The Dream That Woke Me Up

The Dream That Woke Me Up

8 mins

Alas! I find entire land, the meadows and everything else on earth spread with only and only water.

But how come! The Universe is a composure of 5 Resources - Earth, Sky, Water, Fire and Air. And it also carries Troposhere, Stratosphere and many such layers, and many gases. But why I am seeing only H2O.

Ah! No! Everything seems diminished, I am not able to withstand this flow of water, that has been stinking me. I'm not in any Titanic ship neither do I have landed myself in Antractica that which is melting down. Then why am I witnessing all these.

Friends, Cousins, Pals - how many people I have tried to connect with... No one is able to listen, probably are they not able to listen me or am I not audible or is it that they're also caught up in the same tides that we're not able to get with each others...

Oh somebody for God's sake, please help me, please pull me out from this water and save me from drowning... Of course, I am a great swimmer but not in odd times and against the universe collapsing... How should I come out from this... what had happened to my family... how do I save them now... Hey Almighty, till date, I have never ever chanted your name nor even aligned myself with the concept of divine existence... but now, I felt I should look at this supernatural power that which has created all these elements and is now destructing... If not, how come the planet that has suffered from the scarcity of water, till recent past, and laws were being made across globe, in the international summits, to use water rationally, is now stinking in water and we're able to see nothing else.

I remember till last evening, that I have been watching the green grass that's been grown artificially, in the landscape outside to my house, through my glass doors... But now through the same glass doors, how am I watching this water evolving out and pulling off everything into it, how come it can be so dominant... Oh God! some one please help... I am screaming, is no one able to listen...??

Alas no the water has come on to my flat level also and is hitting my door, ah, no, now the water is on my face, I think I am finished...

"Yes", you are finished!! spoke out a voice loud, and my the skin on my face had sensed some water and rubbing off my eyes, and nose, one after the other, I tried to watch all around to identify who is that that has been speaking. It's my room mate and colleague!! How cool!! Even at the time of this departure from this planet and life, we are together, said out I, thinking I have spoken with my inner-self.

Yes, it's time for departure, but not from the planet, but just from this room for now, so that we will reach our own jobs and to continue with your words that you have been uttering out, I will be safe and yes, you will be finished. Because you haven't yet got up and now you have to finish everything in less time and reach office on time or you will be kicked off by the boss, I am leaving, Bye, said Robert, my roommate. I got up at once, and sat on the bed, not knowing or able to realize what has happened and what has been going on now... Understanding my puzzled condition with the expression on my face and my silence, and recollecting my state over the past few minutes, Robert had sat beside me, put his hands around my shoulders, and asked, if I am fine or had a bad dream.

"Dream"! Exclaimed I, and tried to recollect what have I watched. Oh, God! It still shivers me even if it has not happened with me and now everything is crystal clear. Because the concept of the dream is such.

It is now a known fact that the usable percentage of water on earth is now stinking and in future, it'd not be possible to help the living beings for the minimum basic needs even, and over decades and centuries, we even knew many people are suffering where few sufferings are due to shortage of the water resource while rest is due to insufficient awareness on proper channelizing of water and effectively using it.

Robert, and myself, Albert, both of us hail from same town where we have also gone through such pathetic conditions and have joined in a job recently, where our company produces various electric devices and domestic equipment, and we are key members in the board of directors as we hold good amount of stocks now. Since we're not from a rich background, we are very conscious in saving money and investing it wise. While I restrict myself to only my life, Robert is a guy who keeps thinking of everything and everyone around, and feels himself accountable and responsible for whatever is happening around him.

It so happened on one day last week that our company is now venturing into business of bath tubs. Procedural and financial formalities have been in place, and we have had a board meeting last week, where this decision has been formally announced, amidst claps from everyone around. But the one sitting next to me, Robert, seems to be lost in his own thoughts, which I have noticed as I didn't hear any sound from him, and he's not in good mood the whole day. While we both stay together and share everything, we have two more guys in board who share progressive thoughts with us, Jonathan and Godfrey, and while 4 of us sat together for lunch, I've sighed Robert if he wants to speak something.

Both Jo and God had also observed Robert being out of mood, and inquired if everything is alright with him. Rob mentioned he had a little headache and he would want to make a move, and left off for the rest of the day. While it is in the middle of the week, I had not seen him till the weekend has completed and it is only Sunday noon that he's back. I have been thinking that since his wife is carrying and is expected to deliver a baby in a week or two, and hence he might have gone there to take care of her. Expecting him to return by that time, I have been preparing lunch for both of us, thinking when and how to putforth the question before him on why didn't he attend the voting session for this new proposal. Robert has come in and sat silent, in the couch, after having bath (not shower!). I observed him speaking to put much healthy nuts in the lunch rather than including the unnecessary toppings or anything else for munching. Without me asking anything, he himself started to put his thoughts into words.

He began, "Practice before you preach", and that's what I have been doing. I have been to our village, moved in and around all these 4 days from Wednesday, the day I have left from office, and have been helping all the farmers and landlords in having technological advancements in place to yield better crop, but that doesn't create any harm to the environment and the fertility of the soil at the same time, to ensure our planet is safe for our future generations. Hearing this, I felt little guilt that, ever for the first time, my guess on Robert was wrong. Breaking me from my thoughts, he had shared with me an article, that he said he had gone through last week, that mentions at what % of danger alarm our planet is, and at what level we have to ensure we take precautions that prevent our earth from drowning and all, and as mentioned in the same article, we have already witnessed water scarcity in our own village, which is so close to a canal. Hence I felt we've to start taking measures against it, and before saying it to others, I felt I have to implement it first.

Ah! Awesome Robert, you are a person with values, said I, asking him now what is the insane act that we're going to perform, and how is connected with the bathtubs venture proposal for which he didn't join his hands to clap, to which he has asked me to calmly go through the article, which read about the activities that we are doing and the adverse effects we're going to pass to our future generations, without any consideration towards them or without any gratitude towards the planet, which has given not only life but many other pleasures to experience with. It is after referring to this article, that I felt I am lost and silently went to sleep that night thinking of the same, but couldn't utter a word as I felt I am lost in thoughts, probably Robert might also have felt the same way, and since it has captured our attention in a right way, projecting the correct purpose, I felt it so much in my heart that it has reflected in my dreams.

I came into this world when Rob has been pushing me over and responded at once. Rob said, it's Monday morning and we've to gear up, you remember na, there is this proposal that's coming for voting this morning because it didn't have co-rum on Friday when it had happened for the first time, and we need to enter the chamber on time, else, our head will block us!!

Now knowing what to do, I have made up my mind, dressed up myself after having a quick bath (definitely not a shower!! - because little acts also count and account!! that's what I have seen Robert doing and learnt!). After entering into the top floor, before entering into our chamber, Jo and God had met us, and were happy to see Rob coming back, and we had a short chat. All the time, only I have been speaking much because the impact created on me by the article and the dream are such! Convinced with the points I have spoken, both of them nodded their heads and held our palms in their fist, showing assurance in their eyes. Of the 6 members in the board, 4 of us are in one direction!

So, our proposal to save the environment is now "Live".

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