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Reenika Gholkar

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Reenika Gholkar

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My School Story

My School Story

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Hi! I am Reenika, 11 years old now. This story is to introduce myself, my friends, and my school. Hope you enjoy reading it!

Some of my friends call me Reenu, and only my very close friends call me Darbie or Darbs. 

I started going to City Pride School from LKG. On the first day, I made two friends: Nisha and Tanishka. But in std 1, we got separated in different classes. We were still friends, but got new classmates too.

In std 1st, everyone was new to me, except for Manasi and Saanvi. They both were with me in nursery. A few days later, a new girl came to our class. Her name was Gauri. She was very athlete, and loved sports, just like me!

In std 3rd......

I had made many new friends till std 3rd. Scarlett, Manasi, Saanvi, Gauri, Nishi, Anaya, Shragvi, Gargi, and many more.

'A new girl has come to our class!' Our classteacher announced. No one was talking to her, so I decided to go and talk.

'Hi!' I said. 'What is your name?'

'Tanmayee.' she said.

'What is your mother tongue?' I asked.

'Marathi.' She said.

'Mine too!' I exclaimed.

I introduced Tanmayee to Shragvi, and we three became best friends. Tanmayee was also an avid reader like me, but she didn't like sports.

Me, Tanmayee and Shragvi shared a lot of funny moments together. Check out my story, School moments, to know it!

In std 4th.....

I have a moment to share with you all. When I was in std 4, I got an award called 'Star of the Week.' I was so happy! But two days later after I got the award, this happened.......

We all were sitting in our places, chit chatting. Scarlett was the class monitor. Surprisingly, she wrote my name on the board. Why? I didn't understand. I was sitting on my place, and I was just talking to Nishi. Tanmayee even got out of her place, but Scarlett didn't write her name. She wrote MY name. When miss came, she made me, Nishi, and a couple of other students stand out of the class. It was my first time standing out of the class, and I felt very sad, because I was standing out without any reason. I got more scolding, because I was the Star of the Week. It was so humiliating.

In std 6th........

In std 6th, nothing much happened, because of online schooling. But a fight happened between me, Scarlett and Gargi. I cannot describe it much, but Scarlett was sending fake messages. After the fight, I understood that this all was planned. This was why she had humiliated when I was in 4th.

I, Gargi and two of my other friends got very close. I even wrote a poem dedicated to all of us. It is titled, 'My dear friends.' Check it out!

We even named ourselves, 'The Snickerdoodles.' Funny, right?

So, this was my school story. Hope you like it.

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