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An Uncertain Choice!

An Uncertain Choice!

3 mins

She kissed her forehead as she read out the ending of the fairytale to her.

“Mumma” her soft pink lips mumbled as she holds her hand while lying on her bed.

“Yes, princess?”

“Mumma, what happened next? Did King and queen live happily ever after?" innocence twinkled in the corner of her little eyes...

“Sleep baby,” she kissed on her cheeks.

Turning the lights off, she stepped outside and slowly closed the door. She sat there on the sofa, trying to finish her novel but her mind wasn't focused on her novel. It was looking for an answer to that question.


Inside the room, she convinced herself that the king and queen can never live happily. For she has seen her mother (Queen) crying that night. The night when she was asked to go inside her toy room but she overheard the conversation, hiding in her room. That night, a figure like her father disappeared in the darkness and silence. She was too young to remember his face. She has an image in her brain like a silhouette. Her mother promised that he will be back but he isn't. Since that night, she has observed her mother isn't happy though she pretends to be. Her smile is lost somewhere, maybe tired of faking itself.

Her mother too lost in the thought of that night was somewhat convinced that not every fairytale has a happy ending. No one knows what happened next. But she can't let the illusions of the happy ending to be destroyed for her angel, little did she know that they were already on the verge of destroying. Maybe they were destroyed.

Part 2

"Good morning princess," her mother kissed her forehead gently.

"Good morning," she replied rubbing her eyes.

"Be ready. We are going to meet someone."



She dressed like a doll in her blue ruffle skirt and white tank top along with her cat-eyed goggles and Addidas sneakers.

"I am ready mommy," she said as she moved downstairs.

"Come, have breakfast".

"What's for breakfast today?"

"French toast and boiled eggs."

"Ugh fine."

Finishing that breakfast, they both reached the old park on the outskirts of the city.

"Wait for your surprise."

Soon, a man in his thirties approached them with a friendly smile.

"Hi," he offered a handshake.

"Hi," she responded back.

"Who is he, mommy?"

"Just a friend," she responded.

It becomes a routine of that man to visit their house. The girl has seen her mother happy. The shine in her mommy's eyes and that bright smile, something she hasn't seen in all these years. Is it just because of that man? She pondered over it.

"Mommy that uncle is really nice. He makes you happy"

"Do you remember your father?" she asked her as she caressed her hair.

"Uhm, I remember that night."

"Oh! That was a nightmare princess. Forget it doll and go to your room. It's late now."

"Ok," they both went to her room.

"Mommy, it's your birthday tomorrow." For sure, she was excited about the next day.

"Yes, I remember."

"Will that uncle be joining us?"

"Yes, sure."


The next day, she has worn her silk gown like a queen while her princess dolled up in a pink frock and cute flats.

"Princess, can I be the king of your story?" the man moved to her and bend down on her knees.

She glanced towards her mother, making eye contact with her. The memories of that night still haunt her. She was too afraid to say yes.

"Come on! Tell me, princess," he asked again still on his knees.

" Yes," she replied keeping those memories from the dark night aside for she has seen her mother happy with him.

"Celebrations," they all shouted.

A family picture was clicked.

Years later, looking at that photo, she felt proud of choosing him as the king.

"Finally, a happy ending," she sighed.

"The illusion of a happy ending is intact. They aren't destroyed," her mother smiled to herself as she peeked into her daughter's room.

The end!!!!!

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