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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Srinivas Cv



Srinivas Cv


Chasing the end of Rainbow

Chasing the end of Rainbow

6 mins

Charu was dejected and started to head back home. She was not ready to believe anything that took place in the last 24 hours. She was in dire need of her friend Yuvaan to make any sense of things. But he was locked away by Abhay. She cannot understand for her life understand why Abhay wants to convict Yuvaan without any proof. But when she saw Ruth in the lineup, she could not believe either. Was she bad at judging a character, was she gullible? With a million thoughts swirling in her brain, she decides she wants no part of it and starts packing as soon as she reaches home. A final time she walks to the one where it all started. She walks to her grandmother's bedside to bid goodbye. 

The doctors did not give any good news about her condition. Leaving her now felt selfish, and eyes started to tear for Charu. Charu held her grandmother's hand tight. Charu was trying to console herself that what she was doing was right. That was when she heard a jeep stopping outside the house. Charu got up and walked out to see who had come. It was Abhay. She was surprised to see him at her home.

"What are you doing here? Is Yuvaan alright?" asked Charu.

Hearing Yuvaan's name irritated Abhay a little. He replied, "Everything is fine, don't worry about Yuvaan." 

She looked at Abhay, expecting him to add more to his response.

"Yes, I came here to ask you what you plan to do next?"

"I am planning to go back home. I don't think I am up for these adventures."

"But you cannot leave the journey halfway."

"I don't know, am I halfway, only at the beginning or already reached the end."


"I don't know what the destination is. How can I measure it? Moreover, I feel like I am chasing a treasure at the end of the rainbow."

"Is this have anything to do with Yuvaan."

"Yes and No. Yuvaan was dragged into this by me. I feel guilty. But none of the things has not been straight with me after I read that book. So, I cannot say."

"Okay. Do you want me to help you anyway?" asked Abhay.

"I don't think you. Thank you, anyway, for offering to help."

Abhay started to leave, and Charu was heading back into the house. After a few steps, Abhay called on Charu to stop.

"If you don't mind, can you tell me whatever you learnt from the book?"

"I told you all I know."

"Is there anything you missed mentioning? I don't think people will chase you for nothing. There is something."

"Not sure. But I have written down everything in the book. The crazy ones and not so crazy ones. "

"What do you mean, the crazy ones?"

"The map for a treasure", said Charu showing air quotes when saying treasure. 

Abhay had a grinning smile he was hiding from Charu. After all, he came for that.

Abhay, with the plan in his hand, headed directly to the submarine den. He said to the boss excitedly, "We know how to find the treasure now." 

He just raised his eyebrows to mean how.

He explained how he talked to Charu and got the treasure map from her. 

"Did you see the map?" asked the boss.

"No, I came to tell you about the map", replied Abhay.

Not waiting for Abhay to complete the sentence, the boss called for one of his henchmen. He said something to him in his ears. 

Clueless, Abhay kept waiting for the boss to tell him something. The man came back with a diving suit. The diving suit looked a little sophisticated than what he used for coming to the submarine den. It had a little heavier oxygen tank, and the light too was higher candles than usual. The boss hardly with any attention to Abhay signalled him to follow his men.

Abhay got into the suit and followed them. They were heading to a deeper part of the lake. It seems to get darker and darker. Abhay started to see scary views of skeletons and discarded skins of snakes. But what gave Abhay confidence to move forward was many men around him searching for something. The man went a little further and stopped. Abhay stopped behind him. Now, he asked Abhay to look ahead. Ahead of him was what felt like an ocean with no end or beginning in the site. 

After that, the henchmen just started swimming back towards the den. Clueless about what was going on, Abhay followed him. On reaching the den boss asked Abhay to look at the map given by Charu. It did not take long for Abhay to realize the path he took was exactly the same as on the map. 

"If you know this, why are you not trying to get the treasure."

"What do you think I am doing here?"

"Then why it is taking time?" asked Abhay

"First, I don't answer to you. Even then, I will tell you. Because you are required for the last piece of the puzzle."

"What is it?"

"Charu. The map ends in the ocean. But the other day she almost found the treasure when she came here."


"And what? She escaped. We need to get her back somehow to get the treasure. She seems to put the pieces of the puzzle in the right piece without her knowing she is doing it."

"But she said she is leaving."

"That was why I said you are the last piece in the puzzle. You need to find a way to bring her back here. Release that Yuvaan guy."


"Be a Romeo in your own time. Take that Yuvaan guy out and convince them to find who caused them problems."

"But, that is you?"

"Who gave you the police job. If Charu comes here and finds the treasure, I can take care of both of them."

Abhay went directly to Yuvaan. He brought him some food and drink. He started talking to him like a friend again. 

"I was only looking after Charu."

Yuvaan was munching away on the sandwich.

"You can understand being paranoid. After all, you are Charu's special friend."

Yuvaan felt elated. It felt Abhay was ready to give way. He nodded in agreement.

"Now she is planning to go back. You need to stop her."

"We need to stop her", said Yuvaan.

Yuvaan and Abhay started their drive to Charu. After a long awkward silence, they were in the street of Charu's house. Abhay stopped the jeep and asked Yuvaan to walk. 

"Are you not coming?"

"I have a small work here. Will join you in a while", replied Abhay. 

Yuvaan walked to go and talk to Charu. Abhay started his jeep. He told Yuvaan he is coming back. He knows very well he cannot head back to Charu's house. How can he? He told Charu to leave without a worry only a few hours ago, and how can he ask her to stay. That was why he got Yuvaan out and sent him to do his work for him. 

Yuvaan walked in when Charu was packing her bags.

He asked, "Where is the other bag?"

She pointed to the corner. Yuvaan picked it and asked, "Hope you packed my underwear."

"You disgusting man, your mother packed your bags," replied Charu.

Yuvaan held his ears as if saying her a sorry.

"Okay, we don't have time. Let us run now before Abhay comes. We have a long journey to get the treasure", said Charu with a glint in her eyes.

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