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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Project Razor Sharp - Part 2

Project Razor Sharp - Part 2

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All of us started investigating the facility. Every time I was getting this feeling that some signals were being sent somewhere, but I couldn’t detect it.

“Commander, I am still unable to locate the Alpha Team. However, I hacked the files in the main server. Most of the data was deleted, but somehow I managed to get some info. I am still trying to gather information, meanwhile I’ll patch you whatever I’ve collected,” He transferred the data to my eye scanners.

“What’s Project Razor-Sharp?” I said as I scanned the Top Secret Research Reports. “Check if you can get any cross references as it’s one word that’s being used many times.”. Was Project Razor-sharp related in any way to the killings happening?

“Commander..!” Dr. Zeus came running towards me, “I scanned the bodies. The cause of death is same in both cases, massive blood coagulation leading to Multiple Organ Failure. However…” he paused “I’ve detected a parasite presence in their blood…some sort of an unknown species of microorganisms...”

As Dr.Zeus was answering my questions, Bruno called me out and informed me of another storage Lab where certain empty canisters were kept immersed in ethanol, resembling the one that Dr.Zeus had given me.

As I entered the lab, I saw the canisters kept in UV light. I approached to get a clear biograph reading.

Suddenly a piercing pain shoot in my head. A huge planet, which looks like Earth. A wired huge computer. A white light in a Huge Hole in the distance. Violet lights flashing all around. I am flying somewhere in space. Some Huge thing is coming from the Hole. What’s happening?

Again the visions. This time a strong one. I had no idea why I was getting them.

“Commander, three more bodies are discovered. Same cause of dead.” Dr. Zeus voice brought me back to my senses.

As I turned, suddenly I felt something. I looked at the canisters, and for the first time, my vision flickered. I saw a biograph scan in violet color. I got a data scan of the canisters, revealing what was inside. The scan readings were in a language I couldn’t understand, with graphs running up and down revealing a rotating 3D geometry of some undulating form which I couldn’t recognize. I also felt that the thing inside was trying to speak to me.

“These are not empty canisters, Bruno..! There is something inside...something which I can’t recognize at all…! We need to contact the YDH immediately. They need to know what’s happening here..!”

As I went in the Main control room, suddenly I got a feeling. WE’RE UNDER ATTACK….! SOMEONE’S ATTACKING US…! I got this strong feeling inside me.

“Load your weapons all of you..! Mark, close the gates..! Zeus, switch on all the motion sensors in the area..! Bruno…hack the automatic Sentry guns around the periphery of the facility using your heartbeat scanners and activate them..!!” I shouted commands at my team, desperately trying to contact the YDH.

Suddenly, I heard gunfire from almost all directions. I got danger readings on my scanners in RED. As I switched on the Live Footage from the CCTV cameras, I saw that some people wearing Gas Masks and Protective cloths had attacked the research facility. They were firing Tear Gas in the facility interiors. I marked their locations using the CCTV and plotted their co-ordinates to the Sentry guns, which immediately started firing on all of the enemy shooters. Within minutes, all of them were dead. But that left a question in my mind. Were they NPF soldiers? Why were they attacking the facility? Why were they trying to kill me and my team?

“Commander, I hacked all the files and I got a shocking information.” Mark came running towards me. “All the data-communications were happening between our HQ and the Northern Region Aquatic Research abbreviated as NRAR. They were in contact with ….you better check it yourself..!!” He said as he sent the data to my bio scanners.

“Dr. Nicholas Moore?” I was shocked to see his name present in all the communications. “He’s the head of our Scientific Technology Department..! He was the main person who researched everything. He provided all the required information to the Alpha Team for this mission. How’s this possible?” Dr. Moore was the head of our Research Facility and also the Mastermind behind the creation of my Superbrain.

Suddenly a voice cracked in my head, “Commander AJ….you hear me…please reply back…” I knew the voice at once. It was Dr. Moore. He was speaking to me through the bio scanners attached in my eyes.

“I know Aj that you are considering me as a traitor .But...but before you come across any decision, please listen to me…I have a very short time left….” He was sounding desperate.

“I was in touch with the NRAR head. Together we were doing a hidden research on how to develop a Superbrain for soldiers and we named it PROJECT RAZOR-SHARP. After years of research, we came across a rare species of Bacteria, the Pseudo clostridium Reus. We found out that this could elevate the Brain functioning and increase the human brain’s power to 100%, making it a superbrain. I then conducted Brain Mapping tests on the best fleet of Commandoes in our army. Out of all the Commandoes, we found your Brain was a lot more different than the others, which made us decide to inject the bacteria inside you.” sounding exhausted, he paused. What was happening to him?

“But, there was a twist. Along with…with you, we injected the Bacteria to a team of 5 doctors, and myself, as we thought that’ll enhance our brain……….. NO one knows this Aj. This was ……. kept hidden from everyone.” He again paused, trying to gather strength.

“However, this was our biggest mistake. The bacteria which we thought was rare changed its behaviour, totally going against what we had discovered. It mutated wildly, and started hampering with our nervous system. We….we tried every possible antibiotics available, but we couldn’t stop it….All the 5 doctors died back at the research facility. I am very much ill Aj, I don’t think I have much time.” He again paused. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. A deadly bacterium is inside me? But how come the Bacteria hasn’t poisoned me?

“But…but the Bacteria never stopped there, AJ. It started spreading through Air, making other people infected, which…which made us po….potential hazard to the environment. Both our governments’ c…came to know about this, following which, orders we…were issued to armies of both the nations to take us down…”

“That explains the attack on us, Dr. Moore” I answered back. “But how come the virus hasn’t affected me till now?” I questioned him.

“I have no idea Aj. Probably the virus is taking more time, or YOUR BRAIN IS TOO STRONG FOR THEM TO ATTACK YOU… Whatever the case is Aj…..the armies will….will come back to take you down….You are the only one alive now….”Dr .Moore, totally exhausted answered with concern.

Suddenly a piercing pain shoot in my head. I am seeing Planet Earth. A wired huge computer. The White light is now Violet. I could see some part of a huge spaceship or something like that, entering through the Huge Hole. Most importantly, our Earth is turning rapidly into Brown. What’s happening?

“AJ, our difficulties didn’t stop here.” Dr Moore’s voice brought me back to my senses. “I….I did further research on the Bacteria which is present in my blood .It revealed some shocking information….”he paused, trying to gain strength . “The origins of these bacteria are never present on any form anywhere on earth. It’s composition is incomparable to all of the known bacteria’s, it’s mutation, it’s Cell structure is not like bacteria present on earth…making it…”…he paused.

“You are saying that the Bacteria present inside us is…..” I feared the answer coming.

“Yes’s ALIEN…The bacteria is actually an Alien species inhibiting on earth since the last so many years. They need water for growth, and they mutate very easily in moisture climate, making it indestroyable on earth. They probably came with some meteor that had hit earth some million years ago .Since then, being the oldest bacteria on earth ,they were either hibernating or were waiting for someone to help them activate themselves.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. An Alien bacterium is present inside me? Why did it come to earth? Why am I still not affected by the bacteria? Is it in any way responsible for the visions I am getting?


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