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The Lost Key

The Lost Key

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On a nice sunny evening, my best friend Emily and I, were walking home from school. 

“Hey Emily, do you want to play outside today?’’ I asked.

“Sure, but can it be before 4:00?’’ she asked.

“But I have to do my chores, and I might be finished at 4:30. But, why can’t you play after 4:00?’’ I asked with a sigh.

 “Don’t you remember, I have swimming class today,’’ she replied with a giggle.

 “Oh ya,’’ I said. ‘’Well, see ya later.’’ As I was walking across the street to my house, I heard a soft ‘’cling’’ sound, but I ignored it, so I walked to the house with the blue door and chalk drawings in the ground. I walked up the stairs, and turned the doorknob, but it didn’t budge

“Oh right, the keys,’’ I reminded myself.

So I squeezed my hands into my pockets, but there was nothing inside, so I took my flower themed backpack off and I noticed that the zipper I keep the key in, was open!          

“Oh no, the key must have fallen, and now I know why I heard the ‘’cling’’ sound’’ I exclaimed.

So I ran to the spot where I heard the ‘’cling’’ sound, and what I saw, was a rectangle with ovals on it, and when I looked through it, I saw the sewer inside it, so that means… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, the key went in the drain!

 “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, what do I do, if I don’t do my chores, I won’t get the phone I’ve always wanted, and I have to stay outside for 3 hours until 6:00 till mom comes back!’’ I said to myself.

“Oh, I have an idea, I remember that dad gave Emily’s dad our house keys before we went to Florida for vacation, so she might still have it,’’ I thought. So I ran across the street to Emily’s house, I looked at their driveway and I saw a white car there.

“GOOD, they’re still home,’’ I thought. So I walked up the stairs, and rang the doorbell.

 “Ding, Dong… Creek’’

  “Hi Amanda’’ said Emily.

 “Hey Emily, umm, do you have my house keys that my dad gave you?’’ I asked.

She was wearing her rainbow-striped bathing suite and she was holding a long blue bag

 “Yeah, I think it’s on my desk. You could come with me if you want,’’ she asked.

 “Sure,’’ I answered.

I jumped through the door and ran up the stairs with Emily. When we came to the top floor, Emily and I were huffing and puffing because of how fast we were going up the stairs, then we walked to Emily’s room. Her room was all pink. The walls were pink, her fan was pink, her desk was pink AND her bookshelf was pink! When we came to her desk we started looking for the key. We looked in the pencil box, nope. Then we looked in the drawer, nope.

“Sorry Amanda, I don’t know where your key is’’ Emily apologized.

“It’s ok’’ I said.

When I went back outside, I glanced at my watch, it said 4:01, and there were gray clouds in the sky, then I remembered that dad told me that there would be a thunderstorm, I had to hurry! 5 minutes later, I sat on the side of the curve thinking about what I was going to do, then an idea popped in my head, so I ran to the drain with my backpack, opened the front zipper and took my jump rope out.

“Maybe if I slowly put down my jump rope in the drain holding one end, then I could use the jump rope to pull the key from the drain.” 7 attempts but failed, but a second later, I felt a drop of water on my forehead, then 2, then 3, then 5, then 7, then 10, 20, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, the thunderstorm started!


My hair started to get cold. And it felt like I was taking a shower under a cloud in a cold and dark place, and with clothes on.

“Oh please god, please, oh please give me at least one miracle, I would be the happiest girl in the world!’’ I prayed.

“BOOM, WOOSH, cling,’’

 “My key, I heard the cling sound again!’’ I yelled.

 “Oh my god… the key!’’

The key was shining in the darkness by a flash of lightning. So I ran, grabbed the key and dashed to the door and jumped inside. I had 2 hours to do my chores. When mom came home, I had 5 chores left, but it was too late, anyway, I told mom the truth, but, I didn’t get the phone, instead, I got pizza. I learned a valuable lesson, to always believe god and to always keep track of your stuff!  

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