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The Job I Enjoyed

The Job I Enjoyed

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When students were asked by our class teacher in school, as what we would like to become in the future, as grownups, everybody had their own choices to reply. Many said they would like to become teachers, engineers, doctors, collectors, office clerks, drivers, salesmen, film actors, carpenter, mason, tailor, etc. None of them said that they wanted to be a politician, as their number was very less and students might not even have seen anyone in their vicinity. Rather, politics was not considered a profession in those days (the 1960s).

As my turn came, I told the teacher that I would become a lawyer for the sake of telling a different reply to the question, without having any idea, as what is the actual work of a lawyer. Now I doubt, whether it is a noble profession or not because they can distort the facts for want of some evidence, before a judge, if they wish and are compensated well.

It is a fact that most of the students became some other guys in real life, contrary to their expectations and wish, with the undue influence of their parents in their final decision. In many cases, it was the parents who decided as to what their children should opt as their profession. But only a few had the freedom to select their job based on their passion.

Priority changes over time and growth of a person, so also one’s desires. When a person reaches the age of twenty plus, he/she becomes serious on their viewpoints on life and work hard to achieve their goal. Some are forced to accept the jobs that they get in the course of their search, whether they like it or not. But ultimately they are forced to like and enjoy. 

My case was also no different from others. My earlier choice of becoming a lawyer, but studying science, has changed several times. Finally, I became a banker, by profession. There was a reason behind the switch over of desires.

During my college days, I had an account with a bank and used to operate at least once in a month for payment of my college and hostel fees. The environment and the ambiance in the bank were so catchy that I thought I should also work for a bank, one day, in the future. That is how one feels and adopts things by seeing, rather than hearing.

The act of cashier at the counter handling the customers evinced some interest in me to join a bank, though I never worked as a cashier in my life. But it was not by accident that I got selection in the bank. While doing other jobs, I applied for various posts which were advertised in the national dailies. I also appeared for entrance tests conducted for various banks, passed in many and joined the first bank who gave me a chance to appear for the interview. There was no second thought to join the bank on the same day itself when I received the appointment letter. That was how I started my career as a banker and there was no looking back. I continued my professional journey until retirement in the same institution.


I was made to sit at various counters in the bank to acquire knowledge about the process and working of the bank. I became an ordinary member of the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance and passed certain examinations, which helped me to improve my working style with added knowledge. I loved working in the bank and never thought of switching over to other institutions, despite receiving offers, from the Government departments. I was fortunate enough to undergo various training conducted by the bank over the years, for better performance.

Regular transfers to different branches in distant cities, at certain intervals, were common. I enjoyed working at those places also since I adjusted myself to the culture and environment of the new city every time, I moved. I learned from life that if I behave well with others, it is certain that I get back the same attitude from others...

The vast changes were taking place in the banking industry since the 1980s. The methodology and the process changed overnight. Technological progress seen in the banking field was tremendous and still, it is going on. Ready to use software and in-house developed interface platforms improved working and the accuracy of the whole banking. I tried to keep abreast of the changes every time and moved with the time, failing which, I would have become obsolete and out of job, soon. 

My salary was sufficient enough to cater to the needs of a three-member family, with limited wants. The work culture in the bank and loyalty developed over the years towards the bank, helped me to reject the tempting offers received, to switch over to other institutions. Everything went off smoothly for years, with some turbulence in between.

I bid good-bye to my beloved institution at the anticipated hour and have started enjoying my retired life. If I look back, I have no regrets, since I enjoyed the work in a bank and life after work too. I can sit back comfortably with gratitude towards one and all.



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