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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Harshith Nair

Children Stories Action Crime


Harshith Nair

Children Stories Action Crime

Sagacious Sleuths Save Aliza

Sagacious Sleuths Save Aliza

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It was December 25, and it being Christmas, the Sagacious Sleuths team was relaxing … although that was a rare thing.

“Why not visit the Nehru Planetarium, since we have the whole day to ourselves,” suggested Soham.

 “I don’t think that’s possible now,” replied Archit spotting a lady entering our secret atelier.

“Why? She might be the delivery person,” said junior Aryan. “Maybe not.

Her face looks tense and she seems to be rather worried,” our team leader Harshith replied wisely.

 “And of course, there’s senior Aryan with her,” pitched in Swara, continuing, “Which means he has brought her to us, to discuss some case.”

The Sagacious Sleuths were right, of course!

 The worried lady stopped opposite Harshith, unsure of what she should do next. “What brings you here, to the Sagacious Sleuths?

 Why do you look so terrified?

 Tell us what’s troubling you,” urged Anushka.

At once, the lady opened her mouth and said, “I-I-I am”.

 “Hold it,” interrupted Mahendra giving her a glass. “Drink a sip of water and compose yourself first. Take a deep breath and  then narrate your story.”

After a while the lady continued her saga, “Okay, I’m Cathy from the nearby village of Antop.

 My little girl Aliza who is just 6 years old has gone missing,” cried Cathy with tears streaming down her cheeks.

 “How?” shouted each one in the team in unison. Cathy explained everything, revealing that at 11.45 pm,

 when she went to Aliza’s room to keep the gift in her Christmas stocking, the child was missing from her bed.

 “I searched all over the house and in the yard too, since Aliza is a curious child and was eager to catch Santa red-handed when  he arrived to give her the gift,”

sobbed Cathy, now uncontrollably with grief.

This was not new to the SS team, yet the members were shocked.

 A hundred thousand questions raced in their minds…What had happened to Aliza? Where could the child have gone?

 Had she wandered into the nearby woods?

Would she be safe and alive there? Could she have been kidnapped…that too on Christmas eve?

Where was she and in what state?

After interrogating Cathy about her neighbours, family members and relatives, about Aliza’s friends at her Kindergarten and her habits, whether they had any enmity with anyone,  and so on and so forth, the SS team sent Cathy away.

“Please don’t worry any further…we will leave no stone unturned in tracing the child and will definitely bring Aliza back to you,” assured Aditya.

 Cathy gave a weak smile and dragged heavy steps back home.

“Okay, back to business it is!” announced Harshith as he went ahead to reveal the plan of action to be adopted.

 He detailed the strategy for each Sleuth member, paired them or grouped them into foursomes.

 “It’s Showtime detectives! Let’s bring the kid back to her Christmas tree and gifts,” and the whole team clapped  and hooted in enthusiasm.

 Without wasting any more time, they swung into their tasks… Operation Aliza!!

The woods nearby and every house and hamlet of Antop was rigorously combed for the child or any leading clues.

 Some suspects were questioned and drilled, and most turned to be dead leads, except one person who seemed too shaken up to talk  coherently.

He gave some vital clues that led the team to suspect that Aliza had indeed been kidnapped.

 As luck would have it, Cathy received a ransom call the very next day from the kidnappers.

Panic stricken, she rushed to the Sagacious Sleuths and told them about it.

 The SS leader asked for the number from which the kidnappers had made the call.

 “Trace the origin at once and locate the area,” he commanded Niraja.

It was unbelievable, but the number belonged to Brazil.

 “Alright, group Ace can travel to Brazil tomorrow morning and trace the leads there to get to the kidnappers,” suggested Mithilesh.

 “I’ll make the flight bookings and contact the Indian Embassy there for assistance,” offered Niraja.

“And also request the Brazilian police for any information on kidnappers and such offenders,” added Anish.

 Once in Brazil the Ace trio got into action after meeting with the local police.

Thanks to technology and using the mobile tracking app, within no time they zeroed in on the source of the call to Cathy.

 Then, they quickly reached a cabin …. the hideout of a well-known gang of criminals.

As we stood outside, we heard someone talking inside.

 “I just received news that The Sagacious Sleuths have set foot on Brazilian soil.

 We better take the child and leave for Rio de Janeiro.

It would be near impossible for them to detect us in the Olympic crowd of visitors there.”

 “That’s surely a million-dollar idea” someone else replied from inside the shack.

There was a loud crash and “So Sorry to disappoint you boys, but the lightening work of the Sagacious Sleuths hasn’t been broken yet,” said Archit.

 “Don’t even attempt to escape,” I have a gun pointed at you, and my aim is extremely accurate,” warned Shraddha from behind one of the thugs.

 By this time, Nikita had released the child from the binding ropes and taken her to the comfort of their car. The Brazilian police  were called and they handcuffed the kidnappers for their trip to the prison.

As soon as the heartening news reached the SS atelier, there was a loud chorus heard: EAST OR WEST, SAGACIOUS SLEUTHS ARE THE BEST

Thus it was that the Sagacious Sleuths brought smiles and relief to Aliza and Cathy. It was the best Christmas ever for the duo…and, of course, the SS team too!

                                       HIP HIP HURRAY!!!

                                           HIP HIP HURRAY!!!

                                               HIP HIP HURRAY!!!

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