Rupam: The Son Of An Orphan

Rupam: The Son Of An Orphan

18 mins


"You are not my blood. You have proved it today." A splash of red anger made PadmaSinh more and more fierce. "By marrying her, you have lost your family. Now you are dead for us," every single matter of the palace spoke of fear, hatred and kindled deprivation. "Papa, please listen to me," said an awe-strucken Lallan, the youngest of the four sons. "If you have a bit of shame and mind for this family, leave us for God's sake." These words of his father made Lallan helpless but yet he turns over to step out of the house with his wife. "Wait beta, wait for a second", says Vaidehi, Lallan's mother. She comes at the doorstep to bless her newly wed daughter-in-law and says, "I don't know anything about you. Who you are or from which family you belong to...but from today you are my daughter. And when a daughter leaves her home, she should not be sent empty-handed." Vaidehi removes her gold-laden bangles and hands it over to Kumkum. "These are our ancestral bangles. Lallan's grandmother gave it to me and now I hand it over to you. Never ever let my son feel back this day in his life once again. Promise me." Kumkum touches Vaidehi's feet and embraces her tightly, weeping in sorrow. "Let's go Kumkum. Come," says a broken Lallan. "But we have not took Papa's blessings," Kumkum says, but Lallan tightly holds her wrist and walks out. Vaidehi shouts, "Don't"

Lallan breaks down on the roadside, "Papa rejected me. What will I do now, Kumkum?" In this time of dejection, Kumkum tries to console her husband, "See. Now we need to be strong. We cannot be broken by rejection." She catches Lallan's hand tightly and says, "We will both work together. We will make our world of love." Kumkum embraces Lallan and they both start towards their journey of a new life.

Lallan and Kumkum reach a slum area where they see many homeless people sleeping on the roads. "Can we have a place to spend the night? We will move out by morning." An old woman gives them a place to spend the night and they both lie down on the roadside. "See Kumkum, you have lost your life for me. Now see what days I have shown you," says Lallan. In reply, Kumkum says, "See, now forget about what happened and what did not. We are together, that's important for me."

In the morning, they both leave on a new path and go to a Vada-pav shop to have some breakfast. When suddenly they hear a voice, "Lallan" and they both see back to meet Udaan.

Lallan: "Udaan, you here. Where were you so many days?"

Udaan: "I was not in town. But where are you going and who is this lady?"

Lallan: "This is my wife, Kumkum. We are searching for a house. I have left my home"

Udaan: "Why don't you come to my house in Vasant Kunj? You make yourself at home there."

Lallan: "But how will I pay you? I don't have a job."

Udaan: "See. I don't need any money. You just come to my place and stay there."

Part - II

Kumkum and Lallan clean the small house and prepare their household to stay. Udaan brings lunch for them and gives some money to Lallan. "Udaan, you have helped me a lot. I will search for a job and as soon as I get it, I will pay your rent." Udaan says, "I have told you that not to speak about rent. This is your home." Udaan leaves and the hudband-wife duo spend some quality time together.

Next day, Lallan goes for searching a job when he encounters a punchured car. He goes there, and asks the owner if he can repair his car. The man asks to do repair his car and within minutes, Lallan went to and fro, to complete his work. The man asks Lallan to meet him at his office in Lajpat Nagar and Lallan turns over in the noon. "Would you like to be a driver? I think you are helpless and I want to help you." Lallan agrees to do the job and he returns home with an advance amount.

"Where were you roaming all the day? I have prepared the lunch. Sit for the lunch." Lallan hands over the advance amount in Kumkum's hands and tells her, "I have got the job. From tomorrow, I need to join." Lallan and Kumkum hold each other's hands and look with love in each other's eyes towards their new journey of happiness.

Lallan goes to his boss's office the next morning when his boss tells, "I have a meeting today in Mayur Vihar. Take me there." The car reaches its destination when Lallan sees his mother on the road and hides. He didn't wished that his mother sees him as a driver when she dreamt of him becoming a pilot." Lallan returns home after dropping his boss and cries, seeing which Kumkum asks what had happened. He tells her about his mother and remembers about her loving nature.


(After 6 months)

Lallan gets ready for office when Kumkum comes and says, "Today bring some mangos. I want to prepare pickle." "Okay. My queen, now I have to go." Suddenly, Kumkum starts vomiting and runs towards the bathroom. "Are you okay?", Lallan asks and Kumkum says, "I think I am unwell. I have to take some rest."

Lallan leaves and suddenly, Kumkums faints and falls down. Her friend arrives at that time and takes her to the nearby hospital. The doctor checks Kumkum and says, "She is 2 weeks pregnant. She needs to take care of her and her baby."

