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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

All I Have Are Last 24 Hours

All I Have Are Last 24 Hours

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All I have is the last 24 hours left!

Yes, the clock is ticking tock tick tack and so is my heart beat!

All I am left is with 24 hours,precisely,1440 minutes or you could say 86400 seconds.

I am not talking about the time left to submit an assignment/ project. Neither I am talking about the time left to repay the loan nor the time left to book a train. It's not any of this.

I stand here out of the Hospital this morning, thinking what all should I complete in this ample 86400 seconds. God forbid but what will each one of you do if you are told by a Doctor that you just have 24 hours.

Listening to it, does it sound scary, terrifying? How many of us could complete the things we dreamt or desired or complete the pending works in 24 hours?

I was dumb for 2 minutes when I heard this, I had no idea what happened for these two minutes.It felt like the clock stopped too.

It's easy to die on the spot than knowing how much time you are left to die. Isn't it?

I was now confused whether to spend this time with my family members or complete the pending bank formalities? Repay the loan amount so that bank does not bother my family? I don't know what all I could complete in just 24 hours. How many relatives to call? I was all confused, worried? I was in pain for having such a shortage of time. My mind internally begging God not for granting me few years but just to grant me few more hours so that I can complete all of these.

I was thinking on the other side, whole of my life I prepared myself to live, prepared for my future, I never realized that I can live tomorrow as it is without any preparation for tomorrow. I never thought I have to be ready to die. I should have well prepared myself from years for this. So, that I would not be this discontent, dis satisfied for it. Even though I know I have to die one day, I was never prepared for this. Well, 24 hours to end everything is not enough.

Another side, I had to console my family as they knew that I will not be there with them. They started giving full attention, started fulfilling all my dreams, made my favorite food, got me the expensive of the gift that I won't be taking with me. But, still just fulfilling my last wish.

I am still counting the tick-tocks. There also came few other relatives and friends to meet me after knowing the news who never cared until today.

I was just trying not to fall weak during this time, as I might lose some more time on just cribbing about something that is going to happen for sure.

Few of my family members still talking to Doctors to ask if there is any way they can heal my cancer. They literally begging for impossibilities. Poor fellas!

Anyways, I am left with 8 hours so I thought let me share this with you. May be I am in shortage of time. Lucky you guys, have ample of time and may God bless you with more. Start preparing yourself for this day.

Lastly. I know how much every time we are given, we will not be able to complete all the tasks. So, don't regret. That's how the life is meant to be. No matter you do anything you feel will make your family happy, its not. No one will ever fulfill your place in their lives. No matter how many tasks you complete, the world is a desire of never ending loops, you can't finish all of it. But, yes you can prepare for the best and most of it.

Good luck. My clock still ticks and ticks.

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