Precious Independence

Precious Independence

2 mins

Prakash and his friends were eating with sadness prolonged through their cinema life. No producers value their new idealogy over scripts for the sake to keep their company thriving in the box office.

Prakash asked his friend Mahesh what are you doing, when Mahesh went over the hashtags in social media.

Mahesh said there was a hashtag #freeindia where we can share our ideas on Independence.

Prakash said to all his friends that they are going to interview prisoners to make a movie on their life which teaches the importance of anger management.

Meanwhile, in the prison, Independence day celebration preparation was on the full swing.

In cell number 103, Janesh was staring at the ceiling and was looking at the light which was flickering and thought about his fraud activities in his company which he committed.

Bell was ringing and all prisoners went to have their dinner and they were announced that 50 prisoners will be released during Independence day.all were murmuring who will be those lucky ones?

Reka in her house was looking at the cage where the bird kept itself busy hitting the bars of cage.reka was fed up of catching it all the while it tried to escape and thought of cutting its feathers.

Janesh gave his name for the Independence day speech and was awaiting it.

Prakash and his friends reached the prison and made them comfortably seated.

When Janesh got up to the stage and started his speech "to all present here, happy Independence day but the lucky 50 are yet to be announced right.

We are dependent on parents for luxurious life and teachers to get equipped for a job and friends for enjoying and family for happiness.

Actually, when are we independent?

When life gives us a chance to express our own ideas, we try to suck out the ideas and present it like ours.when we feel no one should interfere our Independence and we also should not interfere into others Independence.

I know the value of Independence now. 

Because when I had it, I committed the crime and when it was taken away from me, I felt its importance.

Our soldiers, leaders fought for it, so think if you had to fight for your own independence.

Feel independent and do not let others interfere with it and let your well wishers point out the mistakes you make."

Prakash adds this speech to the #freeindia and Prakash interviews Janesh and makes a blockbuster film.

When Reka's father shows her the speech and she opens the cage door and the bird happily swings its feathers.

The bird flies over the prison and Janesh released out of the prison  looks at it.

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