Learning of these news, Lallan decides to inform his mother but later he feels that it is not the right time to do so.

Several months go by, when one day Lallan's Boss passes away. This leads to loss of Lallan's job. So, he decides to hide the news of losing the job from his wife till their baby is not born. Days passed, when suddenly a new builder takes over the area where Lallan lived with his wife and puts it under redevelopment. Due to a shortage of money, Lallan becomes helpless in this crisis of time and could not afford a house somewhere else.

Roaming here and there, Lallan reaches a very faraway area but becomes hopeless of finding a suitable home. He decides to reside in a slum area till he manages the situation. He didn't even let his friend Udaan know about his problem.

Finally, one night, Kumkum goes into labour and she gives birth to a baby boy. Lallan becomes happy but at the same time, he feels that he is incapable of raising his child and providing him basic requirements of life as well. So, he takes the child away when Kumkum is unconscious post child-birth in the midst of night and put him in a truck located on the roadside. He prays, "Oh God, please take care of my child. If my child stays with me, he will die of starvation. So, I entrust him to you."

Next day, he informs Kumkum that she gave birth to a dead baby which led her into depression. She didn't speak for many days and even remained hungry. She says, "I am not even capable of becoming a mother." Her sorrow engulfed the happiness of their marital lives.

Soon, Udaan comes to know about their adverse situation and takes them to his home. Udaan introduces Lallan to his father and requests him to take Lallan into his business. In the meantime, Udaan's father teaches Lallan all the hook and crook of running a business with wit and intelligence.


(After 8 years)

"Beta, come fast, we have to leave for the farms," shouts a dusted man in his early forties, dressed in a red kurta and white pyjamas. "See Papa. I am ready... let's go. I have to meet Rinku and Doobu to return their books," replies a small boy. "Okay. Now get on in the truck." The father-son duo reach their paddy field and start walking towards it. "Rupam....You are here," comes a voice from behind. Two small kids arrive beside the boy. "Come. Let's go and put the sacks in the godown." The three kids start their work with small efforts.

Back at home, the boy's (Rupam) mother gives him food to eat when suddenly someone knocks their door. "Kavita, Where is Jagdish Bhai?", asks a elderly man. "Bapu, he's inside. Go and meet him there."

The elderly man goes inside and starts speaking with Jagdish, Rupam's dad. "You asked me to see your son's horoscope. I have done it," says the man.

Jagdish: What did you came to know? What is there in his horoscope?

Elderly man: He will bring fortunes to your lineage. He is destined to make his own destiny in the world. But...

Jagdish: Really? But what...?

Elderly man: His horoscope is kind of different. It seems he's not your son, he belongs to some rich family. Is there any history as such, that you know...?

Listening these words, Jagdish turns aggressive and says, "Your work is done. Take that money pouch and leave. I will talk to you later." The elderly man leaves and Jagdish turns towards the window. He immerses in some thought about his son and the history 8 years back. He goes into a flashback,

A dreadful monsoon night when Jagdish boarded his truck from Isra colony in Old Delhi where he had waited for his night shift. The next morning, he reached Rewari and got down to have some tea. After finishing his tea, he again boarded the truck and as he put his gear, he heard some weeping sound from the back. He saw back from the small opening between him and the cargo at the back, only to notice some movement of a hand. He stopped his truck at the roadside and stepped down to investigate the sound. He lifted down some goods and climbed on the deck. He lifted down a bamboo basket and saw a baby boy in it. He realized that the night before, he put that basket on the top and then pushed all the other goods. He went home with the baby and narrated the incident to his wife. After hearing everything, his wife said, "this is god's gift for us. We have two daughters but no son. Let's take it as a blessing and accept him." Jagdish tried to convince his wife, to let him investigate the matter but she denied it and decided to make the child their own.

After some days, Rupam goes to a fair with his father when he witnesses a man beating his wife ruthlessly. Rupam cannot bear to see such an atrocity and runs towards the man to teach him a lesson. He shouts, "Stop beating her, you demon. You are a man and so you can do anything you want. No...Stop beating her." The man asks Rupam, "Go from here." Rupam's father catches his hands and tells him to leave them. But Rupam says, "Papa, you only told that you should never raise hands on a woman and see, that man. Papa, let me help her. She is like my mother." Listening these valuable words, Jagdish becomes struck at the thinking of the child. Rupam again goes and says, "You will not stop. Okay, see bend down I want to show you something." The man says, "What are you up to?" Rupam insists the man to bend down and as soon as the man bends, Rupam gives a tight slap on his left cheek. The man's face turns red and everyone there laughs at him. The man catches Rupam's ears but Rupam bites his hand. The man takes away his hand and shouts, " bastard! Never come again."

