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Lock Down: 2 Angry Husband

Lock Down: 2 Angry Husband

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As we now understand, the lockdown forced on us by Corona Virus is teaching us many new things. Some good and some bad. The good part is that we are now spending time with our families, quality time. All of us have been so involved with our daily routine that we hardly realized what we are missing on the family front. While the lockdown did make Mr. Shukla realize how much he loved his wife, it had a rather negative impact on him.

Mr. Shukla and Mrs. Shukla have been married for five years now, but do not have any child. This was a very sore issue with the couple and they had many fights over it. It was during one such fight that Mrs. Shukla walked out of the house and went crying to her parents who lived in a nearby city. She would teach her husband a lesson, she thought. While walking out of her husband’s house, Mrs. Shukla told her husband that she would come back only when he came to her parents’ house and apologized before them. Both of them were in an emotional rage and Mr. Shukla said that she was lying and that she could not stay away from him for even one day. He told her that she would come back in 24 hours.

It was March 22, 2020, when Mrs. Shukla took the drastic step of going to her parents’ house. Had she known what would happen in the next two days, perhaps she would have not left. Had Mr. Shukla known that a virus would shut down the country very soon, he would have not allowed Mrs. Shukla to leave the house. But as fate would have it, the Prime Minister announced on 23rd March that the country would be under lockdown from 24th March, for 21 days. No transport, public or private will be allowed, except for emergencies. All trains and bus services were suspended.

Mrs. Shukla found herself stranded at her parents’ house. She had planned to go back, thinking that a day or two of separation would have brought her husband to his senses. Mr. Shukla too was upset with the lockdown and the fact that his wife had chosen the wrong time to leave the house. He would be all alone, without his wife to feed him and take care of him. For the last two days, he had been eating out, but now even shops and restaurants were shut. Like most husbands, he did not know how to cook. His wife had told him many times that he should learn at least the basics of cooking so that in any emergency he could manage. But his male ego had rebelled against this suggestion and they even fought over this. His office shut, shops shut, nothing to eat at home; Mr. Shukla was seething with rage at his insensitive wife. 

He called her parents and asked them to send his wife immediately. His father-in-law asked him how it was possible to take her home to him when the entire city was locked down. The police authorities would allow only medical emergencies, nothing more. The city borders had been sealed and it was impossible, without any means of transport to go out in the streets. He told Mr. Shukla that if possible, he should come and take her back.

Mr. and Mrs. Shukla fought bitterly over the phone, accusing each other of the predicament. During this bitter battle of words, Shuklaji threatened his wife that he would have to marry a girl who really loved him, and told her that his ex-girlfriend was still willing to marry him. His girlfriend stayed near his house and she would rush to him at his call. Mrs. Shukla dared him to do so, threatening that she would ruin his life and take him to the courts.

All of us get angry with something or the other, anger is a natural emotion. But most of us deal with our anger in a mature way. We know when to calm down and give up. We know when to stop and not to cross the line of reason. But not Shuklaji. He has stepped beyond reason and was now in the realm of the absurd. He had gone insane with anger.

A few days later he called his wife to tell her that she was no longer required at his house and she can stay back with her parents forever. He had married his ex-girlfriend.

Friends, this story may sound weird, but it was reported in the newspaper. The lockdown does strange things to people. Some take responsibility and involve themselves in social service. Some others, like Shuklaji, act irrationally. I don’t know what will happen to Mr & Mrs (original) Shukla after the lockdown is lifted. Will Mr. Shukla realize his folly? Only time can tell.

Meanwhile, stay in and stay safe. I will be back with another weird story soon.

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