Pen Pal Lovers

Pen Pal Lovers

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“Love can happen anytime anywhere, you just have to be ready to accept it with open arms.”

Sitting in my class room I was thinking what to do in my summer vacation. Well it’s not a vacation for me as I can’t afford to go anywhere. I have already applied for few part time jobs to make these two months pass more easily and along with that I can earn as well. Being last school day I decided to go to Library to get some books. I love reading books. It was not too hard to choose the books as I have few in mind and with luck I managed to get those in library. I just had to wait for some time as the librarian was doing some formalities before I can take the books with me.

After reaching my apartment I went directly to kitchen. After making myself light lunch I decided to go through the books. It’s very hard for me to decide which one I should read first as I love all the books I took from library. I was just going through the books a note fell from the book on my lap.

Now that was new. It never happened before; it wasn’t like that I got the books for the first time. I picked up the note very carefully. Not knowing what to expect I opened the letter and started reading it.

Dear Pen Pal,

My name is Edward. I am 22 years old. How are you? I am studying masters right now. It’s a new place for me so I am just trying to make some friends. Didn’t know what else to do so I decided to write and wait till someone replied to me.

My dream job is to join army. I spend most of my time reading, listening to music.

Hoping to hear back soon.

P.S:- If you decided to write back just place the letter in same book.

I folded the letter carefully and got my own paper and decided to write back. It will not hurt me to do so.

Dear Edward,

My Name is Emma. I am 20 years old. I am doing fine. I Hope the same for you. I hope you are coping up with the new place. Well, I am also doing Masters. I prefer reading novels and listening to music in my free time and sometime even go out for a walk. Tell me more about yourself.

So what are you planning for the summer vacation? Mentioning my email id at the end as I think that will be easier for both of us to get in touch whenever we want instead of waiting for letters.

My Email is:-

Hoping to hear back from you soon. Take Care… J

I just folded the letter carefully and placed it back in book and decided to go to Library to return the book. After coming back from the library I decided to take a short nap before making dinner. When I woke up it was late evening. I decided to cook something at home instead of going out. I turned on the speakers and started to prepare dinner. After finishing with the dinner I decided to watch something meanwhile eating. It was quite tough decision but I decided to continue “Sleepy Hollow” rather than “SPN”. As there were no classes from tomorrow and I had nothing else to do I watched almost till 04:00 AM. After going dishes and all I decided to go to bed.

I was scrolling my phone and then I noticed a new email for unknown email. It was not until then, I had completely forgotten about the Pen Pal guy I had found. I decided to read the email or maybe reply too.

The days passed quickly. Working and emailing. It felt like I almost know the guy from my childhood. I discovered that he is also on my class but still I can’t figure out who it could be. As I barely talked to anyone in my class. I am either in Library or on my phone. Because I had promised myself no more fake friends and no more sufferings. But anyhow for the first time I realized that I made right decision but at wrong time. But I am happy that I decided to write back that day. I can freely talk my problems and it’s like he can understand them even me without talking. We decided to meet each other few times but it never worked out as most of times I got stuck at work and I felt sorry about it. So we decided, we will definitely see each other after the summer break.

As the day was coming near and near for some unknown reason I was feeling nervous. But as nothing can be done I decided to ignore the fact that I will be seeing him for the first time (well not technically as he is in my class). I know almost everything about him and he knows too. He even told his GF about me and seems like she doesn’t like me much. They are in long distance relation. I didn’t feel hurt because of it as if I would be in her place I will feel more or less same way.

Finally, it was first day of college after summer break. And we had already decided on what colors we will be wearing to make it easier to identify each other. As I was walking towards the classroom, all I was thinking what if he doesn’t like me after seeing me and at one point I even decided to call sick and ditch the class. But after considering the fact that sooner or later I will be seeing him, I decided just to go to class and leave rest on fate. I reached classroom almost on time and instead of looking around I went directly to my seat. I had my headphones plugged in as I didn’t want to listen to others. As they all had a lot to talk about where they went and what all they did.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t even know when someone sat beside me until a hand appeared in front of me. I shook the hand while taking my headphones off. It was a guy I think most of the times he is sitting beside me. I was so surprised that no voice came out from my mouth when he said “It’s nice to finally see you.” So it was him. I managed to give him small smile and before I could say anything teacher arrived. I was thankful for that, as now that he is in front, I didn’t know what to talk about. Well the plan didn’t work for too long as most of students decided to extend the summer break so teachers decided to free us early. We decided to take a walk around and he didn’t talk much, which I was thankful for. We both went to cafeteria to grab something to eat. Almost all the benches were full so we took our order and went to sit nearby the park.

We ate in silence and weirdly enough it felt nice. After some chit chatting we both went back to our apartments as I had to go to work. Yes, I was still working my part time job, after all who doesn’t love extra money. Days went by and we started spending more time together until one day he started ignoring me in class and behaving normally on texts. The texts kept getting fewer by each passing day. He still sits with me as usual. I never complained about anything as there was only one thing in my mind. By any chance does he come to know about my feelings? Yes, I started feeling something for him. He was more than a friend, but I never admitted this to anyone as I knew long ago that I didn’t stand a chance.

After what felt like years, one evening I received a call from him asking me to meet him near library. After few minutes I finally agreed to go. I quickly got dressed, got my phone, headphones and some money. After locking the door behind me I played some music and went to the place we agreed to meet. He was already there waiting for me. Now that was new, as no matter how many times we have met so far, it was always me who waited. I used to tease him that he takes too much time doing make up. But that was all in past. We talked about few things here and there and I finally asked him why he wanted me there. He told me about the things that happen after guys gets together and get drunk. Due to over sudden closeness after summer break everyone thought that there is something between us. I was not allowed to know what all they talked about so I guessed it was nothing nice. But as even after maintaining distance for some time, nothing changed so he decided to talk about it. I was relieved at least he didn’t know about what I was afraid off. We completed our master and went separate ways promising we will always be in touch.

It’s been almost 6 years now we still talk, and whenever possible meet. And I always wonder what my life would be if I hadn’t gotten that letter that day. Or even if I had what would it be like if I hadn’t replied. But fortunately that didn’t happen. And I am proud that for once I did what my heart told me and it ended well for me. I still wonder if whatever I felt was that love? Or do I still have feelings for him? Well all that didn’t matter. For all this insecure feelings I will never lose a friend. May be sometime in my life I will be ready to accept with open arms till then I will just enjoy company of my friends and try to figure out my feelings.

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