one thing most striking for Rinku was his piercing gaze always burning hole in her Psyche. She was always proud of her confidant poise and nonchalant exterior with oozing disdain for males.

She had promised herself that she will only open herself emotionally to one who is exclusive and is created as a single human piece. She had waited all these years and had gone past the age of attention. She had proudly kept her hair grey and prided herself in never giving way to temptations of caring for her looks or body. She never visited a parlor or a masseur for

rejuvenating a massage. Needless to say that she was arrogantly proud to keep her virginity without even any caressing. From all standards, she was least desirable now and never aroused male attention or a pass.

In this scenario this male attention and unblinking rupturing gaze at her being was something like a sensation of hymen rupturing by this young insolent student. She could not for too long keep her pretended indifference and one day asked Rocky to meet her after the class to discuss his language learning status. Rocky response was as if he knew that she will be forced to call him for a meeting. It was certainly irritating for Rinku to be so predictable. But deep within there

It also was a sense of victory to still command the attention of such a young and desirable youth.

Finally Rocky came to her beach apartment in the afternoon after the class. He was wearing a red Colour T-shirt with black jeans. There was no doubt he was looking very handsome. His well-formed body and oozing muscles were certainly making him a desirable man. But soon enough Rinku composed herself and presented a calm senior person. The conversation started with a polite formal conversation. But soon enough the pretensions got exhausted. The long awkward silence descended and both were searching for a reason to continue with the meeting. Rocky was quick to recover from the situation and pointedly asked Rinku as to why she is uncomfortable with him in the class. Rinku was not prepared for such a direct probe and muttered some lame explanation.

Rocky then took the situation in hand and came directly to the point.

“ Will you befriend me?”

The proposal sounded like a thunderbolt to Rinku. She stammered and spoke in admonishing tone pointing out the current relationship and absurdity of the proposal. Rocky persisted by repeating the serious intent and the reasons for his feelings. He clarified that in her he has found a match as his dream companion. He always wanted a matured, indifference to looks attitude female as his partner. He had enough of shallow females interested only in bangs and superficial high-end fun places belting out profane music and lusty evenings. He is looking for a composed, graceful grey-haired friend, fond of long walks, talking about life and challenges in general. He is certainly not averse to physicality but with style and full of pre and post romance. It should be slow and gradual but lasting for long. He was only finding animal lust in his age group whereas he wanted more of intellectual stimulants rather than a mundane unnecessary waste of time in repeated sex. The sex should also be poetry and an expression of tender feeling full of care and love. He was looking for multiple faceted relationships taking shape of various forms of a mother, sister, friend and certainly a soul mate.

Rinku was aghast hearing all this from such a young boy. It sounded so unreal as this was all she waited for so many years. She had given all hopes of ever finding her prince of these traits.

Suddenly she felt overwhelmed and grateful to God for making her dreams materializing.

She looked deep into his eyes to see any trace of mockery or fun making. But she could see only and only depth and meaningful intent. It was her turn now to reciprocate his raw honesty.

She took a quick decision and drew him close to her, kissed his forehead and made him sit down near her. She started explaining to him that she is very close to her menopause and thus cannot make him a parent and be his active partner for long. Life, in the long run, does demand joint parenting and physical participation in youthful pursuits.

This feeling now will slowly die out and Rocky will get restive with the relationship. Therefore we both should become lifetime friends with no definitions and constraints of duties. He should look for a girl of his age to match the life pace to maintain continuity and longevity. Rocky was disappointed but realized the profundity in the advice. Almost five years have passed and now I (Named Rocky ) is married and father to a daughter. I also have a family relation with Rinku which I and my wife treasure carefully as she is a part of us as the most important woman in our life.


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