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The Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa

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It had been years.

Since that fateful day, when they stood in front of the large glass pyramid and promised they'd visit again in 10 years, to revel in the glory of the magnificent museum and all its artwork.

A love story straight out of the movies. Perfection.

Life was beautiful. And wonderful. And amazing.

And then, it ended. Not her world, but it sure felt like it. Sometimes we lose ourselves so much in a togetherness that we cannot fathom how it is to be alone.

Even though we were alone, to begin with.

Love does that to people, makes you think life is unlivable without that one existence.

She couldn't even think of that beautiful city without the stained memory.

All it takes is a moment for your biggest fear to come true.

Hers had been losing him.

For days, weeks, months, she struggled.

Zombie-like existence, smiles that never reached the eyes, laughter that ended abruptly,

waking up to tear-stained pillows.

How silly are we humans, we let another person into our souls, we move aside the clutter and the dreams and the life lessons, we create a tiny space for the human. "Just this little spot, it's yours right here", we think.

Eventually, like a pesky tenant, that human encroaches into more and more areas.

It takes more space than everything else.

Overshadows all other parts of the soul.

Until they are it.

And that's where the problem begins.

Because one day it all ends.

And then you are left with an empty space that has taken over your whole life.

A space that wasn't even there to begin with.

And just like a resilient tenant, the memories refuse to evacuate. "Im not leaving anytime soon."

One of life's hardest lessons, no matter how often you experience it, has and will always be heartbreak.

Oh, what a teacher!

She lifts you up and crashes you down when you least expect it.

She laughs while you try to lift yourself up. "Try harder!"

This isn't working, you wanna yell!

"Well, it's your own mess, so you ought to clean it up."

Haha, didn't you know it from the beginning?

How silly we humans are.

Eventually the realization sets in, life isn't meant to be lived in the past.

Summer ended, the rains came and went, and winter hauled her coat and left.

One sunny afternoon, she sat up curled up on her couch, reading her favorite love story.

Rhett Buttler said, "Even the most deathless of love could wear out."

She smiled, if Rhett can do it, maybe I can too.

"Time to move out!"

Slowly but surely, one by one, she picked up the baggage and threw it out the window. Finally ridding her soul of all the excess weight.

The tenant was finally leaving!

She began to smile at the memories,

no longer tearing up at love songs,

no longer hoping for a romantic reunion.

Not all good times have to last forever to be good,

Not all love needs to be eternal to be true.

Life is and will always be. Beautiful. Wonderful. Amazing.

Ten years later,

She stared at the Mona Lisa. Wondering at the secret behind her famous smile. Such fun!

She kept her promise. Single ticket. 

Her best love story was with herself.

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