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Twisha Ray

Drama Inspirational Others


Twisha Ray

Drama Inspirational Others

Maa Maa

Maa Maa

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  "Ekbaar biday de ma ghure ashi

Ekbaar biday de ma ghure ashi

Hasi hasi porbo phnashi

dekhbe bharatbasi

Ami Hasi hasi porbo phnashi

dekhbe bharatbasiii".

Dear Motherland,

My eyes are welled with emotions as I listen to this beautiful song this morning and my mind takes me down the memory lane. Suddenly, I am a school going kid who goes to school for the flag hoisting ceremony. We have been rehearsing for days to get the marching right, in sync. Our school assembly hall is decorated with the tricolour and is all set to remind us about the importance of this day. And me? Despite having read my history textbooks umpteen number of times, I am excited to know what exactly went down to give us the freedom we somehow take for granted in the current times.

See, mother, I am afraid not everyone feels the same anymore. There is no flaring enthusiasm in a single soul around me about your 74th year of independence. Why? I ask.

Today I want to apologise for the freedom of 1947 that is being taken for granted. For the forgotten heroes that fought the hardest when we needed them to. For the lost songs that are sung just as a humdrum to mark the nth year of your freedom. For having to count back the number of years you have been free for, when in reality the number should be etched in our memory. 

Today I want to apologise for all the times there has been a misuse of all the rights we have today. For all the times we have destroyed the soil we are born in. For petty fights and absurd rules. 

But mother, I do not wish for you to feel saddened because what I don't want to apologise for is the feeling I get when I'm away from you for even a day or two. My heart craves for your arms to embrace me and there is no other place I would call home apart from you. For the love that whirls infinitely inside of me for you. For the moist eyes every time I see the tricolour swaying high. For the loud voice every time I sing the National Anthem. For every time I salute to you for bearing the burdens of us children for the longest of time. 

Dear Motherland, I know I may have disappointed you a countless number of times. But today I want to promise you that I will make you proud in these trying times, as I try to save lives as a doctor, or stay at home as a commoner. 

As I pass the stories of your struggle from my generation to the next. As I remember all the songs we have sung in your glory. As I try my best to cradle and save all the memories that I have made with you.

And I promise that I will never fail to love you or feel proud that I am an Indian.

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