This incident made Rupam a hero in his village and an example of righteousness. Seeing him, people felt he was very different from others. He was good and at the same time, brave in his acts.

While, on the other hand, Lallan becomes able and responsible towards his work. He is the manager of his company and is a successful man. He now owns a big bungalow and, leads a happy life with his wife Kumkum and his 2-year old daughter, Sunaina.


(After 16 years)

Rupam works in the same company where Lallan works as a manager. Both are unaware of their true identities. Lallan enters his office and allotes Rupam to be his assistant. Rupam says, "Sir, how can I become a manager like you? Can you please teach me?" Lallan looks at his face and replies, "Better mind your place. You people always look for chances to takeover your superiors. First manage yourself and then try to manage others." Rupam says, "Sir, according to business ethics, we should work towards progress and so..." Lallan interrupts, "I don't have so much time to talk with rags. I have to go." He leaves the room with noticeable anger in his words.

"Why are you so angry? Has someone again made your mood to go in fire?", mocks Kumkum. "Arre...that new assistant, what's his name...ha...Rupam! He's a gossip...all time asking me thousands of questions. What he thinks me to be Vikram and he's Betaal....rubbish!" Kumkum says, "See, he's a newcomer. They have some doubts. You should help know struggle goes in life.."

Next day, Lallan gets ready for a international contract in his office when Rupam calls him, "Sir, all files and papers are ready. Clients are about to arrive at any time. Where are you, sir?" Lallan says rudely, "Keep the phone down. I am coming within an hour." On the way, Lallan's car gets punctured and only 15 minutes are left. Lallan gets frustrated when his phone rings. Sanjay sir's call. Lallan picks up the call and speaks, "Yes, sir." Sanjay sir, his boss and Udaan father says, "Where are tou, my boy? Come fast. The meeting is about to start." Lallan says, "Sir. I am coming. Actually the tyre got punctured and the mechanic is fixing it."

Lallan reaches the office but he's late by 10 minutes. He enters the room to see that Rupam already started with the presentation. Lallan sits besides his boss and says, "Sir. See this guy. He's trying to show us that he is capable to do these kind of work. If he spoils anything, he will see the last." His boss says, "Oh, come on Lallan. Let him try. If we win the contract, it will be in our best and if not, then we'll see. Let's see further." Rupam explains every matter of their proposal and finishes his bit. Lallan gets impressed by his skills and thinks to see if his efforts were really useful. Finally, the opposing party says, "We're quite satisfied with S.K. Group's proposal. We accept their proposal and give them our contract." Lallan becomes happy and shares his embrace with the leaders. He looks back onto Rupam and decides to celebrate the victory.

He calls Rupam to his home for lunch. Rupam reaches Lallan's house and is surprised to see such a big mansion. He greets Lallan, Kumkum and Sunaina. After lunch, Lallan and Rupam sit in the garden when Lallan says, "I admire you for your skills as well as your manners. Now, I recognize you. Tell me something about you and your family." Rupam keeps quiet and does not say anything. Lallan says, "What are you dreaming? I asked you something." Rupam's eyes gets filled with tears and says, "I have a father, mother and two sisters. Yet, I am an orphan." Lallan asks, "Why are you saying yourself an orphan?"

Rupam says, "My parents have never told me about my birth. Once, they were speaking about this incident and I heard it. From that day, I decided to help my foster parents in each way possible. I want to give them all the happiness and joy they deserve." Lallan asks, "What happened at the time of your birth?" Rupam narrates the whole incident and says, "I want to find my parents who have birth to me. I want to ask that what was my fault that they left me when I needed them the most." Lallan becomes sceptical about the incident and thinks about the past. He realized that Rupam is his son whom he left 24 years ago and now he's in front of him. Yet, he cannot claim him."


Lallan decides to meet Rupam's father and tell him everything about his birth. He calls his father, Jagdish and asks him to meet him at a place near Lajpat Nagar. Jagdish reaches Delhi and meets Lallan. Lallan narrates all the incidents that occurred but Jagdish denies his claims. He says, "See. You are trying to fool me. But that's not going to happen. Prove it or lose it." Lallan decides to do something. He reaches Isra colony's police station and discusses the incident with his friend ACP Kumar. Kumar assures Lallan to prove the truth. He calls for Jagdish and Rupam for a investigative test. Kumar says, "You and your son need to give your DNA samples. It's for a departmental work." Rupam asks, "But what's the issue? Why we need to give our samples?" Kumar says, "See, once the test results come. You both are under a complaint notice. So, you need to help us. We'll tell you about the whole matter." They both give their samples and the test is proceeded. After two days, ACP Kumar calls Rupam to inform that his and his father's DNA did not match. But at the same time, it matched with Lallan's DNA. Rupam gets confused as to what is Kumar upto. So, he says, "Please tell me in detail. I am now curious to know the matter." ACP Kumar asks him to reach the police station with his father. They both reach the police station where they find Lallan already present.

