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Amanpreet Singh

Drama Tragedy Thriller


Amanpreet Singh

Drama Tragedy Thriller

My Daughter-in-law, My Support

My Daughter-in-law, My Support

7 mins 306 7 mins 306

In a trembling voice a lady, Khushwant Kaur, who had lost her youthful days, of about 53 years cried, “Oh God, what have you done with us! You have taken our only son from us. He has a three years old child. Now who will take care of this child? Who will take care of my young daughter in law?” The tears rolled down her eyes.

Her husband, Satpal Singh, of about 56 years who was trying to control his emotions but his inner agony was succeeding frequently to pop out its face from his old wrinkles said, “What should not have happened, it has already happened. Whatever God wishes, we have to accept it. Try to forget all these things now. Four months have already passed. Now you need to control your emotions. I don’t want to see you crying for the remaining frail years of your life.”

“But now what ji (In Punjab “Ji” is a word used to address a husband in a polite way by his wife). I )? Puneet (daughter in law) is still young. We have to think about her too. How will she spend her life without her husband. Four months have passed since that mishappening. She is still in her mother’s house. And here you and me are alone. Nobody is here to take care of us.”

“Yeah. I am feeling lonely too. Before there was our son, our daughter in law and our granddaughter. When all were there, the house looked bright. There was no loneliness in our lives. But now we can’t see anything except walls. It feels as if walls are eating into our veins. This house has become just four walls of bricks. It is no more lively.”

“Ji, now we are also getting old. We need someone in our lives. But I don’t think our daughter in law is going to come back. She is young. Her parents will get her remarried. And I think it is right too.”

“Yes, it is right. But there is one way by which we can end our loneliness as well as the problem of our daughter in law?”


“We will find a man for him and we will arrange everything for her marriage and then we will ask her and her husband to stay with us. And I already know about a man, Dalip, who has lost his parents. He is living alone now. He is also poor. Definitely, he will agree to stay with us.”

“Yeah, it is a good idea! I think we should talk to Puneet right now and tell her whatever we have thought for her. I hope she will agree.”

“Don’t worry, she will agree. Because we are rich and we can provide her a good life after marriage. And you know, her parents are financially weak.”

“Okay Ji, I am going to talk to Puneet right now.”

Satpal Singh smiled to see the blooming brightness on his wife’s face. Khushwant Kaur immediately telephoned Puneet and explained what they thought about her. Puneet almost agreed but she said she wanted a day to think about it. Khushwant Kaur agreed. 

Next day four eyes were on the mobile screen of Khushwant Kaur’s mobile waiting for the flickering of the screen. And then tring tring!

Khushwant Kaur immediately picked up her mobile and Satpal Singh with a rapid pace sat beside her.

Puneet said, “Hi mom how are you?”

Khushwant Kaur answered, “I am fine beta you say.”

Puneet said, “I am also good.”

“So what’s your answer Puneet? Have you thought about it?”

“Yeah I have thought about it. But there is one problem.”

“There is no problem beta. Everything will be good. Trust me.”

“See mom, you are going to marry me with a poor man who has lost his parents.”

“He is a good man, Puneet. He is poor but he is good.”

“I agree with you mom. He may be a good person. But suppose if he turned out to be a bad person and what after some years God forbid, you are not there with me to help me, then what will happen?”


“He will leave me and take all of your property. I will be nowhere then.”

“Anyhow it is not going to happen like that. But don’t worry, last night we had already thought about it. We will give you eighty percentage of our property right now if you agree to marry that man and start living with us.”

Puneet smiled and said, “Thanks mom, I am ready to marry then.”

Next month marriage was solemnized with the same orphan man. Before marriage documents regarding property were also signed. Puneet was now fully safe. Now everything has fallen to place. Old parents had got a son and a daughter in the form of son in law and daughter in law.

After six months

Khushwant Kaur with her moist eyes said in a trembling voice, “I never thought we are going to face this. We have never done any wrong to anyone. Then why God’s every wish is against us. We have lost our big house. We have lost our shop. Now we are left with our only 20 percent property. And see we are now in this small old house.”

Satpal singh tried to console her, “Khushwant don’t lose heart. Thank God for we didn’t give her our full property. We kept with ourselves twenty percent of our property. If we had given our full property then we would not have even a shelter over us. Thank God for it.”

“But why did she do it? Why did Dalip do this? He seemed to be a nice man but….” Khushwant Kaur started crying.

Two months before, at night about 11 p.m.

Puneet said to her husband, “I want to leave these two old stupid fellows and I am going to live with my parents!”

Her husband Dalip said, “Who are stupid? You mean mom and dad here living with us?”


“Are you mad or what?”

“I am fully sane, but you are mad! Why do you want to be their servants for the whole of their lives? Don’t you want to live independently?”

“But they have given us everything. This big house, all delicious dishes we eat, all luxurious clothes we wear and this car, these all things belong to them. We should be thankful to them.”

“You stupid! They are using you. Why are you thinking as if you are their real son? They consider you as their servant not son.”

“Listen carefully, I am not going to leave them even if they consider me as their servant. You got that! Moreover, I don’t think so. They treat me very politely everytime. I think even more politely than their own real son. If you want to go then go. I am not going to leave them.”

“Oh! You orphan dog! You love your foster parents more than your wife. I have never seen such a stupid person like you. Don’t be so good before me. I know why did you marry me? You married me for money. You were poor, you were an orphan, you were greedy that’s why you married me. It is your reality. Fool, now the property for which you married me is not with me. It is now with me. See these documents, now I am the owner of this house and shop.”

“Even if you have somehow become an owner of this house and shop I am not going to leave them. You go with your property and stay happy with your parents. I am going to live with them.”

“Oh, my faithful dog of idiot parents! What do you think you can stay here without my permission. If you don’t obey me then I will file against you a false case of dowry, domestic violence and even of rape! You will be in jail for the rest of your life. Nobody will help you. Remember you are an orphan. You know very well when a woman files such a case against a man then the latter can’t escape. Just look around you, what happened with Rakesh. He himself was a police inspector and now he is behind bars just because of a case that his wife filed against her. Do you still want to stay with your foster parents or come with me?”

Dalip's face turned pale as if his whole blood began to turn yellow. Sweat drops had covered his cold face. He said in a trembling voice, “Okay, I am coming with you.”

Puneet quickly went to another room and slammed the door behind. She took her mobile phone and called her real mom, “Mom, I have done as you said and everything is going as per your plan. I really loved the advice that you gave me to get the documents of property signed before I gave my consent for my marriage to these old dogs.” 

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