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Zara Kaye Daganasol


I Wish To Dream Of You Forever

I Wish To Dream Of You Forever

2 mins

"Luca!! Wash the dishes!! Luca you idiot!! Where's my food?! You deserve that because you're stupid!!!

Luca!! I wish I never gave birth to you!!!! Luca!!!"

"Please...Stop it... I wish I could just disappear."

*Luca closes her eyes and imagines the life she always dream*


Hey *echoes*

Wake up *echoes*

*Luca opens her eyes*

"Wh-where am I?? Where's mom?? Our house?? 

"I found you lying on the ground so I picked you up and then I saw your boyfriend lying too so I picked him up too."

"Boyfriend?!!" Luca answered 

"Is he not? I'm sorry but you look good with each other. Hahahaha"

"Shut up Flin!" 

"Who are you?" Luca asks. 

"Ahhemm... I'm sorry for our bad manners... My name is Flin and that ugly guy is Luke."

"Who do you call ugly?!!" Luke answered with a scary look. 

"Ha-ha-ha... My name is Luca."

"Luca, what a beautiful name for a young lady." Flin complimented.

"What brings you to the forest??" Flin ask. 

"I don't know...The last thing I remember is me closing my eyes and imagining some things."

"What things?"Luke asks.

" Anything?? I guess," said Luca.

"Are you making fun of me?" Luke answered with a pissed attitude. 

"Calm down."

"Sorry, but I can't tell you. I don't want to be a bother," Luca replies. 

"As if!!" Luke replied.

"Would you calm down!! I'm thinking here!!!" Flin shouted. 

"Yes, master," Luke frighteningly answered. 

" Hah hah hah. You two are funny."

*they all laugh*

"Did we forgot something?" Luca asks.

"Ahh, your boyfriend!!"

"HE IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND!!"  Luca shouted. 

"Actually, he was just kidding about the boyfriend part... It was a wild pig not a boyfriend, AHAHAHA." Luke said. 

"Heh, pig? DO I LOOK LIKE A PIG GIRL TO YOU???!!! " 

"Slightly?" Luke teasingly answered 


(See you on the next chapter)

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