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Isn't He The Teacher !!!

Isn't He The Teacher !!!

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Isn't he the teacher !!!

A student visits her teacher after a long time.

His teacher remembers me then?

But he says no.

Immediately when he was a little boy many years ago, I put the watch in my class that my friend was wearing.

He too cried.

Do you know what you did? Everything is for the students

You asked Nipati to close their eyes.

Then in each one of you

Wipe off the hand

Then you gave it to that lost friend.

How much do you do for it

You've handled it.

Now tell me

Does the face remember you or not? That



I've made a decision. He is a good teacher in the future. A teacher can analyze anything and make a rational decision. Tell me now, remember me?


He said.

That's when we get the clock

I tied my eyes to myself.

So I don't know which student took it out of the bag? Said. The value at the top of the teacher multiplied

He might have betrayed the thief if he thought that.

He may have been given the title of the thief. But without doing so, he simply solved the problem for the most part. Isn't he the teacher !!!

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