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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Sapna Verma

Drama Tragedy


Sapna Verma

Drama Tragedy

Beyond The Skies

Beyond The Skies

3 mins

His name was Apurv, a 19-year-old teenager. He had extreme faith in god being aware of the bitter truths of his life. He had no one except his father,who had lived his whole life alone for the sake of giving his son the purest love. Even when forced by the relatives,his father didn't marry a second woman after his mother,who died the second day of giving birth to Apurv.

And Apurv also loved his father like none of his Collegemates did respectively. He cared him of his health and even about all the minute needs,he thought of before himself.

Those were winter vacations going on. Apurv came back to his father's home from hostel. The day was almost done and it was dusk fallen everywhere. Darkness reigned the horizon. Apurv was preparing the supper in the kitchen,when he saw his father crossing the road and coming forth the way to the door. His father had just crossed the road when the rampant truck struck him and pushed aside the door. He was pooled in blood and died on the spot.

The truck went uncontrolled and hit a tree as its brake was failed and the truck driver too died.

It was the most awful sight that Apurv could see in his whole life. Huge grief had striken him. He cried for hours. His friends arrived his home and tried to console him.

They spent almost a week with him. But it was of no effort. Apurv couldn't start participating in life.

One night he was left awoke on the roof seeing the stars. It was almost midnight and the sky was embedded with great shining stars and the most beautiful moon.

It was when he was gazing at the moon,his friend amit arrived.

Apurv couldn't help crying,he hugged amit tight and said, "see friend what God has done to me. I never cried for my mom as I knew that after her my father and God are still there with me. But now i can't help shedding my tears because there no one left with me."

"But who says that you are left alone."

"Then who is there with me."

Amit replied to tranquilize Apurv, "the one with whose will you are here, the one whom you trusted as you trusted on your father, the omnipotent God."

"How can I have any more faith in God when he has taken my father away."

"You believe that he has taken your father, but you are not thinking that he has descried his presence by this. The owner always has the right to grab his things anytime from the lender, still see his Kindness he gave you such a father whose memories are enough to make you smile."

The words were consoling , Apurv thought himself, "how had I shaken my faith when I knew that you are constantly watching me from beyond the skies."

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