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A New "Me"

A New "Me"

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Corona Epidemic, no one had ever paid attention to the word "epidemic" and never heard of "corona" in their lifetime. But now even a normal or illiterate person can give a lecture on the corona epidemic easily. This epidemic has changed our lives a lot in some months that we've never experienced before.

Spending months at home is not an easy thing at least not for me. I can count the number of days on which I've stepped outside my home just for essential needs, in six months merely 6 days. In this era of materialism, when we spend more time at our work or an educational institution than at home but because of this small being, we've been spending months in our home. My institution isn't yet open so I don't know exactly how many more days or months I've to spend in my home. 

However, in this time period, I've learned so much and I've tried to enhance my talents and learned so many new things too.

The first and foremost thing that this epidemic has taught us is to care for nature and mother earth. Nature healed itself when we're locked inside, just imagine how much we harmed it when we're busy in our day to day life. We were anxious about increasing global warming, deforestation, climatic change, pollution, and much more environmental issues, yet we've never been able to sustain nature. But in these months when we're distant from the environment, nature cured itself without any excess endeavor. Maybe this corona outbreak is a result of averting & harming our nature and utilizing it for personal gains or power. The thing that's important now is to never take nature for granted, if we care for it, it will care for us too.

The next lesson that I learned from this lockdown is that family is above all. In our day to day life, we're so busy with ourselves that we almost forget what it is to be family. To love and care for each other, to spend time with each other, and to care for their needs. In this period I've loved them cared for them & spent so much time with them that I don't want to get back to my routine. Now I get used to it and really cherish it. Previously, I don't prefer to be at home but now I love being here. The thing is that no one will love and support you the way family does. People can support you for a time but can't look after you like your family. This is the most important thing to remember.

In our busy schedule, we were so lost in our lives that we didn't realize who we really are. To be the real you is a valuable lesson that I learned during the lockdown.

In pretending and fulfilling all the needs we have rendered an outer shell of ourselves. Just like the reel and real lives, we're so much distinct when we are at the home and when we're outside. But we mustn't formulate a fake essence of our character. If you cannot be true to yourself then how can you expect the world to be true to you? 

I was being myself and I'll try to be more of me than before as I relish the quote "the best way to be you is to be you".Allow your originality and uniqueness to shine in the world. The best version of you is the real you. But don't let your insecurities drown the real you in this mean world. Let the world be known to the best version of you, let the world know how fascinating and proficient your soul is. Because the best way to be you is to be you.

The last but not the least significant thing is that being happy is as essential as being alive. We spend our entire life in pleasing others that we almost forget to please ourselves, and search our happiness in others. Happiness should be the first priority for us. This lockdown I learned that being happy is so much important if you can't be happy then your life is wasted. Enjoy the little things in life don't wait for the big one. Do littlest of the thing with enormous pleasure then the result will definitely be in your favor and you'll end up smiling with heart. If you'll smile from the heart then you'll be capable of spreading happiness and smiles around you. There are so much hatred and despair in the world, spreading happiness is extremely essential.

Covid-19 is such a small virus but it has affected our lives on a great scale. The world is cursing this virus but it can't be denied that it has taught us a lot and changed us in a better person.

This lockdown I tried to become a better version of myself, I enhanced my writing skills, paintings, reading, cooking, calligraphy, and learned a lot about life. Also, I started enjoying the littlest of things like smiling in the rain, watching sunsets, staring at the moon, counting the infinite number of stars, and doing everything with great pleasure. The 6-7 months that I'd spent with me, it rewrote me into a new edition of myself. It changed the anecdote of my life's story. 

Now I'm a brand-new "me".

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