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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Khushboo Patel



Khushboo Patel


Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

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“Why always a princess waits for a prince, 

And the princess is always sad and ill,

Life destroyed and soul partially killed, 

She gave up freedom and will.

Every time she lifted her finger to build, 

Her blood was spilled, 

He considered her a ‘Debris' in extinct, 

‘Why society is acting so evil?’ is she allowed to think? 

Every time she tried planting in the heart a daffodil (love),

Through tears, that’s how her heart refills, 

Love gave her tears, yet she standstill,

She nurtured the daffodil with her tears, distilled.

Her life was totally shaken and grilled, 

All she did is to be patient and shrill, 

Kudos to her good side of the soul, that always remain awake, brill

So there is a stagnant marriage equation like a zill.

Why they discriminate on red ink,

Is she a sinner in saints that stink?

Just because she hears the devil inside her is that her blame that sink, 

If this happens every time why hate with every brink. 

In the city of fire and spill, 

She saw someone to strive with a strong will, 

‘Save her', his only desire to fulfill, 

Here flames of the heart were turned to chills. 

Not so cute, but her King, 

Her heart with all emotions, finally convinced,

To believe him in evince,

With bright, still mild, her affection shines inbuilt.

He hugged her in a thrill, 

Suddenly, her face conquered by a wince, 

Hiding her hand, so painful and ill, 

Tears rolled his cheeks, looking at how she was grilled. 

He was proud of her, because after all this, 

She was standing still,

Hearing this, her eyes filled,

In his arms is where she sank. 

He apologized for everything,

Making her understand to fight and shrill,

He said “Every time you need, even after this, 

Your dad is always there with you” nail it. 

He in anger explained, “Why should birth be considered a thrill?”

If only killing required skill, 

For a ‘female’ why a female is handed an abortion pill, 

And why daughters are not a part of the will.

At birth, when they needed blood, a female was there to fulfill,

At 80, when she needs it, where the hell is their instinct?

At their 10, she can bow down to them for every wish, with a chill, 

At 60, they can’t pay her a spoonful of the bill.

Mom enters encouraging “ Remember dear, You don’t need to disempower men’s will, 

Just focus on your empowerment and the men will convince.”

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