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I'm So Sick Of Writing These

I'm So Sick Of Writing These

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I am sick of writing so sorry for your loss 

In the last 2 years, I can't tell you how many times I have written these words and frankly, I am sickened to have to write them again and again. Just yesterday I found out a dear friend I went to school with died.

I don't even remember how many times I used these words because there are too many to count. So many of my friends that have lost loved ones, so many friends that I have lost, it's like we are all in the horrible version of groundhogs day, where this loop won't stop.

How many more people do we have to lose? How many more times will I write so sorry for your loss because my keyboard already knows these words by heart? All I have to type is I'm so... and it automatically comes up, how sad is that?

Look I get that not everyone wants the shot, that is their choice. I didn't want to get the shot for the longest time either. I don't trust the government, I definitely don't trust the pharmaceutical companies who are only in it for the money and I was pissed that if something happened there would be no class-action lawsuits. Wtf is that? So the pharmaceutical companies could possibly kill millions with no recall? Call it conspiracy theorist or whatever you want but that is some messed up shit right there.

How many times did they push for drugs and the "FDA" approved them and 4 years later people are dying and there are huge class-action lawsuits against them. Hell, there is even a website that just tells you about the class action suits, and every week there are new ones. And you want me to trust them? The same people who pay people to be on the trails but if something happens to them they don't pay and throw them out of the study? Let's be serious, people are going to lie, I know many people in that circle that do that for extra money. No one is getting thrown out without getting paid so they lie to get the money.

During all of this, I did my part, I wore my mask everywhere, I didn't go anywhere where there were large crowds, I washed my hands a lot, I did what I was supposed to do. But so many others did not. They went to parties, concerts, rallies, wherever, maskless. They poo-pooed the statistics that were rising every day. I get it you don't want to be forced to take the shot, okay fine but stop moaning about the other things you should do, to not kill people, like large crowds and masks.

If I had to live like this for the next 3 years I would have, avoiding large gatherings to know that I wouldn't get sick or get others sick. But people today are so selfish, so entitled that they think that they can do whatever they want to. It doesn't matter that you are the cause of so many I'm sorry to so many families.

When the Delta strain came out and when I knew that the people who first took the vaccine didn't start to glow in the dark or grow another ear, I decided I would take the chance. Better getting the shot than taking the chance to end up in the hospital or worse, dead. Trust me I went kicking and screaming but I'm not 20 anymore and I could possibly die or like so many of my friends that had a case of it that lasted months. Hello! I'm a single mom, I have no husband, I am the only breadwinner here and I couldn't take that chance.

Besides the fact, I love to travel and with so many restrictions I wouldn't be able to without the shot so I did it. I'm not happy about it but how many shots did we have grown up and nothing besides that horrible scar we all got.

So today my friends, I am not here to tell you to get the shot or not get it. I am only here to ask you to do the right thing until we get this under control no matter how long that may be because I am seriously sick of saying I am sorry for your loss. And I am in pain for so many families that had to endure the pain of losing the ones that they love. Do your part, listen to the scientists and medical professionals and let's all work together to try to get this under control because you never know who will be next hearing those words.

"Be the change you want to see"


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