The Priority File - Top Secret

The Priority File - Top Secret

8 mins

The Priority File

 Oh, Christ, it’s 4:19 AM, why is the phone ringing? Hello; hello, come on seriously dead air, who calls at 4 and says nothing, hello, I hear someone breathing. I can’t deal with this, okay I’m hanging up do not call back. Shit. “No, William sorry don’t hang up,” is the labored response on the other end, I look at the phone and its Daniel. “William, they know, they know, I don’t know how they found out but they did, I tried to reach Rem, warn him” That’s it, the phone drops and that’s all he says, then just silence. I yell into the phone to Daniel, who knows, what do they know, who, what are you talking about?


There is no response, Daniel is in DC, DC to Vancouver what time is it there like 1? It hits me instantly; I know exactly what happened. They must have thought Daniel was the source of the file.


Call Rem, Tokyo is 17 hours ahead give or take, shit, call him and tell him what? Maybe he already knows, maybe it’s too late already and they got to him. We knew this could happen, but there is no way I took it seriously, no way. I was never supposed to figure this shit out, no one was, when theoretical science becomes a reality no one wants it publicized, it was never supposed to be discovered.


Information is the highest currency that increases its value based on proof, there is nothing of greater value on Earth today. That’s why in my world no one works in total secrecy, ha who does, someone is always watching. They watch us at work, home and when we travel, surveillance is constant. I knew it but never believed it, I never believed any of this, killing us will not be my silence. We are in so much trouble.


We all talked about a bug out plan, off-grid identities, burner phones, travel cash and new identities as a joke, we thought it sounded cool, edgy and intense. We each had a separate plan and kept if from each other. If they actually killed Daniel, then it’s more real than I could have imagined. It also means I was right.   


It was just a matter of time anyway how would NASA, JAXA and the CSA hide it, RFSA, ha when they find out there will be nowhere to hide unless they already know what the United States did and the election hack was payback. There are too many eyes on the sky, all the signs were there waiting, like any discovery, just waiting to break through our lawyers of ignorance our sense of owning the planet and universe, the human ego is the perfect self-destruction mechanism. The signs are always there. Pluto no longer a planet, it will be destined to be a moon for Venus, Saturn losing its rings should have been the biggest give away. It’s coming and now the secret is out.


My plan is to get to Santiago, meet up with Sabastian and go dark. I need to get my back up files to a safe place and get my media pack sent. Call an Uber and go. Funny how a plan was made for everything except what the three of us were going to do with the discovery. We even planned for getting caught, but not killed.


 Standing in the line of border services placing my bag on the belt to be scanned I am overwhelmed with the contents of my laptop and flash drives, if they only knew, would they stop me or help me. The world will change forever once this gets out one way or the other and life will never be the same, it couldn’t be. It was never going to be.


Clearing customs all I can think about is Daniel and Rem, and the information I left with Dale Wright a reporter from CTV, that I hope I can trust. He has known me for years, press conferences and media events, if anything happens to me or he doesn’t hear from me in three days he is okay to go public with the file. Man what a shit storm when he does. I just have to grab my carry on and head to the gate.


Waiting to board feels like a lifetime, I am standing there and can see the plane at the gate, let's go I need to get out of here, I wonder if anyone around me can see how close I am going out of my mind. I will have a 10 or 11-hour flight to figure out my back up plan, back up. With that, they open the gate and start boarding. Just as they are set to call my row, a hand reaches out and grabs my left shoulder, “Hey”. I jump clear out of my skin, SHIT, I am spun around and am face to face with Rem.


This is an instant eternity, reliving my entire past in a microsecond, my mind processes everything from the content of every thought I ever had to the contents of the hard drive and flash drives in my bag. I hold my breath not knowing what is coming next.


For me it started with my data analysis from “Deep Space”, it looks like the imagery from the lander confirms some of the images returned from the Russian lander from 96 that I was able to uncover, but the official reports are that Rosaviakosmos like two others before it in 1971 all failed, but the US hack shows the mission didn’t fail, not even close, it revealed everything, the Russians beat them to Mars.


This was just the start, I didn’t sleep for a month, then I slowly brought the other two in as I uncovered more. There is so much data still streaming in from so many Russian “failed missions “as well as the ones they acknowledge as successes, and the images clearly show that Mars was home.


Below the surface all the traces of life are frozen in time, Mars failed, we failed mars and left. We left Mars for Earth. The real mission is a reboot of the planet, and at the same time, we are looking to conquer Venus. The evil plan doesn't stop there. My research revealed that there is a strategy in place to force climate changes and vegetation to grow on these planets thanks in part to the sulfur plume research I did as my dissertation and carried over to planetary atmospheric applications. Nature provides all answers.


The plan; we introduce forced vegetation and bacteria over time, and by numbers, we can overwhelm the existing atmosphere and increase oxygen and create a planet where we can breathe. The intergalactic information high way has been strung into outer space decades ago and is still fully operational. The satellite station weighs points are there to guide us and send and receive information and photos.


The ones in power that control technology control everything. What they were creating was the greatest leap of faith imaginable. Area 51 was created to work most of this out. Our past is the alien invasion. The brains behind conception will never live to see it completed.


We are now at a point where it is all possible, living in environments that no one would ever think possible only means we need to change the way we think. The answers have always been there it takes someone to just look and realize that organisms take in some chemicals and expel others, in the right combination other life has a chance.


But the clock is ticking.

 We know that time is not on our side, as Andromeda approaches it will have a severe and negative impact on our solar system, it already has and Pluto is the first victim. The list will grow. Knowledge is powerful and alarming, I now know that the issues we are having in our cities all over the entire planet is history repeating itself, history is there to teach us so that we can choose not to repeat it.


There is no plan to end the social issues that we face. We have created them and controlled them before. We are scraping off the millions of years of Mars history to learn what we already know, it is sad and a ridiculous pursuit. World hunger, disease, and homeless issues all have answers we are ignoring as we look to the other planets to call home. We cure very little and invest even less in Earth, knowing that it may be a temporary home, the answers and cures will travel to the next worlds as we migrate across the universe. We will sacrifice the billions to secure the success of the trillions of humans that will be able to expand and explore beyond anyone’s imagination.


That is the real plan and the tip of the polar ice cap that is hidden in my bag.

 Looking into Rem’s eyes reveals nothing until he speaks. “God William I didn't expect to ever see you again. Do whatever you need too to get safe, they all know and I may have been followed”. Rem is obviously frightened, as he continues, “I got a call from Daniel and that was it my evacuation plan was on, they killed him and I have no idea who is looking for us so you know what to do, we never saw each other get safe and stay dark”. I only have time to hug him and wish him well on his journey and he is gone, invisible in the crowd as I walk slowly backward down the loading ramp.


It’s done, I will be a memory and start a new life in Chile, and in three days when Dale doesn’t hear from me, he will open the package and have to decide the fate of the world. 

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