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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Shikha Mishra



Shikha Mishra


The Good Things

The Good Things

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Ananya was a bright and hard-working student, she was generally a happy, chirpy girl, but today something happened that made her really sad.

Her father was a CEO of a big MNC, whereas her mother was a fashion designer, hence after reaching her, she was welcomed by her grandmother.

She loved her grandmother because not only she loved, cared, and pampered her, but also was no less than a friend to her.

Due to working parents, she hardly saw her around, hence she was more closed to her than her parents.

It was not that her parents didn't love her, it was their hectic working schedule due to which they were not able to find much time for her.

But, yes on the weekends they ensured they were available for her. She loved weekends because it was these 2 days that she got an opportunity to spend time with her parents.

But, today she was really missing her parents.

She really wanted to discuss what happened in the school and what she was feeling through.

As usual, her grandmother welcomes her home with a beautiful smile. She has never seen her grandmother with a frown face, there was always a beautiful smile on her face, no matter whatever the situation is.

Ananya too used to always have a smile when she reached home, however, her grandmother noticed today her granddaughter's beautiful smile was missing.

"Ananya, you look tired today, get ready quickly in the meanwhile I'll arrange the table for lunch, her grandmother said.

"Granny, I am not feeling hungry. Yes, I am tired, can I go to my room and rest. I'll have lunch later? Also, when would Momand Dad be back?

Well, beta your Dad is on tour, he'll come back tomorrow morning and your Mom would come in the late evening only. She has a client meeting, so she'll talk to you later only.

Ok, no problem, Granny. I'll go to my room, Ananya said.

Her grandmother noticed there was something wrong with her. To her surprise when she went to her room to check on her, she found her sobbing in the bed.

She got worried and immediately rushed to her and asked, Beta, what's wrong? Did something happen in school? Are you hurt or something? 

Ananya go up, wiped her tears, and said, Granny, I need to write a poem on "Good Things in Life", but there is nothing good in my life. How am I supposed to submit the poem for the competition? There is so much pain and misery in life granny. My parents don't have time for me, they are available only on weekends, 

Though I put in a lot of hard work, yet I am not able to score the 1st rank in the class. Due to the injury in my legs, I can never participate in sports. That accident, how can I forget that lead to this injury. And granny, to make it worst we lost Grandpa in that accident.

Even her grandmother was in tears, but she knew she had to be explained something that her grandfather believed in.

She said, Ananya, you are the luckiest girl on this earth, your parents love you to the moon and back. Yes, I agree sometimes it becomes challenging for them to spare time for you, but you do know how they always plan out the weekend for you. They take care of your small little thing. And beta this accident has not changed anything for you.

Yes, doctors told you to avoid sports, but have you thought how fortunate you were your eyes, hands, brain, etc are safe. You can still lead a normal life

And kiddo, we all know you are a hard-working, bright student, you always put in a lot of effort in your studies, so what if you come 2nd, you keep trying and one day you'll score 1st rank too.

You are a very blessed and fortunate girl beta, don't think negatively.

I know you miss your Grandpa, we all miss him a lot. But he'll be sad seeing his granddaughter so sad and crying.

And well, I know you really loved him and admired him.

Let me get something for you. Sit tight here. Wipe your tears and I'll share something that you'll love it. Can you do that for me, beta? her Granny asked.

Yes, Ananya replied.

Her Granny returned with a blue diary in hand. She remembered Grandpa used to write something in that diary, but Ananya didn't know what he wrote.

Here, open this and read it and in the meanwhile, I'll go and heat the food because I know after reading this you'll feel hungry. As she stepped out of the room, Ananya opened the diary and she started going through the diary.

Grandpa had beautiful writing, but more importantly, his thoughts were more beautiful.

As she was going through the various poems, he wrote ( majorly were on inspirational thought), she got excited to see a poem on "Good Things in Life".

Good things don't mean there would be no problems in life But it means even amid the problems you won't lose your peace of mind.

And that is the biggest weapon to face anything that life throws at you.

This weapon won't be available so easily instead, you need to earn it,

And that requires a lot of self -believe on this path to reach your destination.

Don't wait for good things to happen to you,

Instead, try to find good in everything and everyone around you.

Focus your energy more on love than judging people

Stop blaming others for your failure instead; use your failure as a stepping stone to reach success.

Good things do take time, not because they are not meant to happen to you

But, because bringing a drastic change in your thought process

Is definitely not a day's job, instead, it's a path you need to walk on continuously

To eventually find your destination.

So keep walking on that path and, you'll see good is all around you only.

It was just your perspective that was refraining you from experiencing it

The day you'll realize what it takes to experience all good things in your life

You'll stop waiting for the good thing to happen

Instead shall find your happiness in everything and everyone around you.

Good things do take time, not because they are not supposed to happen to you.

But, because bringing a drastic change in your thought process is definitely not a day's job, instead it's a path you need to walk on continuously to find your destination.

Ananya jumped with excitement, not because she got a poem exactly what she was looking for, but her Grandpa had answered the queries, that were troubling her. It appeared as if her Grandpa knew what was troubling her and his poem was the key to the questions.

She wiped her tears, remembered Grandpa, and said, "Thank you, Grandpa, for teaching me such an important lesson of life. I am sorry that I said, there is nothing Good in my life, but the truth is I am really blessed and fortunate to have this life, to have a lovely family who loves me so much. I promise you that I'll always remember this important lesson and shall always remember it.

With that, she hurried downstairs where her Granny, was waiting for her at the dining table.

She was jumping with excitement, there was happiness on her face. Seeing that her Granny asked, Ananya looks like you got happy to read the poem.

Ananya said, No, Granny, it was not just a poem, it was the answers to the questions that were troubling me for such a long time. I am really happy that today through the poem I learned such an important lesson. It's Life learnings, Granny. I am sorry for whatever I said before. I have realized now, how lucky and fortunate I am. Yes, don't worry about the poem, I'll write it.

Her Granny was happy to hear her response and said, Good to hear that beta. Stay happy always and keep smiling. Let me serve you food now.

Ananya then asked, "Granny here, you keep the diary with you. I know this diary is very precious to you, yet you gave it to me.

Her Granny was shocked to hear that and said, "Ananya are you sure? 

She smiled and said, "Yes, Granny, very sure. Now, let's eat. I am very hungry.

As her granny saw her having food, she was thinking, "This diary is really magical, it changed my perspective on life and now it changed Ananya's too.

Far above in the clouds

Ananya's Grandpa who was witnessing everything smiled and said,

Good things do take time, not because they are not supposed to happen to you.

But, because bringing a drastic change in your thought process is definitely not a day's job, instead it's a path you need to walk on continuously to find your destination.

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