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Aaradhana Agarwal



Aaradhana Agarwal


A Midnight Secret

A Midnight Secret

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Mr. Das was a super detective. His specialty was solving murder mysteries which were complex by having a long list of suspects, no clues left by the murderer and churned minds. He was entering his middle age and on the verge of celebrating his 50th success. The day arrived. The party was attended by all the eminent personalities of different fields. Some were his clients who were discussing how he solved the mystery and saved the innocent. He was asked how he could crack the mystery, he just smiled and changed the topic.

Next day, main gate doorbell was pressed repeatedly as if someone was in hurry to be answered. His servant opened the door and a lady coated with blood from face to mid body entered inside. The servant in panic screamed loudly and rushed inside to inform Mr. Das. He came out of his room and found the lady. The lady was in mid 20s. Her shabby look, stammering words, tiresome eyes and forehead with worry lines, were enough to understand she was a victim of someone’s clever trick.

Mr. Das informed the police and in the presence of the senior police interrogated the lady. She was given water after taking her photos and once she was able to control her breath she was asked to narrate the incident.

Sona with a serious tone explained how she was put in the situation. In the midnight she was returning to her home by driving alone. On the highway she spotted a girl who was looking very worried as there was less public vehicle plying on the road. She requested Sona for a lift and she agreed. After few minutes’ drive she told her that she was waiting for her boyfriend at that spot and he denied arriving. She had left her home with cash and jewelry and now worried how to go back home.

Sona understood the situation and in her attempt to help the girl to get united with family she accompanied her to the place where she stayed. It was dark inside as if all were unknown about the flight and then return of the girl. The girl slowly went to her room and called Sona inside. When Sona went she was shocked to see that the girl’s parents were in the pool of blood as she had cut their throats. Sona was frightened and tried to flee at that moment but the girl’s boyfriend pushed her on the dead bodies and both the girl and he fled. Sona was extremely terrified but kept her clam and she too after closing the gate, rushed to Mr. Das ‘s house.

Immediately all went to the crime spot and found Sona was hundred percent correct. She was released and the police started searching the real culprits. Mr. Das inspected the house and at night meditated. He visualized the murdered couple was talking to a lady with ease. They were sharing some humorous jokes and suddenly the lady cut their throats and walked out. Mr. Das was watching the incident as if he was in front of a television and a movie was going on. He was trying hard to get a clue of the real culprit. He meditated more deeply and soon saw the perfect image of the murderer. It was Sona.

Next morning, he went to the police station and with the inspector visited the house where Sona was living. Sona opened the door and was surprised to find them at home. She called his husband and went to the kitchen for preparing tea. Mr. Das also joined her in the kitchen. Sona felt uneasy but was maintaining her calmness. Mr. Das asked, “So, why did you kill your parents?”

Sona who was pouring tea into the cup suddenly looked at him with disbelief and answered, “My parents are with me at this home. I am not a suspect even. Then why are you making me a culprit?”

Mr. Das smiled and slowly went near to her so that others could not hear what he was about to say. He said, “Your lover’s parents are of course your parents but I am talking about your biological parents.”

“How can you say this?” With a loud voice she went to the drawing room and shouted at the accuser.

The police inspector was also surprised but he knew Mr. Das’s capability. He switched on the recorder as everything was now important to record. The detective started, “There wasn’t any girl you met on the highway as you were alone returning home with a planning to kill your parents. But yes, you are the girl who wants to marry your boyfriend and your parents were your biggest hurdle. You are a law student with special interest in criminal law. You know well all the loopholes our system has.”

After much drama Sona accepted that she was the criminal. On the return journey The inspector asked the detective how was he so much sure. Mr. Das replied, “In the crime spot I noticed the family photo which was fallen behind the sofa. It must be kept on the corner table. The second interesting fact was that nowhere it seemed that frightened Sona tried to flee as furniture was at its place properly except the family photo frame. She closed the door because it was her habit. A scared person would never bother about the safety of the house where he/ she was in danger and from where he/she fled. In the boyfriend’s house Sona was not in any of the family pictures. It was a clear indication that it was not her home. Further, she was the only child of her parents and was doing law. But where she was residing I saw a skull as her boyfriend was a medical student. Then, just imagine if you were in that unfortunate situation where would you rush to ask for help- to police station or to a private detective’s house.”

Mr. Das after lot of practice had learnt during his childhood by his famous magician uncle how to transport soul to other place in different time zone. This skill he used to save the innocent and catch the hard core criminals. The meditation at midnight was that secret behind solving each case or complex murder mystery.

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