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Dear Miss Nicola

Dear Miss Nicola

3 mins

We all heard the warnings they made about how disruptive our class is. You just happened to step right into the only group of students unwilling to learn or make any effort whatsoever. Somehow, you walked into our class with a huge smile spread across your face and enough enthusiasm to motivate a school of whales. You were unlike any other teacher we'd had before. You gave us your name and then asked for ours and asked us to tell you something about ourselves. You made us all feel important and valued. 

Throughout the entire year, you did your best to be there for every single one of us. You never stopped persisting to teach those who did not understand the first, second and even the fifth time. You gave us homework and you were hard-handed about it and wouldn't accept it when any of us wouldn't do it. But our class respected you so much that after the first few weeks, no-one dared to forget. Your corrections were always carefully written in a crimson pen and you'd leave a 'very good' or a 'try harder' every once in a while. 

You attended every concert, showcase and performance to show us that you cared; even when there were only 2 other people sitting in the audience. Most of all, you encouraged us to continue singing and dancing apart from continuing our academic studies. You always emphasized the importance of maintaining our mental wellbeing and even gave us a few tips about time management and timetabling. 

There was never a dull moment in our classroom. When you weren't teaching you were telling us jokes about your childhood or something you had overheard in the staffroom, or about the prank you had pulled on Miss Clare back in the fourth form. Your smile was infectious; not a single soul could walk past you without smiling back or saying hello. 

Thank you for being hard-handed with our exam marks. It was the first time in my life that I had achieved such a low mark and I felt miserable about it. I confronted you and you agreed to spend 2 whole hours from your free time to explain to me what I could have done better and what I could work towards. You told me that you had given me that mark because I needed to work harder and this way you made sure that I would never get that mark again. And you were right because shortly after, I aced my final exam. 

Thank you for teaching me so many new words I could use in my writing and teaching me how to be original. When you asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up, everyone said that they wanted to be doctors and lawyers. I remember that when I told you I wanted to be an author, everybody laughed and made fun of me because I wasn't very good at writing in English. You were the only one who encouraged it and told me that if that is what I wanted to be; I should work hard for it until I get there. I went from a C student to an A* student just because of your guidance. 

You didn't simply read off the board or your notes when you taught us, you associated what we were learning with real-life situations; most of which were unbelievably humorous. I wish that every teacher I have from now onwards is exactly like you because you have made such a tremendous impact on my life. 

Thank you for everything. Thank you for being there for us when we needed you. Thank you for being there for us when we were going through tough times. Thank you for believing in us. 

Ultimately, thank you for giving us a different opinion of ourselves and proving to ourselves that we could do whatever we set our mind to. 

Thank you for being you. 

Sincerely, the shy girl who sits at the back. 

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