Summertime Melancholy - Part 1

Summertime Melancholy - Part 1

2 mins

Drenched in the August rain, I clung on to my phone while I desperately want coffee, a few hours of sleep and well, her.

My feet rushed themselves to the nearest coffee house, the interiors of the room filled with dusky lighting coming in from the large windows and the comfy interiors were quite compelling. I treated myself with a warm latte and sat down at the window staring deep down over the street outside.

Maybe I wanted a distraction, maybe I wanted her more than ever.

This is my story, maybe the most heartbreaking...or the most intriguing.


"AH, rain and first day of college. How can it get any worse", said a girl with a deep yet somehow comforting voice. She sat down at the table behind me and ordered a cup of black coffee. 2017..I couldn't help but think, the year of Kardashians and sweet gossips with cappuccino topped with extra cream and here we are, a girl drinking black coffee! NICE!

Her phone rang louder than expected, it gave me chills but I'm pretty sure it could give the shop owner a mini heart attack.

"Hey there!, I was wondering if you were alive after all the days of dreadful fights we had. Pretty sure I wanted you to kill yourself," she seemed to overwhelm the caller with an extremely questionable choice of words.

And so I was getting irritated by her chirping away her apparent nemesis. I although admit that I was eavesdropping in a conversation which later turned out to be with an ex.......And so I turned to see the girl behind sweet misery to be exact. It was unexpected for me to see such a beauty who could bite someone's head off. And there she future agony sitting there unaffected by her past bad blood lover.


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