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AnjalI Butley

Children Stories Action Inspirational


AnjalI Butley

Children Stories Action Inspirational

Dream catching

Dream catching

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In our school days, if someone performs well in exams, one of the gift items was watching. Yes nowadays in the digital era kids will not imagine this gift.

One of the topmost brands was Titan! 

I was not having my own wristwatch till I was in 9th standard. In the festive season use to ask my sister to give her watch to shine a bit in friend circle!

She use to keep many conditions before giving her watch to me!

Actually, what is the purpose of a wristwatch, just to show time, we made it as a status symbol! Someone's watch shows 10:00 AM, someone's shows as 10:00 AM, actual time setting use to do by listing radio program when they used to announce timing!

The person who use to set him, her own watch time use to set it 5, 10 mins ahead so that he can reach or do his, her time on time!

But never does it happen as they forgot afterwords and are a bit relaxed while working.

Railway watch used to have a different status, local train watch time has its own status, as the local train time 8:05, 8:37 some odd hrs and min to catch the train..

Till I entered in 10th standard, I was not worried about time and watch I should have, 10th standard exam is one of the milestones in life, and have scored good, Time Management was got introduced me in my life, how to divide your one day time to manage it, and the watch is one of the tools which will show you time and you measure yourself you able to performing it as you set your time to perform it!!

For one paper 3hrs.. I have to first practice myself to keep the track of start time and then after 3 hours the end time.. As well the big challenge to be seated at one place for 3 hrs.., then concentrate on the question paper reading, what you feel is easy to write an answer and which is difficult..

Keep your own internal gut feeling to complete one-by-one questions within the time you set it mind and look back in your wristwatch you done it or not!!

I just remembered in one of the class my class teacher gave one hint on without looking at watch how you can keep time measure for one minute.. Count 60-65 slowly in mind and see back in watch yes it is 1 minute.. 

Watch local time, global time, time zones, and many more concept learning!!

When I use to use my sister's watch, I was having a dream to have my own watch that to get it as a Gift on achieving a good score in exams..

Every time in practice for exam paper resolving, I use to chant for my dream to catch!!

Time has come to appear for the final exam.. I did very well, still in the back of my mind how much percentage I will get? Those days 75% and above was scholar's percentage!!

Results came out, I saw, I got good marks in all subjects, and percentage above 75,

Evening my parents gave me a gift and .. And gift was a Titan watch!! Golden color dial ring, hours, minute, second hand also with gold color, white background numbers are in Black, easy to read! Gold color belt!!! . So happy to receive this gift.. I caught my dream Watch!! Yes, I did it!

Also kept watching on it to show me the right time, time to time. 

Use to clean it, match the time with radio to make it accurate time show! 

Now it is old, having many more watches with me but the first one which I received as a gift is more dear to me! Still, it is working!

Whenever I feel a bit low, I open my bag where I kept my all watches.. And roll over my hand and get the strength to look forward with positive energy!!! Keep watching, catching the dream you set for yourself!!

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