Kumar: We have found that Rupam is not Jagdish's son.

Rupam: What? What are you saying?

Kumar: Yes. On Lallan's insistence, I decided to work on the mystery of your birth and we have concluded that you are Lallan's son, not Jagdish's.

Jagdish: You are an inspector. How can you break the rules? How can you investigate us without informing as about the whole matter?

Kumar: I told you that once the test results are out, I will definitely inform you about the whole matter. That's all!

Rupam: No. I am Mr. Jagdish Singh Rathore's son and even if this is the truth that I am this person's(indicating towards Lallan) son, I will never acknowledge him as my father.

Lallan: Beta, listen...

Rupam (interrupts): Shut up! How dare you call me your son? You do not deserve to be a father. Don't know, how come you gave birth to me?

Kumar: See, in this time, your emotions are washing you away but acknowledge the truth. That's the best option.

Rupam: Never. He left me that day and today, when he came to know that I am his abandoned son, he wants to claim me. No..Papa let's leave from here. And ha... Mr.Lallan Arora, I will sent you my resignation letter. Please sign it as soon as possible.

Rupam leaves with his father for his home but breaks down at the railway station. He holds Jagdish tightly and promises him that he will never leave them at any cost.


Kumkum comes to know about this incident. She blames Lallan for all this. She says, "You cheated me and my son. Now, you are trying to claim him. Why will he accept you?" She cries while Sunaina comes to know about all this. She decides to bring her brother back.

Sunaina says, "I am leaving for Gurgaon. I will return within a week.

Sunaina reaches Jagdish's home and tells them about her. She convinces them to give her brother back. Jagdish and his wife agree but they tell her to convince Rupam.

Sunaina: Let's go, bhai. Mumma and Papa have waited for 24 years to get you back.

Rupam: Then why did he hide me from you and maa?

Sunaina: See, he left you because he thought that he might be unable to give you everything that you deserved. But today he wants his son to come back to him.

Rupam: No, Sunaina. You just saw his sorrow. Think about I felt all these I craved for my mother's father's cuddles....I am an orphan(weeps).

Sunaina: Will you be able to give back his parents? If you are an orphan...then know this that he is also an orphan.

Rupam: What are you saying? Tell me properly.

Sunaina: Papa and mumma were thrown out of their house after they married each other. Grandfather never wanted them to get married but Papa married mumma. Then, they left the house but struggled much to get a shelter. Udaan uncle gave them shelter but that also did not stayed for long. At that time, you were in mumma's womb. Then they spend days and nights on roads. And you were born, but Papa abandon you so that you don't have to suffer their miseries. He told mumma that a dead child was born, so that she doesn't feel the agony. After 6 years, I was born. That's all.

Rupam: Who told you all this?

Sunaina: Papa.

Listening about how his father suffered from his grandfather's behaviour, he decided to reunite his father and grandfather.


Rupam returns to Delhi and comes home. He touches his mother's feet and asks for her blessings. Then he asks his father to give him permission to fulfill his mission. His father agrees. Rupam goes to his grandfather's house. There he meets an old lady.

Rupam: Can I meet Mr. PadmaSinh Arora?

Old Lady: I am his wife. But who are you?

Rupam: Please call him first.

The old lady calls for her husband. An old man in his eighties gets down from the staircase of the palace mansion.

PadmaSinh: Who are you? Why do you wish to meet me?

Rupam: Blessed you are. You are living such a long life. Where are your sons and daughters-in-law?

PadmaSinh: Everyone has left us. No one lives here now.

Rupam: It's all because of you. Your arrogance, your torturous behaviour has let them to leave your house and go else.

PadmaSinh: You are insulting me.

Rupam: One day, you insulted my parents and thrown them out of this house.

PadmaSinh: You are Lallan's son?

Rupam: Yes. What was their fault?

PadmaSinh: I think you know everything. Now, I don't want anything. Please leave me.

Rupam: Can't you accept your son now? Have you realised how wrong you have done with them?

PadmaSinh: (Weeps) God will never forgive me for that act of mine. I have given them so many sorrows.

Lallan: (Comes inside) No, father. Don't say like this. I am your son and will be forever.

Kumkum: Yes, father. We will always be with you. No one can separate us now.

Sunaina: You all left me? (Runs towards the family)

Everyone embrace each other and lived together happily forever.

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