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Lavanya Nukavarapu



Lavanya Nukavarapu


A Letter To My Future Lover

A Letter To My Future Lover

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To my future lover,

You need to know a few things about me.

The first thing you should know is that I have chronic insomnia. I spend most of the nights awake reading and writing.

And then I have depression which is not so chronic but extreme. I will spend my days crying and sobbing without any particular reason.

On the brighter side, I get bored easily with things and mostly with people because they do not have any worthwhile to talk or add value.

And then I have travel pangs like hunger pangs. Beaches and mountains scintillate me. All of a sudden I will travel packing my bags and off to some off-location.

And when I am travelling, I suddenly feel to explore unknown places where people frequent less. I want to go unravel them.

And when I unravel them, I remember that I have a free-lance project to be completed and the deadline is nearby.

The way I took off to this mysterious land, the same way I take off back to my home.

I work crazily 20 hours a day to finish the work in hand and once it is completed, I party crazy, get drunk and sleep almost an entire day.

Then I fall sick...well If I am not travelling, I am always down with fever or cold and mostly the headaches.

There are days I won't do anything, I won't be a pleasant sight with these headaches. I cry, I laugh, I sigh.

And I again fall into depression thinking of what a creep I had been during those terrible headaches and grow more creepy.

Depression gives me insomnia and you know now what happens after that...

You see now I suffer from so many incompetencies and flaws...

But what I can assure you is every day will be a surprise, unpredictable and a wild adventure. With me, you will never know what the next day unfolds into.

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