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Fatigue Of a Different Kind!!!

Fatigue Of a Different Kind!!!

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In these days of lockdown, overnight all of us in first-tier cities and maybe second-tier cities are online using the Internet on mobiles and laptops to do work, connect with loved ones, and many more. This was a lot of learning for some and any other day for others as they were already online. The lockdown sets the young and old to listen to the news , get groceries, talk to doctors, and pay bills online.

This was fun for some time. Children were happily learning a lot of online stuff, new and exciting times. Music classes, networking events, classroom sessions for the higher classes were all online.

Please in each household were now vying for the laptop, smartphone, iPad, iPhone, or tablet. This went on well for the first phase of the lockdown. The second phase starts and I for one got very bored staring at the screen - be it the laptop or phone very morning.

Then I started reading that this was the case for most of the people around me. ; Are we having new fatigue - Video or Internet fatigue!

It sure feels that way as everyone is tired of looking or interacting with another person online. It feels very surreal and the warm feeling of meeting someone face to face is not there.

Though we are benefitted a lot with the online interactions, I am sure this thought of fatigue of having to stay online is getting on people's nerves.

Would this mean do we need to consider the old ways of interaction and keep the online interaction to the minimum.

Something to think about and change our ways and lifestyle for the better so that we become better humans.

As today is Akshaya Tritiya - May 26th, 2020, a good day to start new ways, why not think of changing our lifestyle for the better and be more warm and understanding individuals of other creatures and Mother Earth.

Hare Krishna.

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