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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

I Am Gen Z

I Am Gen Z

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How to change the world –I am Gen Z

The 11th hour

The task at hand; homework I forgot about, meh, almost; An ESSAY QUESTION, how would I change the world and make it a better place.          


Okay, that's two things I don't want to do.

The request seems simple but doesn't make me want to do it. Humans have been tearing the world apart forever, and will continue to destroy everything they can't control, and even the things they do control. We break things even after we fix them to ruin them again, create issues so special interest groups or have purpose or a candlelight vigil and celebrities have material for Instagram; gain likes and go viral and ignore why they spoke up in the first place.

Their celebrity becomes more vital than the issues. We control extinction and compete with nature and invent God. Now we are looking at other planets.


I just emptied my backpack to fake make my lunch for tomorrow and got caught, the assignment sheet was crammed into a forgotten corner of my bag and I would have totally ignored it, I just don't care. I don't like writing in the first place and it is about something that I don't think matters because it will change nothing. I am okay with the zero. Ask me something that my answer matters and maybe I would be into writing.

I am echo fatigued by parents telling me the same thing every day, I know the routine but being talked at is not what works for me.

No wonder I have anxiety, panic attacks and don't sleep. No wonder I don't go looking for human contact either. I want to be heard and understood just not always seen.

Back to my room.

I could easily do the essay; I have some really good ideas but doubt I will be taken seriously. Why ask questions like that, my mind instantly considers not just the question but who is asking and what the answer would mean. I do what I need too to get by until I need to do more, it's not being lazy it is being smart. My mind is ready for what my age can't be, but I think my brain is lying to me or pushing me to grow.

KGOY (Kids Growing Old Younger) that's what I call my friends and I, trapped by the freedom of advanced technologies that allow us to reach out anywhere from the darkness and safety of our room. My friends are the same, this is who we are.

My issue;

Your generation asks our generation a question they have no intention of doing anything about, in the langue of your generation that we don't understand.

What you are really asking? The two worlds are so different, so you can't apply my answer, it wouldn't make sense.

It used to be music that separated generations now its technology. I say technology because I don't care about music too much, I like it but don't obsess over it and fashion even less. It is strange to hear parents say they don't like our music but have they heard it, so much is resampled from their music so they don't listen. There's a life lesson.

You gave us the technology you have come to hate and push our advancement and resent us for finding our place in the future you made, by embracing your technology; another life lesson.

Remember when you were the future? What happened?

Social media is our life encyclopedia

Social media so much a part of our culture, it's how we breathe, our identity and we never need to be out of touch with our addiction. There is a world of learning, good and bad, how to manipulate, bully and hate, but share and seek acceptance and embrace the power and influence it can have. We hide in plain sight and can create endless versions of ourselves. Our generation has an identity of anonymity, we play God and WWW, is our creative playground. In many ways you see what you want, the same way you accuse us, so why ask me questions looking for answers you will not see? 

All we know is a world that never sleeps and consumes everything, the world is a quick click away. We see more than you may know. We see corruption, racism, the bullies of industry, government and religion., we see how history repeats and we learn nothing. We value money over life and cures are no answer when we profit by medicating to cope, not fix. We get it and see your real agenda so don't pretend.

We’re not safe anywhere globally because of the world you placed in our hands. So is the world today that different from before or do we just get through life stages faster and equally unprepared just like you? Are you happy with the world you leave behind, would your past self be proud of you now?

I stay in my room most times because I have trouble relating and I like to control the speed of my world and I don't have to change or slow down to explain things I would rather keep to myself. There are so many things I don't know about myself so it is hard for me to relate or try to relate to too many people until I know more about me. It is easier on line because I can game and communicate if I choose on a level playing field and if I don't like it I move on or shut it down.

This is how most of us are because we haven’t taken relationships to the next level, we are just starting to feel comfortable with being uncomfortable not knowing who we are. We grow up faster than we are prepared for without courage or real understanding, and have issues openly expressing our feelings and not knowing what the feelings are and how to deal with inner conflict, we go back to the cave or reach out in secret on line to discover the truth.

I never asked to be born. Hey then again no one ever has.

I go to class disengaged and never realized that the teacher was actually giving us small amounts of gold and keys to how things work. I get most of my learning from YouTube, independently and not the lessons being taught in school. So what’s the difference in the information, delivery and engagement, I guess, but also the topics they teach, the changing curriculum and class size are political agendas holding us ransom.

I find it hard to take the gift of knowledge they present sometimes.

Teachers can check out too and lose focus and give us tests on material they forgot to cover in class, and cover up with independent learning excuses; weak.

This is how most of us are because we haven’t taken relationships to the next level. We’re just starting to feel comfortable with being uncomfortable not knowing who we are. Enter the idea of Pansexual; being attracted to a person not a gender or body type, it actually makes sense to me, I can accept that easily, and live any choice virtually. 

Being gender blind seems like the first part of any attraction and gender shouldn’t matter, you like what you like especially when we are all still trying to figure out who we are, and are hit from all sides about LGBTQ issues that are confusing and contradictory. Peer pressure and society tries to tell us right from wrong, it’s religions song.

The speed to find your place in a confusing world doesn't help.

We grow up faster than we are prepared for and without direction or confidence have a hard time understanding how to reach out? People have ben wondering why we are here since time began, how come there is still no answer to that? No wonder I have issues openly expressing feelings and answering stupid questions, we go back to the cave or reach out in secret on line to discover the truth.

So do I have an answer? Yes, I do.

Must be 9:30, I can still hear the voice of home authority telling me to tech-out and get the essay done. Does the world care if I sleep tonight? Either way, it is not getting done today. I'll wing-it in class and hand in whatever. Smash Bros is calling.

Sitting in math class, one period away from English and handing in an essay I haven't cared to write. I'm bored and have nothing to do so I should take a shot, but I am going to write it my way.

Okay so I have put it off as long as I could, I need to do something; how would I change the world? The question is still a waste of time in my opinion. To really change the world, it would make changes that no one would ever allow. The bottom line is it would have to be destroyed and rebuilt to erase all the wrong, but that is only the start.

My answer, a poem essay.

Take Away the Colors

Generations of injustice civilizations moved on

our time here is short but we have so much left to give

life struggles to create unity, and real equality is long gone

we create lies to make truth fit and justify right and wrong

this is how we live

Free enterprise and greed scare tactics and selfish need

make our actions just; our differences separate and cause miss trust

fear and hate give us the reason to exile conquer and oppress plant a viral seed

open season to sacrifice the weak shed light to the peril of the needy is a must

Our laws and religions created through conflict and greed

create our morals, discriminate and bury our sorrows,

the mightiest agenda is what we die for

the weak live for today and pray for tomorrows

Weapons of war are what destroys our resistance the Holocaust and genocide are a haunting persistence

The ones in control are who brought us here

failure is the way for the knowledge we gain

solutions for a better world are abundantly clear

the buy into reality would be for greed to refrain

They keep us in line by miss information fake news

fear true change may never come there is no value in forgiveness

The dead can't take the treasure they steal

we crush the less fortunate to make a strategic gain

easy to live here with your sins beware of who waits for you at the gate

take away our colors see others as our reflection

and true equality is achieved to proclaim.

Argh, well it's done, I have mentally collapsed inside myself three times and rescued it from the garbage bin twice, but it's done. Wrinkled and torn, this is what I will hand in.

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