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Tale Of A Corona Stricken Mind

Tale Of A Corona Stricken Mind

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Year 3020. Children are on excursion with the teachers. Today they are visiting a different kind of historical museum. The teacher is demonstrating to the students what actually happened then. After a while they stopped infront of a glass protected showcase. Where the animals were on the empty streets, shopping malls, seals were crossing the roads using footpaths and dolphins were chilling on the beach. And humans were kept in cells named ‘apartments-the human Zoo’. Their mouths were covered with something. So that they can’t bite may be (!). Foods were served with sticks from afar. There were a gutter where pile of something wrapped up in plastic is seen. Oh! Human dead bodies!! Now they are wrapped in the thing they invented to destroy nature and kill trillions of wild lives! 

What happened to them teacher? Asked Peter.

Oh dear!! Nature revolted and took its revenge and God was in favour of nature as HE was furious with wreath! So HE punished them. 

The punishment was severe so was the crime. 

So children what did we learned from it?

Never go against nature! Always abide by God!


Yes Peter?

What does it call? 

Corona Pandemic of 2020.

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