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Midnight Mystry

Children Stories Inspirational

Boys Don't Cry...

Boys Don't Cry...

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Once upon a time, there lived a little boy named Toby. He was six years old. He was a well-behaved boy. He used to wake up early every day. He used to pray, study, and play. He obeyed his parents and was always enthusiastic to go to school. He respected his teachers and helped his peers.

Due to his convivial nature, Toby had many friends. All of them used to play football on the school ground. One fine day while playing Toby tripped and fell in the soil. He scratched his knee and the wound started bleeding. “Ouch. My foot is hurting.” He got scared and started crying loudly. All of his friends gathered near him to see what had happened.

He had a classmate named Alice. Seeing Toby weep, she started laughing loudly. “Boys don’t cry.” She said to Toby who was wiping his nose being annoyed. “Toby is weak. Toby is a crybaby.” She started teasing him.

“I’m not a baby. I’m a boy.” Toby yelled loudly. “My foot is paining.”

“No, you are not…!” She said mocking him, “Boys don’t cry.”

Toby’s class teacher Ms Day who had rushed to the ground heard the entire conversation. “Are you ok Toby?” She asked being concerned. “Let’s get you first aid. Come on Alice, help me.” She asked Alice to lend her a hand. The three of them went to the nurse’s office where the teacher carefully placed Toby on the bed.

The nurse applied antiseptic on Toby’s feet and he screamed “Ouch!” Tears started running through his eyes again, making Alice chuckle. “Toby is a crybaby.” She murmured in his ear.

The teacher who was paying attention to everything spoke at last. “Alice.” She said softly, “Why are you teasing Toby?” 

“He is crying, ma’am.” She said casually.

“So?” The teacher asked politely.

“Boys are strong. Strong people don’t cry.” She answered affirmatively.

“And who told you that?” The teacher asked casually. Alice who was confused kept quiet. “I think Toby is a strong boy.” She looked at Toby who wiped his tears. “It was very brave of you to cry, Toby.” Both the kids stared at their teacher blankly. “Alice, do you think brave people are strong?”

“Yes.” Alice nodded.

“Who according to you is brave?” Teacher enquired.

“Somebody who is not afraid!” Alice replied promptly.

“Correct.” The teacher smiled. “Don’t you think then, it was brave of Toby to not be frightened of what other people think about him and cry because he felt like it? Don’t you think it takes courage to show how you feel?”

Alice thought for a moment and nodded again. “Alice my child…” Ms Day gently placed her palm on Alice’s shoulder. “True strength lies in acceptance, that you are hurt and you want help. You can cry whenever anything is not ok. You can cry when you are hurt. You can cry whenever you feel like it… Boys who don’t cry aren’t strong, but boys who do are because they are the ones who are not ashamed of showing their emotions!”

Alice looked at Toby who had a puffy nose and swollen eyes. “I am sorry Toby.” She said as she realized her mistake.

“It’s ok Alice.” Toby smiled.

“Thank you, Ms Day.” Both thanked their teacher for this valuable lesson.

“Let’s go and play again.” Toby jumped down from the bed and both rushed towards the playground.

“Be careful both of you.” The teacher called out from behind.

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