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Ladies First

Ladies First

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Everyone is asked, "What is that you want to be?" This simple question has many different complex answers which are answered by various people in diverse ways but if a girl who had been caged since she had survived would simply reply to this question saying that she doesn't want to be a writer or a doctor or a pilot or an engineer but instead all she wants to be is to be heard!

We are a little back in our lives when it comes to celebrating who we are and what we decided to be in our life. But truth be told we all want to break the silence, the buried voices and want to be heard not once but every single time. 

There are no rules in life until we make some for ourselves in our own vicinity but there we need an allowance to express our emotions and make others understand what is bothering us. We have always been wanting to be heard by letting our opinions reach the right set of people for tomorrow's betterment. We need equal power and not a priority in the eyes of law. But it all starts from within. 

Society needs to accept us the way we are but if they don't then it shouldn't be worrying us as it is their problem, not ours. 

'Ladies first' is what we always heard and say and but does it really mean by them to act on it? Or we, so-called ladies, are just hanged up by few innocent efficient words?

No girl or woman or lady is given her birthright so how did this term 'ladies first' get its existence in the small lady world? Being in this big world, all the females made their own little world but this world never was made to allow men in it, no matter what. But no world can be imagined by us without the men as they are the rulers and women are bleeding hearts! 

The world did enough wisecracks for the wisest gender, in fact, the same gender can make anyone sweep off their feet! And it doesn't get better than this. It's easy to get our thoughts boxed in our brains ourselves but when the society boxes your emotions then there is a problem that has no solution till the very end.

Every amazing quote on Google says 'behind every successful man there is a woman'. But where is she?  Why always behind a man? Has anyone seen her? Who is she? Does she exist? Or she was killed long before she tried to enter this world?

And it's totally understandable, we have been hiding these answers pretty well. Because no men are worth the drama. Though this lady stands behind in the whole success rope of a man, she is always cheered up the very first then the men! And that's the reason we say, 'Ladies and gentlemen!' 

She is always remembered first and will always be because she is the one who brought us in this world, life on earth is because of a female who can never be vanished no matter what. No man wants a girl child but every man wants a wife and how does this go hand in hand?

If this continues a day will arrive when there will be fewer women and more of man on the earth to which everyone knows the conclusion. But it didn't just stop there nowadays couples are wanting to have a single kid but its specifics to be a 'Boy' which is sort of obvious but then does this get better?

If a girl is born, and her family accepts her the way she is and educates her to be best, she'll be a better woman, a woman who is a good wife, daughter- in law, mother, and a good example in name of female gender!

And for this, all she needs to be is HEARD!

To be heard she need a helper to hear and not a helping hand, let's be the change we want to bring. 

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