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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Disha Mangal

Children Stories Drama Horror


Disha Mangal

Children Stories Drama Horror

Eternal Grandpa

Eternal Grandpa

3 mins

People often say, “There’s no such thing as ghosts” but I am sure you wouldn’t believe this after reading my story.

A few months back my grandfather died due to a road accident or maybe some other reason because parents tell children less. After a few days of his death, I missed him terribly and used to cry whole night, craving for a glance of his face and to hear his soft voice calling me.

I loved him most in the world and always liked to be in his lap and hear is experiences worldwide. I loved that man with a bald head and smart specs, peculiar fingers and an amazing sense of humour whom I called grandpa. He was a box full of creativity and ideas. He was my own treasure.

After, few days of his death, a fortnight or so I began hearing strange voices from underneath my bed. I used to get scared at first. I used to cry and cuddle up to my mum. This continued for a month or so.

One day I thought that today whatever happens, I will find out what the source of the sound was. I went to bed and with me I took a mini torch. At the strike of 1’o clock there once again came the horrible sound, as if someone was thumping on a door so that it could be broken.

Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud.

Then came a shrilling squeak. A chill ran through my spine. I dug harder in my pillow but in vain. I slowly got up and stood in front of my bed. After collecting tons of atoms of courage, I bent down to see what was under my bed.

There I could see a small margin of the flooring was opening up and an unearthly silver mist was coming from it. I threw myself a back. After a few minutes I heard another sound accompanied by the thumping sound.

“Laura! Laura!” it said.

I wondered who was calling me.

I went closer.

It was my grandpa’s voice!

I sprang into action at once.

I shifted my bed and with the torch in the grip of my teeth, I tried all my might to take of the wooden covering from where it was getting up.

As a part of the floor was uncovered I could see my grandpa’s hand with the watch I gave him on his 70th birthday.

“Grandpa!” I shouted.

“Laura!” he replied.

Once again I tried to get the flooring off and this time it was completely off.

As the wooden block was uncovered, I saw someone who looked like grandpa but he was in an unusual shape and was not solid but was made of an unearthly silver mist with the only earthy thing- the watch.

“Grandpa!” I exclaimed.

“You are back grandpa!”

“But what has happened to you, are you alive? Why here like this?”

“No, I am dead Laura. I came here for you.” Said someone, looking like my grandpa.

“What were you doing under the floor?”

“All the ghost live there Laura. And I am a ghost now.”

“No, you are my grandpa. You are no ghost.”

“Calm down Laura.”

“I will go and tell mom and dad that you are back.”

“No, Laura don’t do it. Down the floor all of us (ghosts) have one earthy thing on our body and the person to him it was associated can only see, touch and talk to us”

“You have got the watch.”I said delighted.


“Now you will always be with me grandpa. You are eternal for me!” I said hugging him.

So this was my encounter with my eternal grandpa.

So what do you think about ghost now?

 I believe, and you!

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