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Don't Pluck Flowers

Don't Pluck Flowers

3 mins

Tegan is a normal boy, so we won't talk about him. The protagonist of our story is Duncan.

where should I start from...yeah......duncan was born on...nah...you don't need to know that. then maybe I should describe his eyes; his deep dark eyes but there wasn't anything poetic about them. Only if I could describe to you his smile but it wasn't as joyful.

Our story is set in summer when he used to shave off his head, so you can't appreciate his hair but you should know that he was on the cusp of manhood. Maybe that's all you need to know about him, except he is Tegan's cousin.

It was a lazy sunny day, something that draculas hate (no we don't have a Dracula in our story, it's a metaphor). The birds were singing songs for their longed lovers, caterpillars were stuffing their bodies to metamorphosize and cactus were sitting still in Duncan's grandma's balcony, who of course was Tegan's grandmother as well but we don't need to know that.

For some reason, grandma loved to have her posterity visit her in summers when the guavas and melons growing in her backyard scented the house. Duncan loved them, maybe Tegan too but that's not important. 

Duncan was a nice boy. he would help grandma cultivate but teenage seemed to have messed up his hormones. That year, he was fascinated by the flowers that grandma planted a few weeks ago. Tegan also planted a flowering plant but so what? It didn't make him eligible to be called good or a need to mention him in our story. 

One day grandma went to neighbor's place for some reason that we don't need to know, except it gave Duncan an opportunity to spend some time with the flowers alone while tedious Tegan slept in his room. He started with sweet william that grandma planted for him on his birthday. He gazed at the red galaxies in green skies. He couldn't get his eyes off them. When he touched a petal, his spine felt a reflex that stimulated his medulla oblongata to release adrenaline. Tears shed off his eyes to find dew sitting on the leaves that resulted in a rush of testosterone in his body.

He couldn't handle the ecstasy and his limbs started to agonize. 'not now' he told himself.

But unfortunately he couldn't understand himself and ended up destroying the flowers until the nectar flowed to approve their death.

Next to sweet william was a young bush of daisy in dismay.

Duncan's eyes were now fixed on it. He was enchanted by its beauty that flooded oxytocin in his body. He knew it was wrong but before he could decipher, he had plucked the flower.

Realizing his clanger, the blood stopped flowing in his limbs. The flower fell down.

It died and decayed, leaving no evidence of a crime. 

Years later, Tegan realised it was Duncan who plucked his flower but....

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