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The Four Friends

The Four Friends

4 mins

Arun, Pranay, Stalin, and Vikram are four friends. They mingle with each other and make a lot of fun. All of them spend most of their time together in school or in the playground. They were living their school life happily.

One day, Stalin and Vikram thought of a surprise for Pranay’s birthday. They made a plan and shared it with Arun. At first, Arun argued about the timings but finally nodded as everything was explained clearly by them.

The night before Pranay’s birthday, when the society had almost slept, Arun, Stalin, and Vikram met in front of Pranay’s house. Stalin accepted to go and wake up Pranay. Arun and Vikram went upstairs to the terrace for the party arrangements. They came along with a small magic candle, a homemade cake and few balloons.

Stalin went near to the window to the side of the bed in Pranay’s room. He gently woke him up and asked him to come to the terrace. They discussed how they came up with this idea with Pranay. When it’s 12 AM, the birthday boy cut the cake and all of them enjoyed a lot with this adventure.

The next day in the school, all the four boys were overjoyed and shared the past night’s surprise party with other classmates. These boys set that adventure as an achievement in their childhood. After a few days, the four friends thought of enjoying again with a party. So they collectively made a plan again and executed it in no time with no reason.

Days and months have passed. The four friends had a lot of enjoyment with late-night parties and hangouts during weekends. They skipped a few classes which they felt boring to attend and went for matinees instead. One day, the school principal observed the four students skipping classes and going to the theatre. He once also saw them going to the party together. So the principal thought to teach them a lesson.

One Sunday, as usual, they celebrated a party. They enjoyed it well. But suddenly, one of the four friends, Stalin exclaimed, “Hey, tomorrow is Monday”.

The other three said, “Of course it’s Monday, so what’s special?”.

Stalin said, “Oops! We all forgot about tomorrow’s exam”.

Until then, no one had remembered about the exam the next day. All of a sudden, the party mood had turned scary.

The thing was that the four friends had put more interest in hangouts, parties, and movies than in studies. They hadn’t even thought of the upcoming exams and their preparation. They all thought to prepare for the exam but it’s too late then. Already, they’re at a midnight party, so if they study at that time, they won’t sleep enough, and thus sleep during the exam. If they attend the exam without preparation, there were absolutely no chances of passing the exam.

After a long silence, when they’re all thinking of what to do, Vikram said, “Let’s bluff the Principal”.

“Why?” asked Arun, “For what? I mean is it okay to bluff our Principal? ”

Pranay said, “I think this is the only way to escape from tomorrow’s exam.”

“But how?” asked Stalin, “How do we bluff him?”.

Vikram asked the others to think of a reason to say to the Principal. All of them thought of many ideas, but none of them were that natural to be believed by him.

Finally, Pranay raised an idea, “How’s it to say that we are in a marriage tonight?”

 “And so we are unable to write the exams, uh?”, asked Arun.

“No, not exactly,” said Pranay, “When we are along the way home, the car tire has punctured. So we reached our home late”.

“Will he believe this?” asked Arun. “He might...” said Pranay.

Stalin said, “Even if he believes, what he will do, will he cancel the exam?”

“No, exams won’t be canceled anyway. But he may postpone the exam so that we’ll get the time to prepare,” said Vikram.

Everyone accepted this plan.

The next day, the four students went to the Principal’s cabin.

“Good morning, sir!” the students greeted the Principal.

“Good morning! What’s the problem? I think now there is an exam for you guys.”

“Yes, sir but...”

“Are you not going to attend the exam?”

“No sir. But yesterday night we attended a marriage. And while coming back, the car tire was punctured. So we don’t…”

“And so you guys don’t have the time to revise last night?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Then, you prepare for the exam today. I’ll conduct the exam for you guys tomorrow.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Then, the students left the cabin and started preparing for the next day’s exam. They prepared a lot as they got the extra time for it. The very next day, the Principal conducted the exam for the four friends in his cabin. They were very well prepared for the exam and ready to write the exam. But when they looked at the question paper, everything got reversed. There were only two questions in the question paper:

1. What is the color of the car you picked up to come from marriage?

2. Which tire of the car had punctured?

a) Left-rear b) Left-back c) Right-rear d) Right-back

Let’s conclude the story with a moral: “Don’t think that only you are smart. Many others are smarter than you”.

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