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Confrontation With A Bad Guy

Confrontation With A Bad Guy

5 mins 338 5 mins 338

Abhi with hot red cheeks emitting vapours of anger came to me (Aman). I was standing very peacefully as usual. His sudden entrance in my space made me alert. 

Abhi - Aman, I don’t want to talk to Varun. Don’t ever take his name before me!

Aman - What happened? I don’t think he is a bad guy. 

Abhi - You don’t know about his reality. It’s only me who is well versed with his real personality.

Aman - But what has happened? Please tell me something. 

Abhi - I don’t want to create more troubles. For now, it’s okay that you listen to me and just obey me. Don’t ever meet that stupid guy again if you love yourself and your image. 

Aman - Now, I am not going to let go this whole matter unheard. Please tell me. 

Abhi - I don’t.

Aman - Either you tell me or I will go to him and ask the whole matter.

Abhi - No, no, don’t go. Why do you want to create troubles for me and yourself?

Aman - If you don’t want to create troubles then let me know the whole matter else I am going!

Abhi - Okay, I am going to tell you. Promise me, you will not mind it and will never react to it. 

Aman - Promised. 

Abhi - Mukesh told me, he was passing by Varun and he heard Varun saying to his friends that Abhi and Aman are really mad people. They don’t care for anything in their madness. You know Mukesh never tells a lie. I have never ever thought Varun has been nurturing such opinions for us. Moreover, he is also degrading us in the eyes of others. 

Aman - Do you really believe Varun has used these statements?

Abhi - One hundred and one percent. Mukesh is a trustworthy guy. 

Aman - No, I can’t trust it. I have to go to Varun and have to listen to these statements from his mouth itself. Otherwise, I can never believe it. 

Abhi - Are you mad? He may fight with you over this.

Aman - Come with me. We both will go and ask him very politely. 

Abhi - No, I am not going. 

Aman - Don’t worry. I am with you. Trust me, nothing will happen amiss. 

We both went straight to Varun. He was as usual smiling and having a warm and friendly chat with his friends. I called him and asked him to come close to me so that we may have a private talk for some time. In no time, Varun came close to us. 

Aman - Varun, I have come here to talk to you on very important matter. It may happen that you may find something bitter in our talks but please try to handle it peacefully. We are not here to create any troubles for you and for us. We respect you, therefore we have come here to talk to you. 

Varun - Is anything so serious Aman?

Aman - Yes, it is very serious. 

Varun - Okay, then let me know.

Aman - Do you like me and Abhi?

Varun - Yeah sure, why not? You are the brilliant guys in our school. Everyone likes you. 

Aman - But I have heard that you were saying to your friends that we are mad and crazy people.

Varun - No, no. I have never said that. 

Abhi - You have said Varun. Mukesh overheard you on Wednesday when you were with your besties.

Varun - Hmm… Oh yeah, I have said once. Hahaha

Aman - Why are you laughing?

Varun - Actually, Mukesh was absolutely correct, I really used these words for you. But he heard only some. Now I will tell you all. I said Aman and Abhi are really mad people. They are mad after success. They don’t care for anything when they are pursuing their aims. I said, they are not like us that we have a book in our hands and cricket in our mind. Even in our final exams we try to watch a cricket match as much as possible. But Aman and Abhi are so sincere they don’t care for world cup during their exams. Then I said to them if we want to be successful in our lives, then we must follow them. This is what I told. 

We all started laughing, “Oh my God! What we were thinking and what is the reality!”

Aman - Abhi, that is why I told you to talk to Varun face to face. Sometimes misunderstandings crop up in between the relationships and everything falls amiss. Sometimes we hear something from someone and we conclude. This is absolutely a wrong way to live a life. Because sometimes someone has used some words in some other context and we feel that those words are used to offend us. Therefore, we should approach a person whom we have a problem with. We should try to sort it out politely and uproot all the stupid misunderstandings.

Varun - Well said! 

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