Anish Nayak

Tragedy Action Fantasy


Anish Nayak

Tragedy Action Fantasy

In a movie

In a movie

3 mins

Hello, have you ever seen a movie ? your answer will be yes as everyone in the world has seen a movie .but have you ever experienced a movie? Now your answer will be how could someone experience a movie. But let me tell you that I and my friends experienced a movie.

So, it was summer vacation and my friends came early morning to play with me. So we begin to play and ate. Then we started to watch some movies and then we got bored.

"Hey we're been watching movies for so long, let's go outside, "said Angelina. 

"Yes we should go, "said Lorenz supporting Angelina's statement. 

"Ok, do a thing you all go, "said Alfred.

"Yes, he is right, you go and we will watch some movies, "said jack.

"I am also with them, "I said.

"Ok, boys we're going, "said both Angelina and Lorenz. 

Then they went outside the house and walked through the streets. then something happened suddenly someone came from the back and kidnapped the two girls. The girls were then kept them in a van. Sometime later they opened their eyes and saw that they were tied up and we were gagged.

"Mmmmph" screamed Angelina and Lorenz. 

"Hey, ladies don't shout no one will save you, I am Jennifer the greatest scientist, actually I didn't have any work with you but I made a new machine and want to do an experiment, "said the scientist.

Then the scientist came with a machine and attached it with the ladies and turned on the machine as it turned on and then Angelina and Lorenz slept and went I side the computer and on the computer, there was a movie that is played by the mad scientist and he made it using graphics but in the meantime, we three came there for rescue but that mad scientist was a too strong ad by using a gun we tried to capture us but then we beat him and tied him then we wore the machine and went inside the computer and there we saw Angelina and Lorenz fighting with a monster. We rushed towards them and helped them to defeat the monster as if we couldn't defeat that monster we can't get out of the movie and there was only one way to defeat that and that was we have to find a laser that was hidden in a mountain.

We then rushed towards the mountain, On our way, we came over many challenges but we overcome all the challenges, and then we reached the mountain. After reaching there we saw many lands and we were confused that where the laser was buried and finally we found a place and started digging the land and then we finally found the laser and then we took it and went to defeat the monster and after many trials we defeated that monster and came out of that movie and then untied our friends and handover the mad scientist to police and he was arrested and then we walked and told whatever it was a good experience of a movie we all exclaimed At last.

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