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Tanisi Reddy

Children Stories Drama


Tanisi Reddy

Children Stories Drama



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Anxiety filled my head. I sat on the sofa in the waiting area. My mom and Dad sat next to me and held my hand to comfort me. I was trying to hold back my tears. I was successful so far. I wasn’t sure how long I could keep up the act.

“Tanisi Reddy, you may come in,” a nurse advised with a calm voice. 

The second she said my name, it was like a fire lit up in my stomach, and it was huge! I hated that feeling, this always happens when I’m nervous. I walked into a room with a single chair and a heart monitor next to it.

“Here, You can wear this over your clothes,” the nurse revealed, handing me a light blue robe, with dark blue dots scattered around it. 

I tried putting it on but failed to do so, so my mom helped my button up my robe on the back. I sat down on the chair, and a nurse put these clips on my finger and left. The room was dead silent. To be honest… I was scared. Just scared. My mom and dad held my hands and squeezed them.

“It’s going to be okay kanna,” my mom pleaded,” don’t worry.”

“There is no need to be afraid of such a small procedure!” My dad tried to convince me, but he knew it was no use, so he put his hand on my shoulder. 

 At that moment, I couldn’t hold my tear ducts any longer… and I felt an icy and glossy sensation roll down my cheek, and the droplets fell with bits of fear in each one I shed. My mom and dad told me to stay strong, and my dad did something funny, and said that he wouldn’t stop until I smiled, so I giggled but went back to the same depressed face I had before. But then… I smiled. I smiled because I’ve been through so much. I smiled… Because my pain was almost over.

The past years, I’ve had fluid in my ears, which was causing ear infections. So, I was there to extract it, and the doctor would put tubes in my ears to drain out all the fluid in my ear. The doctor said that it will fall out after a year or so and that each tube was half a grain of rice… can you believe it, HALF A GRAIN OF RICE!!! That’s so small! I was afraid that I would have to get stitches after it was over, but my dad said that it was an in ear surgery, and that there would be no stitches involved, which was a HUGE relief for me. The nurse came into the room. The fire ignited even more in my stomach, and it burned the inside of my skin. 

“Good luck!” My parents said., then kissed my cheek and took my glasses off, and I followed the nurse. I got goosebumps all over me, and I quivered as I followed her. It felt like an hour getting to the Anastasia room, and the anticipation was killing me, and my teeth were starting to chatter because of the fear not containing itself. I. Was. Terrified. I saw a room with a single bed. 

What is with this hospital with one thing in each room! I thought. It made me smile. I walked towards the bed with jelly legs the whole way, and the bonfire in my stomach was creating ashes as it cooked the inside of my stomach! There were three nurses there, ready and prepared for the procedure. I laid down on the bed, and took one deep breath, and huffed it out, and braced myself for what was going to happen next. Something was stuck in my throat. I tried to swallow it, but it wouldn’t go down. 

“Hi!” The nurse welcomed with a calm and sweet voice “Okay, so I will put this oxygen mask on you, and breath normally, okay?”

“Okay,” I replied.

That was the last thing I said before I was asleep. She put the mask over my mouth, and she flipped a switch on a machine, and the smell of helium-filled my mask. I gagged in my head. 

           “Close your eyes, honey,” she said.

So I did. I felt my body getting drowsy, but I was curious about how it would look if I open my eyes, so I let the curiosity take over my mind. I opened my eyes for a split second. It was colorful and sparkly, but I wasn’t sure. In a few seconds… I was asleep…

“It’s time to wake up honey,” said a voice next to me, slightly shaking my shoulder.

It was SO LOUD!! I opened one eye, then the other. Everything was blurry.

“Come on sweetie. It’s over. It’s time to go.”

All my surroundings were loud, and I could hear everything… a telephone ringing… some mumbling.

“This feels like a dream!” I babbled without thinking.

There were curtains on both sides of me, and an open space in front, which was where my mom was standing. I barely waved, with no strength to spare. She waved back at me.

           “How are you kanna?” she asked with a skeptical face on. I felt like covering my ears, but I didn’t.

           “I’m okay.” I weakly replied.

That was the best nap I’ve ever had… In my LIFE! Well, at least the ones that I remember. I got out of my bed, no problem. My parents talked to Dr. Smith and discussed how it went, how things might happen in the future, and when my next appointment will be.

“Do you need a wheelchair?” A nurse asked 

“No, I’m fine, but thank you,” I answered.

I walked out the corridors… and sighed. It was over… and I was fine. What I learned from this experience is to stay strong during tough times… and to NEVER, let fear control you.

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