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Nancy Christie

Children Stories Drama Thriller


Nancy Christie

Children Stories Drama Thriller

Dream at the Camp

Dream at the Camp

2 mins 280 2 mins 280

Marliyn was eight years old and always wanted to camp.

She always remembered her parents to take her to a camp during the summer holidays, after school.

At last when it was the day for camp, Marilyn got very excited and dressed up like she was going on a fancy dress competition.

So she went back and dressed again, she had a shorts and a small shirt on,

With rubber sandals.

So they took the things needed, including tents and stuff.

In the car Marliyn asked her parents where they were camping.

They told her that it was in a local camping place.

Marliyn complained that it will be too crowded, and that she wanted to go to the woods.

When her parents denied, and told her that only a few people camp there on the holidays, Marliyn put up a fuss.

So her parents agreed, they enjoyed at the woods.

At last when it was time to sleep, they had thier meals and went to sleep.

Marliyn had her own little tent, for she wanted a ‘thrill’.

Her family was sitting by the camp fire, and suddenly a girl comes to them for help.

Marliyn doesn't find the girl nice to let her join, she thought that the girl was rather scary.

Then the girl lifts her head and cackles, looking at Marliyn.

That's when Marliyn wakes up, and finds it all a dream.

She wakes up her parents and pleads to go, that's when a girl comes asking if she can stay.

Marliyn runs to the car. 

But this girl wasn't scary at all.

So after convinced by her parents, she becomes friends with the girl.

And, believe me, nothing bad happened, a good holiday is saved again.

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