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It Stopped Raining

It Stopped Raining

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It had been raining since morning. I could see the rivulets trickling down the window sashes. I ran my fingers over the glass. My ears craved to hear the clacking raindrops. I pushed the window open; a breeze, chill and drenched by rain, poured in. Much to my surprise, I didn’t cower away. I moved closer and let my skin get covered with the droplets. The last time I did this, he stood by the window, stared at my face and smiled at my childlikeness. I looked sideways hoping in vain to see him emerge out of thin air.

All I saw was the white curtain fluttering over the bouquet of tuberoses on the shelf by the window. But I knew he was around. The air was carrying his smell. I closed my eyes and saw him standing right in front of me; his dark brown eyes sent a surge of emotions down my body. He smiled at me, his eyes looking deep into mine. Was I imagining all this? Of course I was. He couldn’t be there for real. Two years back I’d lost him to death.

I didn’t open my eyes. I gawked at his face, searching for an answer. I wondered if his eyes noticed my red ensemble, the gold bangles, the dark kohl eyes and the veil over my head. Did he have any inkling of the fact that I wouldn’t be called his widow anymore? Why was he still smiling?

I saw him lean over, wipe the tears off the corner of my eyes and place a peck on my forehead. He slowly disappeared into the air. And with that his smell was gone too. The rain stopped. Sun peeked from behind the clouds.

I opened my eyes to a life that was about to embrace me with a bright ray of light. But I knew I was going to miss the rain forever and ever.

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