Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Where I Am From

Where I Am From

3 mins

I am from a land,

Where nothing goes bland.

I am from the punjabi community,

Which is known for its beauty,

And from the people who never shirk their duty.

I am from the Peepal tree,

Where no one is found free,

Everyone share their gossips with much impish glee.

I am from my mother who asks me what I do throughout the day,

Whatever happens I always try to


I am from my father who has punctuality in his veins,

So we haven't ever missed any of our trains.

I am from getting picked on by my


Who believe that there will be no


I am from the chords that were left unattended as time passed by

And from the fear of seeing my loved

ones die.

I am from the people who have now

become stars,

And have never given me any scars.

I am from holding on to things too tight,

Unable to release my grip when it no longer felt right.

I am from my friends who support me through thick and thin,

Seeing each other's faces,we always pass a silly grin.

I am from the people who think I stand tall,

All the credit for it goes to Basket ball.

I am from the natural and earthly elements,

And from the socialisation which taught

me to respect people's sentiments.

I am from the feedbacks which led to a

lot of introspections,

And helped me to reflect on different


I am from a school where I became me,

Started off with scribbling alphabets

And ended at scribbled T-shirts.

I am from the teachers that taught me how to do sums and integration,

Who taught me it's not over until I win my own competition.

I am from a college where I persevered to link Cognition, psychoanalysis and identity to kohlberg,

Which,if you know, wasn't less than

crossing an iceberg

I am from the teaching faculty,

Which is seldom a casualty.

I am from a profession which took

me to so many exposure trips,

And my happiness didn't ever slip.

Amongst the many,I cherish the Ajmer

Kahani mela

It was so hot ,I didn't even carry any


I went there to volunteer,

And made new friends who were always

ready to cheer.

I am from the capital which is known

for its crime,

Where poverty is rampant and also at


I am from the over protected world

Which says," Prevention is better than


And from the mindset which doesn't

believe that women on their periods are impure.

I am from the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

To working above par,

It seems that my goal is not too far.

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