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Fathima Shaikh


Something Called Destiny

Something Called Destiny

3 mins

Memories in the school campus.

In a mid-afternoon, a fourth consecutive day at my parents' house trying to get rid of my four-year-old daughter who is throwing tantrums to come along with me, to pick her twin brother back from playschool. 

In the midst of this moment I zone out, being clueless about my future due to my shattered present.

I zone back in, tell my mother to take care of my daughter and grab my car keys and head out to get my son back from school.

My hands are on the wheel and my foot on the break, as the signal turns red.

By adjusting the mirror I see myself and think what had led me to decide to; not sending my twin children to school together.

As my car stood ahead in the traffic other cars behind me started honking signalling me that the traffic light had turned green. 

Then the next moment I change the gear, accelerate my car and head towards my destination. 

I park my car outside the gate and step out of my car and walk inside the gate and stand to wait for my son to come running towards me. 

The bell goes and all the little children come out searching for the person who has come to take them home. 

I gazed into each and every face to find for my little one, there stood a man approximately 20 steps ahead of me who seemed quite similar to my unforgettable past from his backside.

I continued to stare at this mystery man while his kid comes to him and this man bends down to give his little one a hug and I move forward confused to find out who this man is?

When I came closer I see his face which clears my doubt and concludes that it is him, my one and only past which would never fade away from my mind. Soon before he sees me I turn my head denying to see what I had already seen.

When I turn away my sunshine comes running towards me and I take him in my arms and think of heading home as fast as I can. 

Stop!! my past cries out turn around, go towards him, talk to him, you will not get this opportunity again. 

I could not deny my past so I turn around, hold my son’s hand and I walk towards that man. 

As I walked towards him, he is already walking towards me or maybe it looked like that. 

He recognises me in no time and we come face to face.

I look at his underrated beautiful face and remember everything that should have been forgotten. 

We stare at each other and it seemed to me that time had frozen. 

We look at each other not knowing from which part of our life should we start talking about, so many things had happened since we lost in touch, we just stood speechless just glancing at each other.

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